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Hello blockchain family.
I am back with a contest named ''CONTEST FOR GROW UP IN STEEMIT'' to give support all the newbie steemians. This contest so easy for all. There are no hard rules. Everyone from everywhere can participate in this contest. No barrier at all.
So why wait for this.. join and participate your entry!





  1. Resteem this post so that others can see.
  2. Comment your best moment photo as entry and write a short description (50-100 words)
  3. Maximum 2 photos are allowed.
  4. Entry must be valid.

Or you can join @steemtuner community and their DISCORD

Prize: 5 Steem In Total every week

1 st winner will win 2.5 steem
2nd winner will win 1.5 steem
3rd winner will win 1 steem

This is a new episode. I will continue this contest every week.

This contest is being held on behalf of @steemtuner community


Steem Tuner is a community of Bangladesh to support globally all the steemians. Our mission is to empower all the steemians. We are encouraging people and bringing them here in steemit. We find many steemians who need support to develop their skills. Many of them have some special talent but they are not getting the opportunity to show the talent they have. We are arranging #show-us-your-hidden-talent through our @steemtuner community on discord. So that we can give them the opportunity to bring out their talent. Our future goal is to empower them on steemit.

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Hello friends how are everyone is all good hope i present my most fun moments today.

I and my younger brother traveled to Kuala Lumpur in Kuala Lumpur and I went there to the picture and I was very happy that two brothers on that day.

If you do not have any kind of joy in the life of big trouble, then you will be able to travel around the house so much fun, I spent the whole day and played a lot of things.
That's our joy and that's the best time to have one of the two brothers in one place. Actually I live in one place and my brother does not live in another place, the distance from 6 to 700 kilometers. Yet, despite the hardships, the two brothers got together in one place

This is such a cute contest and I am very happy to participate in it. I would like to thanks the contest maker.



These 2 photos have been captured before 1 year ago. But still, it brings a fresh memory to me. This cute little baby is my niece and she is the dearest to me. These pictures captured on her birthday when she turns into 1. On that day, we wore the same dress, same pose we applied to take pictures. Really, this is one of my favorite moment.

Thanks, @mdshahin786 for giving us this opportunity on behalf @steemtuner community. I wish their best success.


Dear @fagun.pramanik be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.



Sometimes it is so great after a hard day's work to make a tea from healing herbs collected by yourself, at such moments, time slows down run and you can feel a connection with nature, just relax and not think about restless worries. Enjoy the life friends, because it is so beautiful and so fleeting ...


Dear @naturelife be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


I'm the one in glasses.

Hanged out with a friend who was celebrating her birthday (the lady at the back). It was also a kind of reunion as we hadn't met for a long time.

They used to be my hostel neighbours and colleagues in school. We're all far apart now, but the picture reminds me of the fun and happiness we shared.

There were lots of food and drinks and even a cake. Unfortunately, I don't have those pictures on my phone.


Dear @iamthegray be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

A Sweet Ending for A New Beginning
Thank You
Nasim & Tomina
For your wedding ceremony.


Marriage creates people as real people. Was different from the other day.
The day was full, good time-specially for me and my friends. Widespread, there was entertainment.
There was so much joy in us. Even, There was much fun entertainment- dance, music, games, cheerfulness.


Marriage meets the dream, Its a Responsiblity. After many days everyone spent a good time. Marriage means trusts, hopes, perseveres and protection!
Really, I spent a good day.


Dear @fxtuber10 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


1st one really make me hahahahaha





I have the perfect entry for this week - thanks for running this contest @mdshahin786!

One of our best moments was just last week when @suitcasemama and I welcomed our second child to the world, here in Bangkok, Thailand.

We're of course very tired and seem to be re-learning everything, but @suitcasemama and @suitcasebaby are healthy and well. @suitcasetoddler has been great with our new addition so far. We couldn't be more thankful. The photo was taken by my wife @suitcasemama, a very talented photographer, even while recovering from giving birth!

I wrote a bit more about this on my latest post:
Proof there is indeed life after HF20

E and L.JPG

terrain, with shrubs, trees, grasses and vast land, monkeys and games.


Was still at the top admiring the beauty of the place, it was was cooler and its about 1km up the moutain.

Its a good view, cool environment, you interact with nature and feel nature at its best. Awesome... I want more adventures


Previously I would like to say hello and thank you for this cool contest maker @mdshahin786 and @steemtuner community.

This photo that I attached is one of my wonderful moments with my family when I visited the Baiturrahman mosque in Banda Aceh. This mosque is the most historic mosque in Aceh, this mosque was once burned by the Dutch, then rebuilt by the Aceh Sultan. When we were at the mosque's location my children asked me "who built this beautiful and big mosque, father? And if we grow up, can we be priests in this mosque?"

