COMMENT CONTEST: What Initiatives Can An Individual Do To Clean Earth from Plastics?

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Hi, Steemheads!

Good day! I hope all is well with you all. I have been thinking deep lately. I have been holding contests for awhile now but I was mainly focused on wit and fun but not much on social relevance. Awhile ago, in one of our GCs (group chat), my friend @uwanderer suggested we Steemians should make contests that are of social significance. He suggested topics about relevant social issues and the issue on the environment is the one I want to start with as it is something that everyone must be involved because it is something that most of us take for granted yet it is the issue that affects everyone of us.

Unfortunately, many people choose to look away and we underestimate the effects of the day to day neglect that we do just like the rampant use of single-use plastics. We must be aware that there are a lot of alternatives to single-use plastics. Single-use plastics are very unnecessary and it damages our Earth more than we realize. These plastics actually end up in our landfills and worse in our oceans and destroy habitats. I'm pretty sure you have seen those viral videos in social media about how microplastics kill marine lives. Yet, do you do anything about it?

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This contest is an attempt to promote awareness in this issue and for people to realize that the power to clean and save the Earth is in our hands. We only have one Earth and there is no better gift we can give our future generations but to keep it thriving with life and make it clean. At the same time, there is no better gift we can give this Earth but our better selves and our well disciplined children that will know how to take care of the Earth for the future generations.

BTW, I have observed that not all contests in Steemit have community in the heart of it. Some people just make contests so they can boost their post with $100 and can rule the trending page. It is saddening that searching for the tag #contest or #contests would not prompt you the relevant contests Steemit has, rather it would show you those crap. Please resteem and promote contests that are actually helpful for engagement, contests that try to make Steemit a fun place and contests that actually want to help the entire ecosystem of Steemit from the redfishes and up. Steemit is beautiful, if corrupt and crooks thrive here, moreso that the good people should and more good people should be here and rule this. I will be making a contest community soon and I would need people to support the contest makers that actually want to be helpful and not the ones who are promoting their self-interests. If you are one of those people who makes good contests, please let me know then. Thanks!

Contest Rules:

This is a comment contest so it only requires you to comment down below your ideas. However, I won't be stopping you if you want to make a post about it, as this is an interesting topic that you can make as a prompt for a post. Comment should be made in English. There are no minimum word requirement and no limit as to how many words to use.

Make sure your comment or post revolves of the topic given: What Initiatives Can An Individual Do To Clean Earth from Plastics?

Please tag a friend and invite him/her to make a comment, too. I am hoping more people will take part so everyone can share their views and of course everyone can earn a little from the prize. This is my contest thus, NO LOSERS!


50% The Steem Payout will be given to the winner.
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Hi @mermaidvampire! Its been a while since I last visited my steemit account. And I really cant just skip your contest. So here's my answer.

We see plastics everywhere and it really is an eye sore. This is a result of people that continue to throw everywhere and lacks environment awareness. "Discipline is the key" has been always a cliche but for me really it starts on ourselves. If you cant avoid throwing plastics everywhere then better avoid eating candies that has plastic packaging right? If you prefer going outdoors, its better to use reusable water bottles or containers instead of buying beverages in plastic bottles. Also, it is better to use reusable bags when doing your grocery rather than using plastic bags. But the best and most efficient way is to throw your trash on the right bins especially following garbage segregation.

Sis @sitiaishah I miss you! :)

don't use plastic, instead use paper or reusable bag. Banned plastic factory!

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As an individual, what I can do is to use an eco-friendly supplies such as paper bags instead of plastic bags, bringing own utensils instead of asking plastic spoons in the counter, using own tumbler instead of regularly buying plastic bottled waters. Plastics were everywhere but have you noticed what harms it brought to our nature? Not just on our nature, but also to us, humans. Plastics contains chemical which is harmful to us that can also lead to other ailments. Let's stop using plastics and start being eco-friendly. Change is constant and it isn't bad. Make a good change and let that change start with the man in the mirror.

I challenge @fukumineko to join this contest.

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I would like to hear you, @jacinta.sevilla and @meetmysuperego. Hahaha!


What Initiatives Can Individuals Do to Clean the Earth from Plastics?

To make changes, it is better to start from each house, we usually get the plastic from the shopping package in the supermarket. For that, housewives or people who shop should bring their own basket from home as a place to bring shopping. this will reduce the use of plastic at home and in the neighborhood. so there is no more plastic waste around where we live.
I think that's the answer from me, thanks for this very interesting contest @marmaidvampire.

I invite @tjoet and @inesanugerawati.
Thank you, have a nice day.

