STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST # WEEK 14: (Original Contest)

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STEEMIT HAIKU CONTEST Make Haikus Great Again!


In Japanese Style...

Created by Moonlee & Dedicated To All Haiku Fans...



1... Upvote this post and resteem it

2... Write a Haiku consisting of three lines about any topic of your choice

3... Your first line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Steemit is the best)

4... Your second line must be Only 7 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: Minnows will become the whales)

5... Your third and final line must be Only 5 syllables, no more or less...
(For example: We all can inspire)

6... You can use up to 2 images/gifs maximum for your Haiku Entry

7... Submit your valid Haiku poem entry as a comment posted down below on this post

(Only one Entry per person)

8... Your entry isn't required to be titled, but a good title does help

9... You must submit your entry by Saturday 27th, January 2018 11:59 UK, London GMT (before midnight before Sunday), anyone commenting after this time will not qualify to win

10... Winners will be selected and announced on a new post on Sunday 28th, January 2018

11... This contest runs from Sunday to Sunday, so feel free to enter right now

12... Remember to have fun

Judging Gavel.jpg


1... I and @Verbal-D will be judging the entries based on originality, creativity, and clever-wittiness

2... Here is an example Haiku Poem written by me

Bald Head

He still had his smile
Although he was losing his
Hairs... to find wisdom


Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 17.35.50.png

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1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


This contest is now sponsored by @verbal-d and the lovely and kind @soldier, and they support good projects, want to strengthen our community, and give back to our poets. We are grateful for their contribution and commitment to us.

Would you like to support this contest as a sponsor so that the winning prizes can be more rewarding?
Please contact @moonleesteem on or reach me in the comments section below for more info.

Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
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Peace and greetings... from @Moonleesteem

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Thank you again @moonleesteem for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free STEEM.


Cheers @artz for mentioning us 🤓

Good day, @moonleesteem, kindly, find my entry, below:

(Title: Gradual Escape)

Old age peering through
blurring hard iron bars of


Welcome, @yahialabidi
Sorry this is not a Haiku... please check


How so, @moonleesteem?

I'm counting 5-7-5...


Oh sorry 😐 you are right.
We will give you a extra bonus upvote for this
Good Poetic Haiku ✅
Nice image too.


No worries & thank you 🙏🏼 Not to brag, but I am the author of 7 books - 3 of which are poetry 🤓 Cheers, Yahia



That sounds interesting... I love reading books and poetry so I will definitely check your blog out...


Oh, that’s very encouraging to hear! I hope my blog captures your imagination & am keen to see which posts speak to you the most :)

Here is my entry for this week. ❤

The Unnamed

Day and night, she weeps

For the unused little clothes --

And the tiny grave.

Check out the original post here.

Touched me right to the bone..
My bestie just lost her newborn baby last October, and times have been tough, this Haiku captures the feels 🖤


Please send my condolences to your friend. It must've been very hard for her. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine all the pain she's going through.


Thank you🖤


Welcome @lyxng
We were deeply touched too, by this Haiku... it was very beautiful and sad at the same time... very spiritual.
Good Luck 🍀



Amid the quiet night
it glided past my face, then
I heard the hushed voice



Welcome, @pjay96
A mysterious poem. We liked it... 🤓
Good Luck


The pain doesn't stop
I'll wait on the other side
Time for me to go



Welcome @marco-d
Thank you for this very spiritual poem we liked it very much...
Good Luck

ninety-nine problems
counting syllables ain't one
haiku police, Run!


Just to be sure , I used an online syllable counter :P


Welcome @diebitch
You seem to be getting better and better, we don’t need the Haiku police today 👮 👮🏿‍♀️Haha. I really like your good sense of Humor... your are very funny!
Now to your Haiku poem... a super 5-7-5 we enjoyed reading it...
Good Luck 🍀


You sure ? The middle line sounds like 8 syllables you should take the but out of it LOL


you're right!


Yours make me laugh every week 🤣


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!


what vote? lol


This made me smile!



Keep your spirit up.
Like the mountain that rises,
strong and powerful.