I smiled and was stunned by their questions, then I answered briefly, all Muslims were allowed to become priests in this mosque, and this beautiful mosque was built by the Acehnese and people outside Aceh, even by people outside Indonesia. I was moved when I remembered this. and we really want to go back there. visit the Baiturrahman mosque in Banda Aceh ...

Thank you for all.


Dear @marzukie be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


this is a photo of my moment's capture with my beloved wife, which in my opinion this photo is a catch of a very special moment for me, this photo I captured about two months ago when we visited my wife's brother's house. I hope you like it. @mdshahin786


Dear @putraabdal be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


My first surgery.

That picture was taken a few months ago, and has a special meaning for me, since after months of entering the operating room as an assistant to the main surgeon, I was given the opportunity to perform an appendectomy as a principal surgeon.
The emotion that you feel is indescribable, everything you have studied for so long expressed in an image.

Thank you @mdshahin786 for the opportunity.


Dear @josevas217 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

Hola @mdshahin786,muy buena iniciativa me gusto tu concurso ,para ser sincera tengo muchos bellos momentos en mi vida ;por que me encanta compartir en familia y con mis amigos ,pero llevo un momento muy especial en mi corazón,que compartir hace unos años atrás cuando mi padre estaba vivo, fue una navidad junto a mis hermanos y mis padres que a pesar de estar separados y haber tenido algunas reciñas, decidieron dar el paso al perdón y reunirse una vez mas con nosotros en la humilde casa donde nos vieron crecer y que mejor regalo de navidad que poder ver a sus hijos y nietos juntos,ademas de ello nos acompaño ese año mi esposo ,quien es muy querido por ellos ,mi padre fue un gran amigo suyo. Ese momento no tiene precio, ver a mi familia en paz y armonía todos reunidos,por eso creo que este fue unos de los mejores momentos vividos y compartido que viva la familia.
Recuerdo que ese diciembre mi hermano Raimond había llegado de Caracas con una cámara profesional y pudimos tomar la foto colocándole tiempo de espera para salir todo, eso fue un bochinche como le decimos nosotros los venezolanos ,pero al final salio la dichosa foto...jejejej que buen recuerdo..... me despido con esta frase familia es familia se les quiere @maggy7419,espero les guste

Dear @maggy7419 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

This is by far one of my best moments in life. This picture was taken during the summer last year. My dad and I spent the whole summer working on my house together. This was his favorite spot to rest and where we had some of our best talks. He died six months after this picture was taken. I miss him everyday, but I am so thankful for this memory. I will cherish this perfect moment for the rest of my life ♥
Dad Lounging.jpg

(I joined your discord <Christina#2866>...Thank you for supporting us newbies )


Dear @still-i-rise be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

    **##Best moments**

Everyone have some best moments in their life. I have also. This photo was clicked about 1 year 3 months ago. The date was 26june,2017.That time was Eid-ul-Fitre. I had gone in my native village to do eid. This is a best moment because in that time i had my grandfather. You can find my grandfather photo in it. He had died on 21 February,2018.


You can see in this photo i was with my whole family,but now we are divided in my place because of life. I live in dhaka for education,my big brother is now in Rajshahi for training of job, my mother and father lives in kurigram .

IMG_20170626_224706 - Copy.jpg

In the end of the day we all are alone.
Time is going and we are making our life. In eid we become together in my grandmother house,but something is missing found. We cannot get back those time at at any cost. We have to go more in our life. I miss those moments every time.

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Dear @minhaz007 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


Año: 2014.
Mis hijos Isaac, Aixa y Dana, músicos, ya habían tocado en el pasado aunque en lugares pequeños y con poco publico hasta este momento que se presentan con el "Sistema de Coros y Orquestas infantiles de Venezuela" en La Casa Portuguesa de Maracay en su primera "Gran presentación" y digo gran porque estaba full y el lugar era espectacular y el concierto salio a la perfección por lo que para mi fue un momento inolvidable.

2014 Concierto en casa portuguesa (13).JPG

2014 Concierto en casa portuguesa (9).JPG


Dear @hercoldie be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


This photograph is about 1 year. At that time my son lived with my parents, and every time I traveled to see him, we locked ourselves in my room to laugh and make jokes, and he said: "Mom, take a picture" ... I always took many pictures with him, Today my son lives with me and we always laugh when we see these memories.


