We Draw the Letter I - My Entry

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Hi everyone, this is my first time participating in the We Draw The Letter Contest by @ran.koree - click here to see original post.

For the letter "I" my immediate thought was of an eye so I incorporated an eye as the dot on top of the lower case "i".

All photos in this post we're taken by myself using my Samsung Galaxy S9.

I used colour pencils to create this, starting with the basic shape in black....

I decided to turn the colour 'inside out' so to speak, leaving the eye in black and white and colouring the background similar to what the iris would normally be.

I continued to layer different shades of blue....

...until I thought I was happy with the picture...

...it still needed something so I used the photo editor on my phone and added a filter...

...but it still wasn't quite right so I used a DERWENT Metalic Watercolour pencil (blue 90) to add some deeper lines of colour, then used a small flat paint brush to blend with water.

Finally, another filter added using the photo editor again and here is the final product....

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Welcome to this contest, I thank you for participating ..... I really like the finished letter with that blue background and the eye that is the dot of the letter is really a nice idea..great jobs

Thank you very much, I look forward to joining in for the rest of the alphabet :) I won't promise to make it for every letter but I will do my best to join in as much as I can.

Yeah it didn't turn out too bad I think...not exactly how I pictured it in my mind but that's purely due to my novice status as an artist, nothing years of practice can't fix! lol

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