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RE: @Dlike Writing Contest - 1 @dlike Pro Membership (worth 10,000 tokens) or 5000 Liquid Tokens for the Winner + 10 x 500 Token Runner-up prizes (BONUS: 5000 Sports Tokens if the winner has written a Sports based main post)

in #contest2 years ago

Just saw your post after I posted mine about spammy Dlike. Glad you doing something but I honestly think Dlike need to do something to control the standards and limit the number of posts on the same article to one,


I absolutely agree and just answered your post mate!

500 words - that the total for all dlike posts today 😂

Hopefully you can encourage better content, for a short time at least!

Hahaha , Everyone is a cynic lol...

See how no one wants to go for it? I knew this wasn't going to be my greatest idea! I'm just going to make you a @dlike pro user instead! Will add gravitas and respectability to your Steem CV ...or not! ;-)

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