Image Source


Welcome, @readthis
We really enjoy this super poem... about being strong.
Good Luck

Golden Summer

Celestial rays beamed
as colors of pure bliss brought
the golden summer



Welcome @gamsam
This is awesome... with such a nice image... we enjoyed
it. Good Luck

The title: MY CHANGE

Thank you Steem Blockchain


Welcome, @pokerman
We enjoyed and liked this Haiku poem about Change.
This wonderful blockchain has changed us all.
Good Luck


It's great how much so few words can say.

Valentina Tereshkova, “First Lady of Space”

a star compass borne
on the shoulders of giants
guiding her forward

picture is 03a-valentina-tereshkova by James Joel


Welcome, carmalain7
A space Haiku... super we liked it. The First Lady in Space. Good Luck

He's a FUNGI


Spores; mycelium
Spreads and connects us all through
Space and time. Just chill.


FUNGI indeed! And your haiku caused me to flash on this archival poem. Not a haiku but had to share ;)

Hidden deep within the forest
(high altitude by treeline see)
​A​manita Muscaria grows​
​In magic mystery​

Once an elder crossed our pathway
​​(shaman man who spirit reads)
Said we're losing Amanita​
as the high treeline recedes

​But there is more than meets the eye
in this realm by crystal shard
Amanita now discovered
in ​Buckingham Palace​/Queen's backyard!​​!!"
CCR McF [2016]


Welcome, @somebuttstuff
This is a very clever poem... we enjoyed.
Please check... to many syllables.


Which line? I'm not seeing it..


Ohh yes all is ok... Good Luck 🍀
It’s very late 💤 here

THE STRUGGLE iStock_000007122366XSmall-300x198 (1).jpg

A human spirit
Wont be broken easily
Its made of pure hope.


Welcome, @gilgal
🤓 the Struggle is always hard... Good Haiku poem
Good Luck

Drinking Hennessy
Getting Laid with my girlfriend
Amanda Seyfried




Welcome, @twotripleow
That’s something to write about 🤓... we enjoyed it.
Good Luck

Love at First Sight
Wonderful blue eyes
Childish giggles float aloft
Daughter - loving bond


Welcome, @andrewsjm90
Wonderful Haiku poem... A pleasure to read...
Good Luck

My entry @moonleesteem
Hope you like it.

Cold of Death

The winds came whistling,
biting across my bare back
with stings of cruel cold

Image Source:


Welcome, @pamela-paul
Super Haiku a pleasure to read.
Good Luck 🍀

images (16).jpg
Though I fail, I fight
Now too late to end my strive
I foresee the Prize


Welcome, @drcee
Very interested Haiku poem... with a great climbing
image, we enjoyed it.
Good Luck

This door shall open
To the ones who bravely dare
Don’t quit nor despair.

Picture: Disney


Bravo on your haiku! You will appreciate: Right as Brave came out my little granddaughter was at a historical reenactment on the Scottish border practicing her archery skills... :)



Thank you so much! Yay! She is sooooo adorable! What a great picture! <3


What a nice photo @planetweaver... With your little granddaughter, keeping the Scottish’s tradition alive


It was a pleasure to read this Haiku... with a good ending. Good Luck 🍀


Too Late

Rotted like they were
The fallen leaves of past years
What love can they hold


Welcome, @themadrunnah
We really enjoyed reading this poetic poem...
Good Luck 🍀

Title: Oops

"Wow," he said to no

body in particular.

There was so much blood.


Welcome, @alecreed
Sounds like a mystery but we enjoyed it.
Good Luck


Awesome! :)

Title : CHANGE

Can we pick a route?
The trigger, or through the ink
Or simply a beer


Welcome, @ezinwakelvin
Cheers I will picked the beer 🍺... nice Haiku, we enjoyed it... Good Luck


Color your passion
Reignite the burnt out flames
Keep the dream alivestepstoachieveyourdream.jpg


Welcome, @xtrim
We liked this Haiku about Dreams... (if you can dream it, you can do it...)
Good Luck


Thank you @moonlessteem. I've always believed anything you can imagine is real.


I've been broken
But then I found you
Who loves my scars too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.08.31 AM.png


Welcome @hungry-nomad
This Haiku poem is Beautiful... we enjoyed it.
Good Luck 🍀
P.S. Sorry it took so long for us to answer back... I was sick with the flu 🤧

At First Sight


I saw you over there.
You saw me. I knew that look.
We were meant to be.


