Max The Cat - We draw the letters M contest

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As I was scrolling through my feed this morning I came accross this post and was immediately inspired to submit an entry as the letter M is significant to me for a number of reasons

  1. it is the first letter of my steemit username moz333
  2. it is the first letter of my first given name Maureen
  3. it is the first lett of my cat's name Max

I started brainstorming ideas for a creative presentation of the letter M and found a picture of Max which I took last year using my Oppo F1s.
I decided to submit an entry for this contest that would also be my next "Max The Cat" blog post (some of you may already be familiar with the series). This is why the picture contains more than just the letter M on it's own, I felt it necessary to present it in its full context. So here it is....


Letter M (2).jpg

Due to him having one leg tucked under his chin you can only see three legs clearly and in this, I saw the shape of a sideways oriented capital letter M.

I edited the picture using Paint 3D, cropped, rotated, added a bit of colour intensity and used the calligraphy pen to create my text.

I have included some additional images below so you can see the original picture and how I transformed it into the finished product.


Letter M 2.jpg

Letter M 1.jpg

Letter M.jpg

Thanks to @ran.koree for this contest, it's a fun activity I look forward to participating in again.

If you would like to see more "Max The Cat" here is the link to the very first post and there are plenty more to be found in my feed.

Thanks for reading.



Thank you for joining here .... I have read that for you it is a very significant letter ... so you have enclosed everything in a digital "drawing" .... good nice job !!!

Just happy to be able to be a part of it, I have seen some other entries and the standard is quite high, not such a simple task to judge I would imagine!

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Hi @moz333,

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