They don't kick the ball much in rugby football, do they?

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Don´t you dare saying that, they will get offended!!
Not only they called it football and can hold the ball, but they go further and call it "The Real Football".

The funniest thing of it all is that we accept it. You have to give them one credit though.....they are the king of marketing

actually i didn't if they will be offended because despite from trolling question, im wondering why they hold, is there something wrong about knowing the fact that you didn't know? since i think i offended you, sorry but will you answer it in their behalf, why they called it "american football?" because what i know, football means playing using their foot, then why?

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No,no, you didn't offended me, not at all, I agree with your troll :DDDDD
But they can get pretty sensitive with this question! Hahaha
I also can´t understand why they called it football... maybe their english translation for that word is completely different.

haha ok thanks if i didn't because i know it seems kind of joke but i'm serious about it, im just wondering.

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Every match starts by kicking it.

even soccer, that's why football right?

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