Welcome, @joghurt
Very romantic... we liked it.
Good Luck 🍀

Project Capture (2).jpg

"Helping is Loving,
Action is for everything,
Don't stop believing"

Just keep on our mind keep steeming and trust yourself , and the number 1 important of all is , to have faith.
by @dranren


Welcome, @dranren
This is a Good Haiku... Super advice. We liked it.
Good Luck

To write a haiku
Is a difficulty, true
But they're fun too.

Hope you like it, good luck everyone.


Welcome, @gilmored
Yes Haiku are fun to write 🤓... and a pleasure to read. Like this one.
Good Luck


Thank you, lots of good entries, I could use the luck haha.


@moonleesteem Your comma is a word too soon, I think?

Not being the grammer police; I know I could use a few lessons, but I caught it (after about the 10th time) so I figured I'd point it out.

If you see me make mistakes, please, point them out. I would like to improve my grammer.

Love what you're doing, and I'm happy to see such a strong poetry presence on steemit!


Oh I done that because I use Grammarly, the grammar app and I don’t know why it suggested this but thanks for noticing. It proves we are still smarter than robots.

By the way you poem is not a Haiku. You are missing one syllable in the last line. But don’t worry, I will show you the tool I use to correct my Haikus in the next post.


Well darn, you got me. I thought they're was two syllables. I will use a syllable counter from now on, thank you for pointing that out :)



Unabashed We Come
Bold to this brand new platform
footprints in the sand

Man Rising for Global Women (1).JPG


Welcome @planetweaver
Sorry we took so long to answer back... we were so busy this week.
We really did enjoyed this poetic Haiku full of hope.
Good Luck

Here's my entry for this week, enjoy:


plus the link to the original post


Welcome, @crypotcatz
Nice poem about life Struggle... we enjoyed it
But it is not a Haiku Unfortunately. Please check.


I agree to disagree 😁
Is it the middle line?


Yes, it is the middle line, fire and wire are just one syllable each. In my next post I will show you the tool that I use to count the syllables. Before I had this tool I would make similar mistakes so don’t worry, better luck in the next competition.


Yeah, I tried several syllable counters and they all give different anwsers, I could not find a solid anwser on "wires" and "fires" being 1 or 2, thanks for the update

Title: the bus
Waiting at the stop
This freezing wind chills my bones
The bus, always late.


Welcome, @azbeen
Very nice Haiku... we really enjoyed it.

P.S. please check the rules, you forgot to resteemed this post


Thanks, you're right I completely forgot about that. I was writing this while waiting for the bus and got so caught up in the process that forgot to double check.!


OK no problem

Haiku ...Cars

I really love cars
Hope i don't get behind
For these things on tars


Welcome, @twitternaija
I love cars too... nice poem.
Please check again something is missing?!

Here's my first entry😊

The driftwood
I am lost like driftwood
Along sea shores how i will be
Need you to find me



Welcome, @maane
This is a very good first try, we enjoyed it... but
Unfortunately it’s has to many syllables.
Please check...


5-7-5 just edited @moonleesteem thank you for informing


Image source:

The Smiling Sun

Despite burning us harshly
And making us sweat profusely
The sun smiled passionately


Welcome, @excel6068
For this poetic poem we enjoyed... we checked it and it’s
has too many words and syllables in it... a pity.
Please check ☀️

Honestly amazed at the quality of the haikus here! So much talent here


Yes you are right 🤓

You help follow me, I Will follow you.

Beach House Rumination

Fear the day brings Hail
Stale memories fade away
Close the window Dear

My very first Haiku animation. Not sure if it's a real Haiku, but I had fun making this anyway :)


Welcome, @jey-blue
This was a pleasure to read... very emotional Haiku.

P.S. Please read the rules, you forgot to reseemed this post

Nice post! Welcome to me blog @alex2016


Tears flows like a rain
Can’t stop it coz I’m in pain
Have you felt this pain?

first time! my entry here @moonleesteem Morepower!


Welcome @yssa
Pain... Yes we can feel the pain!
We really enjoyed this spiritual Haiku.
Good Luck 🍀


Thanks! :)

Make light your burden
go on . the past makes us whom we are do not make it your burden.


Welcome @lexyflexy
Thanks for your entry... we enjoyed it.
Good Luck