STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST # WEEK 17: (Original Contest)

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STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST Make Haikus Great Again!


In Japanese Style...

Created by Moonlee & Dedicated To All Haiku Fans...



1... Upvote this post and resteem it...
(The more the merrier... to win Free
SBD/Steem to become Dolphins and Whales).

2... Write a Haiku consisting of three lines about any topic of your choice

3... Your first line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Steemit is the best)

4... Your second line must be Only 7 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Minnows will become the whales)

5... Your third and final line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: We all can inspire)

6... You can use up to 2 images/gifs maximum for your Haiku Entry

7... Submit your valid Haiku poem entry as a comment posted down below on this post

(Only one Entry per person)

8... Your entry isn't required to be titled, but a good title does help

9... You must submit your entry by Saturday 17th, February 2018 11:59pm UK, London GMT (before midnight before Sunday), anyone commenting after this time will not qualify to win

10... Winners will be selected and announced on a new post on Sunday 18th, February 2018

11... This contest runs from Sunday to Sunday, so feel free to enter right now

12... Remember to have fun

Judging Gavel.jpg


1... I and @Verbal-D will be judging the entries based on originality, creativity, and clever-wittiness

2... Here is an original example Haiku Poem written by me, @moonleesteem

Bald Head

He still had his smile
Although he was losing his
Hairs... to find wisdom

3... Here is an original example Haiku Poem written by @verbal-d

One Last Puff

Smoking in his bed
His tired eyes gave away
Dreams in bed ablaze...

@Verbal-D was one of the first Steemians to popularize Haikus on Steemit...


Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 17.35.50.png

Hooray... SBD & STEEM is worth more now

1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


This contest is now sponsored by @verbal-d and the lovely and kind @soldier, and they support good projects, want to strengthen our community, and give back to our poets. We are grateful for their contribution and commitment to us.

Our Tip to check your Syllables and make that Perfect (Freestyle) Haiku ( 5-7-5)...
This is the site me and @verbal-d used to check all the entries.
So now you know our Secret...

Thank You all for making this Contest
a big Success.
In making Haikus great again

Would you like to support this contest as a sponsor so that the winning prizes can be more rewarding?
Please contact @moonleesteem on or reach me in the comments section below for more info.

Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
All Gifs used from
Peace and greetings... from @Moonleesteem

Steem us up... Scotty

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Thank you @moonleesteem for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to win some STEEM.


Cheers mate 🤓
Thanks for the support

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Great, trying in this week @moonleesteem.


Each night in the streets

Hungry and cold, he prays to

stop being no one's child


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Welcome @gamsam,
Highly spiritual entry... about poverty.
Nicely written. We liked it.
Good Luck 👍


We just checked your poem, and this was one of the best entries. It would have won, but the last line has one too many syllables.

Thank you @moonleesteem @verbal-d @soldier

No Goodbyes


Forever we'll be

was the last I said, but he

left with no goodbyes

follow @pjay96

Welcome @pjay96,
We enjoyed this... sentimental goodbye, nicely
written. Good Luck 👍

My entry is titled 'the yellow sun'

Little crippers creep.
All around they keep searching
for a little feast


Welcome @hokulor,
We liked this... nature Haiku about Ants 🐜
Good Luck 👍

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Hey @moonleesteem,
Thanks for running such a good competition,
This is my entry for week 16

If Only...?!

Haikus could fly high
They would shine and tell... Wisdom
In the big blue sky


Welcome @mayliberty,
We liked this Haiku... in spreading Wisdom.
Nice images too.
Good Luck 🍀

  ·  last year (edited)

little truthful friend
so special on many ways
jumps with joy when near

Original Haiku By : @memeitbaby


Image Source

#steemitfamilyph #memeitbaby #untalented


Welcome @memeitbaby,
This is awesome and so true.
Good Luck 👍

2a74546c4c1c2ff75141f57c98909537.jpgHer is my entry:

Title: To all females who broke my heart

Don't hurt me no more

Please don't tell me you're sorry

Don't ever come back


Welcome @twotripleow,
We really enjoyed this fun Haiku.
P.S. Time heals all pains...
Good Luck 👍


Yeah I guess and thank you bro :D

Awesome contest @moonleesteem! Here's my entry:



Ripples spread on the clear blue
Embers burning out


Welcome @millennialnow,
Nice poetic Haiku... which we enjoyed reading.
Super image too.
Good Luck 👍

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks again for hosting the contest, Moon:) Here is my entry

chromatic lanterns
the lunar new year is fête
setting suns descend

thumbnail_IMG_4970 (1).jpg...