In my state, plastics are recycled ♻ to make other product, I once watched an innovative video of some African guys who make bricks for building the house from burning plastics and sand together. Very amazing
Plastics, instead of thinking of how to dispose it, I think we should start thinking of how to change it as some countries are changing to paper bag which causes less environmental harm.
This is a contest @cleanplanet #cleanplanet will be interested in. Kindly check them out.

This is a great initiative and this contest I think is worth the commenting time. Thank you Ma for always finding ways to stir up interaction within your niche.

My entry

Actually, the emergence of plastic use was to enhance packaging and circulation of less-moist and processed products with a promise of neatness, hygiene. Thus, embracing more fresh products will eventually reduce the use of plastics for packaging. Moreover, alternative packaging modules such as paper should be encouraged.

I know @liltom002, @evegrace and @prettyglo will be interested

Hi, everybody, in Venezuela we say "Un grano no hace granero pero ayuda a su compañero", that means "A grain is not a barn but several grains united as companions come to form a barn". A thing we can do is don't use a lot of plastics when we can use another thing. For example:
my mom sewed a large cloth bag and when she goes to buy she use it, she no longer uses plastic bags, with that she is helping to have less plastic bags falling into the sea and damaging the environment. It's easy: two squares of strong fabric, sew them and place a long strip for the shoulder. I think everybody can do it. Although they knows how to sew only a little

An awareness campaign should be created from the school for the non-use of this type of plastic that damages our species and the planet, to protect it from the terrible contamination

My Opinion about COMMENT CONTEST: What Initiatives Can An Individual Do To Clean Earth from Plastics? Maybe we are not ready to break with plastic altogether. But we can start from ourselves and family. Efforts to reduce plastic waste starting from small things such as avoiding the use of plastic food or beverage packaging. What plastic do we use every day? Yes, right..Plastic toothbrush, plastic spoon, plastic knife, plastic water bottle, and then plastic grocery bag. There are simple steps we can take that will dramatically decrease the amount of plastic waste we generate. Start with replace your toothbrush with bamboo. Every single toothbrush affects the environment. One billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out every single year, creating about 50 million pounds of waste annually. There have not been any scientific research results that plastic toothbrushes perform better over bamboo ones. Just like plastic toothbrushes, bamboo brushes needed to be replaced just as often, about every 3 months, but the handle of a bamboo toothbrush only takes about 6 months to biodegrade back into the soil. On the other hand, a plastic toothbrush will never biodegrade and will remain in the environment forever. And then, if you want to travel to the office, bring a spoon and plate for food from house. So, when we buy food ask the waiter to put food in the container we carry, make sure to ask for no plastic fork, spoon, or knife. Choose cardboard over plastic when you can. Because Cardboard can be more easily recycled and unlike plastic, will biodegrade over time.While plastics can be recycled as well, buying products when you can that are in cardboard boxes such as laundry detergent will help to reduce the plastic that needs to be produced. And then Bring a bag. Remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store or for any other shopping activities to reduce consumption of disposable bags. Bring your own reusable cup.Think about how many disposable cups are used every day in just your local coffee shop. Bringing a mug for your morning coffee can reduce the amount of waste you produce annually. Imagine how much waste we could reduce if we all made this simple daily change! And use a water bottle that can be reused. This will not only greatly reduce the amount of disposable plastic we use, but it will also save money in the long run. So, let's make it a habit to live environmentally friendly..😍😍😍☘️☘️

Thanks to @mermaidvampire to holding this nice contest. Thank to kak @aronnaawe for invite me..

My idea to lessen plastic use is to implement a Law or ordinance to stop using plastic, even though it is hard to implement but it should start from our houses individually. God Bless

Thanks my sweet sister @mermaidvampire for give me chance to this comment contest.

** My Entry**

I think Plastic is so harmful for the earth, we are try to clean plastic from the earth, first of all we have getting conscious cause only consciousness can open your eyes to social awareness.

If we are clean plastic from the earth first give announce harmful about plastic,than we are reduce and clean plastic individually. We try to clean plastic in our own prospective so its a clean from eart so quickly, otherwise its not possible for me.

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so i'll enter, here i go..

Today's generation plastic can't be avoided, you will see it everywhere because they are very helpful. Helpful yet helpless if thrown anywhere. To clean the earth I suggest to use plastic with discipline, like stock it in your house if it's broken and if you have time sell it to recycle or give it to the poor to make a money. If you go to a mall make sure to bring re-usable bag so you don't need to buy another plastic. Instead of throwing why don't we make a storage area where you can throw plastic there. There will be a uses on it in the future. Make plastic through your creativity, you can't think of throwing it. Over all idea, don't throw plastic, re-use it or hide it.

