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RE: Who Wants My 100% Autovote for the Next Year?

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Man time flies, I've been on Steemit for 28 days trying to become more familiar with the different aspects of the steem ecosystem. I've been using Steemit, Dmania, Decent Memes, Dsound, and plan on using Dlive soon but like anything I know it takes time to grow on any platform. So I've been posting original blogs, writing poetry, creating memes, and commenting on fellow steemians posts it's just a very slow road to getting new followers and views of your created content. There is nothing like working on a post that no one notices because there are so many others being posted all the time, I see why people are using bots. Anyway, upvotes are great even better if it comes with added visibility for those that create.


It's a lot of hard work indeed
Networking should be your first priority (in my opinion) get to know people, so they can get to know you, find your way around, I'm mainly taking part in contests right now
It gets me started in a fun way, and the chance of a small prize is always nice, it also helps me find my way, and unlocks my creative side

Thanks for the advice, I have participated in a few contest purely by stumbling on to them but I will look into being apart of a few more it a great idea.

It's a great way to engage in this community, you can check the tag "contest" and/or "contests" or check
@artz blog, he does weekly updates on available contests , good luck & have fun out there 🤗

Great advice @cryptocatz. Contest have really helped meet new folks.

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