Welcome @prydefoltz,
The Lunar New Year... we enjoyed this great Haiku.
Good Luck 🍀


Thanks, Moon:)

  ·  last year (edited)

(photo credits to: Dreamstime )


Dried eyes of the night
Waiting and wailing - came dawn
A casket arrived


Welcome @ajpaulo,
It was a pleasure to read this sad-life Haiku.
Good Luck 👍


Thank you :)

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Thanks 🤓

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Thanks 🙏

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Image Source

Your stripes made me healed
Your hands pierced to set me free
Your love comforts me


Welcome @chalpacia,
We really enjoyed this... spiritual Haiku.
Good Luck 👍

My Haiku Entry: "Deadly Sins"

Men Who Chase Power
Freely Throw Away Their Souls
Yet Cherish Madness


Welcome @puppetmaster1111,
Very meaningful Haiku... we enjoyed it.
Good Luck 🍀

Hey @moonleesteem, hope you enjoy my week 16 entry. This one is near and dear to my heavy heart, because it will forever be relevant.

Never-Ending Lies

We celebrated
Far too soon. We were deceived.
Wars have just begun...

My Thoughts On My Entry
I don't know how many times people celebrated false truths. War is war and there will always be war because there is too much evil in this world to allow for peaceful times. Too many lives will continually be sacrificed and too many innocent children and entire families will be wiped away. We cannot celebrate, even if one war ends, the next has been brewing and waiting to be unleashed to pick up where the last war left off. It may not be in the same location, but overall, human lives are forever precious.


Welcome @peacemaker,
It was a pleasure to read this... spiritual Haiku.
We believe in peace too.
Good Luck 👍

hello everybody, here is my entry. :)

oh, caterpillars
I fear you not when you turn
into butterflies

image source


Welcome @berryroz,
Butterflies are beautiful... very clever Haiku
Good Luck 👍


Thank you 😊😊😊


This is the last time

Before the grave divides us

Let me own your soul



Welcome @divineinyang,
We really enjoyed this... romantic spiritual Haiku.
Good Luck 👍

Thank you for the contest, @moonleesteem. This is my entry:

Compulsion to rise

I take flight again,
Just doped with different dreams.
I don't live and learn.


Sorry, I had to modify my haiku because checking with the site in the links, I found out the second verse was 8 syllabes. :/


Welcome @marcoriccardi,
No problem... A awesome Haiku, super image.
Good Luck 👍

Hey, last time my entry didn't qualify as it wasn't a perfect haiku. I made sure to count the syllables this time :D

Here's my entry:

I've A Heart Too

Take me for granted
I'll soon walk away from you
Coz I've a heart too



Welcome @macro-d,
We love big heart... we enjoyed this Haiku 🤓
Good Luck 👍

Hello @moonleesteem,

Here's my entry for this week, hope you enjoy it.

Celebrate Life

Know how to party
Great music, good food, dancing
Laughter and big love.



Welcome @edgarstudio,
We liked this fun Haiku with the man himself Snoop Dogg.
Great dancing image too.
Good Luck 👍

Note: With kids around, it is tough to enjoy even quiet moments. Quiet often means they are up to no good.

enjoying my bath
suddenly—it's too quiet
what are they up to


Welcome @dbooster,
Clever Haiku... we enjoyed it about the kids.
Good Luck 👍

Here is my entry for the contest, thank you @moonleesteem for hosting it.


-I can see you through
stolen windows, that's not true.
I can see through you.-



Welcome @bertokandi,
We really did like this magical Haiku.
Good Luck 🍀


thanks a lot, and thanks for hosting this great contest!

Frozen winter wind
Roseau without breaking strong
Will rise in the spring



Welcome @archeothot,
It was a pleasure to read this Haiku.
Good Luck 👍


Thanks moonleesteem ! 😉


Squirrel Dreams

Outside, a squirrel
flicks its tail and darts away.
Dogs twitch in their sleep.


Welcome @wmbakester,
Awesome... we enjoyed it, nice image with the Dogs.
P.S. please resteem to qualify??

Long time since I read some Haiku's 🙏🏼

Big ups on the contest, seems like a fun project, good luck with it 🙌🏼

Otherwise, if you happen to be into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around!


Hi @williamwest,
Thanks for the support...
I enjoy travelling too. So I will check out your blog soon