Dear @sabrip be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


OK.. Thank you very much

Okay. Definitely will join

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Hello @mdshahin786
First I want to thank you for the opportunity you giving to this community of Steemit with your Contest. Very interesting the contest, the good times are always recorded in a beautiful Photograph. This is my story that represents my photography, 1 year ago, on October 28, 2017 passed away my grandmother, an important pillar in my family, who cared and raised me since childhood, his name was victoria, a week after his death I found out I was pregnant with M My little daughter, named Victoria in honor of my grandmother, was born on August 20, 2018, my gift, my little Victoria.

Sin tfghítulo-1.jpg


Dear @mavi89 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


Hello, My name is Andreina I'm 23 years old and this is a picture of one of the best moments of my life this picture was taken by one of my friends after a 4 hours walk in the beautiful montains of Merida Venezuela before my 23 birthday . It was one of the best moments because I felt really connected to the nature and really gratefull for be there. Also I was nostalgic for the lost of my dad the person I used to share my birthday with I always want to make him proud of me.


This is the photo i really love.i really can not forget this moment.It is previous dipawali photo when sister giving me sweet to eat.Some funny thing happens and we begin to laugh.


Dear @gaurang be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

After thinking about the whole year and saving little money, finally, when I started my journey, I was really scared because I was going to cycling all alone from Delhi to Kanyakumari (North India to South India). No one did not let me go alone, but I started my journey by believing in myself. As I moved ahead, my faith in people and humanity became stronger. I cycled 3500 km and It took 30 days to reach at my destination. And for 14 days out of these 30 days, I was at the home of total unknown people, whom I met very first time in my life. It was the most beautiful moment of my life when I learned humanity from people of different states and different culture.
Love life, Love humanity



Dear @himalayanwomb be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


Will be there, sure.

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I have joined your instructions, and this photo is my moment with my family, I hope you like it @mdshahin786



The two photos above are the moments of my child's age entering four the year...


Semoga juara bang helmi beh.....


Dear @helmibireuen be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

What an amazing day to be a part of these contest, but i don't really have much. So i have decided to be apart of these. Thanks to @mdshahin786. For making these possible.


But, today, just had to do something a little funky and different. To most of the Africans, we all know the beauty that comes with traditional attire. I do love it very much, even as a Model, i don't fail to wear such at least once or twice in a week. Either to Church, a Wedding. But today, i wore this to Church...

That's me with with an amazing attire of Blue and White!! Oooohhhh Yeah!! Am looking gorgeous and mind blowing. You all can say that.

And, though i have expatiated on the importance or the uniqueness of RED, BLACK and WHITE. Blue also has it's own uniqueness, and that it represents,

Authority and

Below, is me and my immediate elder sister. What a beautiful day, is it for, Blue and White, an exact replication of the skies. Anytime, i do put on a mixture of these colors on, these sayings always comes to my mind.

"Weeping Might Last, Throughout The Night But Joy, Always Comes In The Morning." And imagine, the beauty that comes with the clear blue skies. And that's the color, the morning clouds brings along with it's beauty.


Till my next article, please do remain blessed dear friends and remember. You are a blessing to your generation and your God has made you and i perfectly. Just like the skies! It's beauty can't be compared to the beauty God has install in his heart for us.

Am glad to be a part of these contest..

Thank you for organizing a beautiful contest. Best moments or good times, the name of which is called? The whole thing depends on our mental situations.


In fact, the circumstances surrounding the situation, the place and the presence of the beloved man, we like most. At those times we enjoy most of the time. The time spent with my loved ones in my eyes is the best moment.


Sajak Valley-One of the most spectacular places in Bangladesh, the best time to spend with my friends is my best moments


Dear @hafizullah be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.

This is the picture about 5 months ago, i had captured this picture when i was doing my graduation,and i visited one of my relative's house. These all kids are my cousins in relation.
I had a great fun with these kids. I often see this picture of mine with lovely kids and feel joy. You can see me in that picture.this picture reminds me a lot of awesome moments of joy.


Dear @coolguy222 be Present at 10:30pm 13/10/18 (BANGLADESH TIME) on @steemtuner Discord Voice Channel . Contest maker will announce the result.


After our secondary topping, we organised a gala to remind our selves the life of schooling.
As the picture defines, we were very happy and proud of our achievements.
This was in January 2015 three months after leaving secondary.
Kigali - rwanda.


Wanna ask you. Is the best moment related to Steemit or others?



It could be anything regarding your daily life. Thank you.

Is there any tags that we should use for our posts?

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I'd follow this contest.
Insyaa Allah,,

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I will definitely try


Sure. Eagerly waiting for your entry.