NBA Highest Scoring Game Contest #8 - Win a SteemMonsters Rare Card

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Contest Prize:

Pick the highest scoring game and guess the total score of the highest scoring game (for the tie breaker) to win a mystery beta rare card from the hot new game SteemMonsters. Auto tournaments have begun so power up your cards and go battle. For more information about SteemMonsters, check out their website.

Contest Rules:

1-Upvote is appreciated but not necessary to enter the contest
2-Reply with highest scoring game and the highest total points that you predict for that game
(For example: Phoenix at Houston 239)
3-First entry that comes closest will win the prize
4-Each player may only submit one entry
5-No editing after the contest deadline (I will check this before payout)
6-Deadline to enter Tuesday, March 15, 2019 6:00 PM EST
7.If there are no winners, I will award 1 SteemMonsters beta common card to a regular player as a THANK YOU

Game List:

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Chicago at LA 250


Congrats, you won. Thank you for supporting my contests.


Thank you MelloFello


NP. I hope it is useful. I remembered you need red cards.


Yes. You remembered correctly. Fire is still one of my weaker teams.

Portland at New Orleans


Thanks for entering. You forgot to add a total.
That is the tie breaker in case two people pick the same game.

Mil - Mia 261


I was thinking about Bucks & Heat

Milwaukee At Miami 238

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blazers at pelicans 243

Phoenix at Houston 241

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Defended (16.67%)
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