Is WeKu the copy of STEEMIT?

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It's been a while since I wrote regularly on Steemit. My reasons are several, I must admit that discourage me a little. I think in large part because of the fact that my posts were worth nothing, cents in some cases.

I shared a couple of travel photos thinking that the most important thing was to continue participating in the community and interact with the people with whom I achieved affinity, but suddenly all those hours of dedication to Steemit did not yield as expected.


So I just got discouraged. Do you identify with me?

A good friend told me about WeKu, a platform very similar to steemit, in which I already registered, to see how I'm doing on that platform and if he manages to catch me like steemit at his best he did.

WeKu has certain advantages over steemit, one of them is to reduce the time in the process of creating accounts, without waiting list and supports audio and video from the same platform.

If you want to take a look I share my reference link.

have you heard about WeKu?

What do you think of this new platform?

Is it a copy of Steemit?

Greetings to all, I await your comments.

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It sure looks like a copy!


That's right, personally I'll try, especially not to make the same mistakes I made when I started steemit, but I will not leave steemit, because it means a lot to me, it has given me great friends and a lot of learning, it's months of work and it was the pioneer and the original, the others try to be like steemit or to start from there.

Dear @nahela, please do not loose what you did in Steemit to go there. I was contacted by UUNIO too but i will never betray my friends, expecially after i know real person like you thanks to Steem-bounty


You can find friends anywhere. You can copy your posts from STEEM. What you can't copy is everything built on top of STEEM. There is at least a dozen DAPPs, upcoming SMTs, network effect, Alexa rankings/SEO, exchange listing etc.

Only non- bad STEEM alternatives I've seen are YOYOW, ONO and NERV. But none of them can really compete.


My friend @intellihandling who likes to read, steemit means a lot to me, is original, and from there have been born others wanting to imitate, but participating in weku does not mean that I will leave steemit, I have met many people committed to this as well as you and me.

Hi friend, yes, I identify very well with you I have spent a lot of time doing a good Post without at least receiving a good comment, and I see that many publications called "garbage" receive a vote of great value that not even I have received in all the time I have been inside Steemit.

I hadn't heard of WeKu until now, but I've been taking a look at it and it's very similar to Steemit.

I think that this new platform should be carefully studied, so that we don't fall into a scam and then regret the lost time.

The truth if I think it is a copy, so you should be careful with these platforms, not to be pessimistic but can be a deception, I hope to be wrong.

Thank you for sharing, Greetings!

The website kooks very similar to steem, so I would say it's copy.
Even if it has some unique features compared to steem.


what are the unique features ?
For me it looks like a 1:1 copy.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

You may rely on it

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To be honest is the first time I hear about Weku, I find it interesting, I will try to enter so thank you for your recommendation. Obviously we will not leave Steemit, this is a big family.

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weku is an exact copy of steemit but based on there white paper it is better. However, based on my experience weku doesn't have any witness creating blocks it looks like centralized app run under the supervision of 3 people.

There are many Steemit copies being launched during last months. I think it is worthy to give them a try, but having Steemit as a priority.

I am currently using Minds (ref link) and I have not obtained good results yet. I will give weKu a try too.

I never heard of it but I suspect there will be many copies of Steemit. Hopefully due to Steemit being the first it will out-shine the others.

Por lo que pude ver, es una copia de steemit,es muy muy similar.
también por momentos he pensado que el tiempo que se dedica a los post,. en muchos casos no se ve reflejado en lo económico. Realmente pienso que lo que hace la diferencia es establecer buenas relaciones con ballenas, o con comunidades de apoyo, pero igual con estas ultimas no siempre marca una gran diferencia, pero sin embargo ayudan mucho.
si las condiciones económicas fueran otras, seria un buen momento para invertir y poder adquirir steem, y de esa manera apoyar nuestros post con votos de bot, para que nuestro SP crezca, y así tendremos mas beneficios. Pero hay que insistir, el camino es largo. exito amiga @nahela.

A lot of people saying it’s a copy. Referral link not accessible.

It looks like a Steem fork to me though they have integrated IPFS for posting videos. I see many Steemians there too. But their token will take upto 6 months to get listed. Until then, no value can be encashed.

Many people keep trying different platforms but ultimately return back to Steem. Can't say anything about WeKu at this stage though.

How is your experience there?