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We could dump it somewhere far away in an ocean and not worry about it for some time

Yesterday I had gone back to my hometown and we were visiting family and friends.
During the conversation, it came up that the home owner had thrown away two bags full of disposable plastic ware.
We were like "thrown away as in recycle?"
Almost with pride she said, "No, threw away as in if you wanted it, you will have to rummage through my rubbish"
I was surprised to see how nonchalant she was, but this wasn't the first time. I know many others quite lackadaisical about plastic.
After about 1 minute of talking about the Country encouraging recycling, and trucks coming through to pick them up two days a week, I told her my family was big on recycle. The kids know where the paper and plastic goes. We were trained by my Mum even though she did it because she could sell them and make some money. That we now say "No thank you" to straws. That it is a little bit tricky with some drinks but it was a matter of getting used to.
It was more story telling then trying to make her feel bad. That we were just so "silly" about saving planet earth....
At the end of that conversation, her last thing to say (maybe to shut me up) was "Yeah, will try to be more aware of separating thrash."
I think the only way to do it is to walk the talk, make bold, conscious efforts to cut down on plastic. Bring your own reusable bags, and containers. It is inconvenient... now. Until we get used to it. And surely it will have a ripple effect. 😊❤️

Plastics are very serious issues to be dealt as early as possible otherwise it may too late. It is health hazard in addition to environmental deterioration. And most important aspect is to aware people as much possible because plastic issue can be sort out when we feel from our inner side only, feel ourself responsibilty.

My Entry

What can individual do to clean Earth from plastics, it should start from himself for starters like when going for a grocery or buying stuff, dont accept plastic bags already and bring your own grocery bag. Dont use plastic straws for your softdrinks. Joing community events where moatly they have projects like coastal clean uo and the like.

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Hello everyone, I find this contest very interesting. The first thing I would say would be that the best thing is for each person to take responsibility for their own plastic and thus prevent it from spreading.
As an initiative every week to meet with a group of people and visit sites, one contaminated by plastic and another not; so that these people notice the difference; invite people to perform voluntary cleanings, but it would be best to avoid throwing the plastic irresponsibly. Recycling, reusing, giving a second use to those plastic targets, creating things with them, or just throwing them in the trash in an appropriate way and not in the environment.

participate, give your opinion @mhm-philippines

Plastics are slow poison which are we taking daily without knowledge, so i think it is awareness which can play most important role for its removal from earth.

Hello @mermaidvampire this is my entry for this contest.

What initiatives can an individual make to clean the land of plastics?

An individual can start by the smallest action and add little by little, in your neighborhood collect dewechos that sometimes throw neighbors, on the beaches, try not to leave plastic as it attempts Against nature and marine animals, carry out waste collection in the seas, oceans and seas. Another thing an individual can do is expose their concern about the damage that is being done to the planet, that is, our house through the delivery of brochures in the streets and diversification of information to relatives and friends, so that a single individual is not only the one but more people to reduce the plastic in the environment I waste them, to create coincidence.

I invite to my friends participate in this contest: @jesusw @gandhibaba @yumifer @veronica.mart

In my family, we started to minimize use of plastics. We provide reusable tumblers for my toddler in going to school, either way we put water or juice in it. Also, we let him bring his own "BAON," a little snack pack instead of junk foods. We do give him biscuits and cookies too. A friend of mine sent me metal straws, we currently use it everytime we dine outside. You know kids, they dont drink at a glass without straw. Good thing, this stuff are handy and they come with a cleanining brush made for small holes such as straws. We are slowly evading plastic in our own little ways.

I think the deed must start at the family. I have a sister in law who is a great advocate on using less plastic. She has founded a community that creates products such as the bamboo straws, bamboo charcoal toothbrush and shampoo bars.

I am tagging my sissy @twodorks to take actions too! hahaha


Tag pa more! Hahaha!

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hahahahaha at bakit hindi

My dad owns a recylcing business so we're pretty much raised on having green practices. The entire neighbourhood knows about it and they gladly come and dump their plastic at our home where we have a machine that compresses it for us before we ship it off! Strangely enough people love it doing it for no reward at all.

While in other communities we have a few people who collect plastic themselves in the neighbourhood and we pay people for collecting it so they generate a little income and keep themselves busy during the day. Its mostly old ladies though they love it

Hello @mermaidvampire !
I have an idea !
I saw this great initiative from @cleanplanet account
I think that this non-profit account must be in the top ecologic movement .

In fact it reward only the good action for the Planet.
It reward eco-citizen gesture for our Planet, for our ONLY ONE PLANET.

I saw we have to do grabbing trashes in the Nature or in the City, prooved by photography report or video. We just have to proove that we put trashes in a public trashcan. Just to proove our eco-citizen green action.
There is some little rules to recieve an upvote, saying the Date of the day, proove the action and use #cleanplanet TAG.
I think it's a great idea.

I hope that many steemians will learn and look at it … it will make the difference if each Steemians do this action all around the world.

@carolegbelette have you seen this contest ? What do you think about @cleanplanet ?

All poeple must protect our Earth. THINK @CLEANPLANET

Plastics are convenient to use but they are harmful to the ecosystem when they are not properly disposed. Usef plastics can be recycled. They can also be covenverted to other useful products. However, this second option requires creativity. I have seen crates fashioned from used plastic water bottles.

What Initiatives Can An Individual Do To Clean Earth from Plastics?

In my country, they will charge customer in a shopping mall and cafeteria for the use of plastic bag and disposable tupperware, so to avoid being charge for things that we will throw away in the garbage later... Some of us will bring our own shopping bag and our own container. I think this is a good way to at least resuce the use of one use plastic in the community.

This is a faucet that encourage engaging in this community. Even the one who leave a comment get a chance of getting some upvotes from the reader.
Feel free to check it out. See if it suits your opinion.

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The theme of this contest is interesting, mainly because the central question is not a very difficult question to ask, in fact it could ensure that more than half of the population has questioned about what it could do for the planet to help it. Although sadly it only remains in an approach and not in an action.

Well What initiatives can an individual make to clean the land of plastics?

Well the most obvious thing for me is to try to reduce the plastic that we waste, use or throw away when we could use them for other purposes. It's simple, and many may agree that the answer to a comment like this would be: Is not it obvious? But no, I think that with such simple questions we will probably focus on broad things, when first we should take the small things and make them come true, we are not the kind of person who preaches and does not fulfill.

The great campaigns? They are more than welcome, but the most valuable initiative is the example. The example indirectly invites other people to want to do the same as you. We can not force people in the world to become aware of the importance of reducing the use of plastics to avoid the consequences of their use, but we can become aware of ourselves, because our conscience belongs to us.

So we learn in our own homes to reuse as much as we can plastic containers, in my country cleaning products can be sold by taking your plastic containers (which you have used previously) to re-fill the packaging of the product, most of them People do not buy bottles of water on the street but they try to bring their own bottles from home to avoid waste. Something that is also important is that we increase the number of bins in our cities, public transport should have a bin or something inside the unit, because it makes me very angry when someone throws plastics or garbage through the window justifying that there is where to throw it away (pure excuses). And that these paper mills do not use plastic bags, because if this is the case we are not achieving the objective.

Also companies that sell beverages that reach the consumer in plastic containers, have millions of people planning advertising and can not improve that aspect in their product.

I think I would like to be a super genius and find a more effective, creative and intelligent answer to this question without feeling helpless trying to touch the hearts and conscience of people without any response. But for most mortal human beings, it is like that, we must fight against the indifference of others to important issues.

Let's love our planet, please. And for that we must take care of it.

What iniciatives can an individual do to clean earth from plastics?

When buying a product try to be cardboard and not plastic, separate the plastic and reuse them ie recycle, we can start in our homes using plastics and give other utilities instead of just throw them, use them to decorate, make toys for children and pets, thus reducing the plastic in the environment.
I want to invite @dexter.weed to participate in this contest.

Hi my entry:

Create agreement in schools, universities through subjects that teach adults and children to take care of the planet, through recycling, reuse, materials such as plastic as well as other techniques that help the environment, create advertising campaigns on radio and television to teach people the importance of taking care of the planet and its consequences if not done.

I invite to my friend @silene.quere.

One of the best ways is by giving an example, and making people aware of the damage caused by plastic on Earth, teaching everyone that they should not throw garbage on the street, doing cleaning campaigns, teaching with children and adults. Organization of cleaning days, giving talks to people in different institutions about the damage of this pollutant and many others; At the time they were created, they have done a lot of research on how to remove the plastic or reduce its use; However, it is not enough with that, we must make people aware of the great problem that this represents, the consequences that it brings, and that each person manages to take care of their own waste in a correct way, the main thing is the education of the human mass, that they understand that if this planet dies, therefore, possibly we too.

Invited @stanestyle a comment.