Does anyone want 300 SP for 3 weeks? No? OK

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Was that click bait? Not entirely. Maybe a little bit.

A couple of days ago I offered up 300 SP to a new or undervalued Steemit user. And I made it into a little contest. This was to celebrate me hitting my first target of 1000 Steem Power. I thought it was a nice offer.


The rules of the contest were very simple:

  • Nominate a person in the comments section of this post - and explain why they are deserving of a delegation
  • Upvote and Resteem this post - let's get as many people involved as possible!

Sadly, only one of the people who nominated someone actually resteemed the post. Meaning that there's currently only one valid entry into the competition. This is a little boring, I was hoping to discover a decent number of valuable Steemit users through this contest.

I asked for resteems as I don't have the funds available to pump my contest post with paid votes. So this was my strategy for getting some decent exposure.

So if you want to nominate someone, then do so at this post, and don't forget to hit that resteem button. My little post won't make your blog look ugly, I promise.

In 4 days time I'll announce the winner. If I only have one valid entry by this time, I reserve the right to go out and find someone to delegate to myself. Or not at all, we'll see how grumpy I feel on the day.

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I'd enter but I don't like resteems. lol


Lol. That’s fine.


Ha! +1!

is a pony allowed to nominate themselves? XD
if so, i nominate @dunstuff XD
whinnies and trots off

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

You’re a bit late to the game. This came to an end a couple of days ago. :)

But yes, a pony would have been accepted. A T-Rex nominated itself as well.

I nominate my friend @jadyclem I met him on this platform and he's really been trying to make it here. I believe the SP will encourage and help boost his reputation here. He's been very supportive of my blog and he resteems my blog a lot that's also one of the reasons why i'm nominating him.

I'm also nominating my guy @ayo365 this guy is my very good friend in real life. I persuaded him to join steemit since he was already running a personal blog before. he has not been finding it easy and his introduceyourself post only got 5cent. I think the delegation will encourage him to stick around longer

I'm nominating @tornadoman, why because he is probably the only human being I met on the platform decent enough and small enough for this.

Here goes. Either @Jewlzie - she's new to the platform and has been creating regular quality content quiet regularly with little rewards, which can be one of the hardest parts about starting out on Steemit. Although she's trying to find a niche, her content is quiet positive and informative.

Or: @jk6276. His dedication to the daily 5 minute writes are incredible. Despite his solid reputation, he is so undervalued. Half his steem power is already delegated, too - a boost could help him make a splash.


Fantastic, thanks. :)

You can get the same exposure w/o the upvote :thumbs_up:


This is how grumpy I am

Hi mazzle. I would nominate @petesays. The guy has been struggling along and is a long termer. He tries to post something everyday and is learning what is what on here.

I would like to nominate my sister @katrinalebar she has been a huge role model in my life as well as many others. She currently operates an online business living in Barbados (Previously living in Toronto, Canada). She helps educate/motivate and inspire others to take control of their lives and live according to their own terms.
She used to be very active in the past but like most bloggers here have had difficulty growing a decent following. Maybe she could put the SP to good use and get active again in the community!

Can I mention myself without mentioning a solid reason :p


lol.. why the hell not. But with a bloody good justification.


No personal connection ... this criteria is not justified :p

Bana biraz yardımcı olsanız nasıl başlamak lazım

I would want to nominate myself, and why...? Because - it has been only 14 days and I am working very hard to create good content and very active here. and i will continue to do so... I have been creating my artworks, travel stories, editing all day and trying to connect with many steemians. most of my blogs which takes more than 3 days for me to create, research, edit write goes I am nominating myself. Thank you :)
Much love and power


I'll check out your work. :)

I'll resteem this from TA later when the Aussies are awake.


Thanks Choo :)

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I wish you luck with this, I have begun looking for people and causes to delegate to also. It is a wonderful way to encourage and help onboard new users.



Thanks mate. Appreciated. :)


I'll be looking forward to your delegation contest. Such gesture will encourage so many New users to stay put on the platform and keep striving to make it. Hopefully you won't make yours a nomination contest because many of us need the sp

Or you could give it to the 1 person that did resteem - :) Joking, c'mon people get involved. Follow the instructions.


I'll definitely consider it. I hate trawling through the new feed.


I thought it was awarded to that one person @jk6276

Can I nominate myself

Though it might be selfish, I’d like to nominate @definethedollar. I’m definitely a plankton/redfish, but whether my contributions are of good quality is up to your discretion.

Thanks for the opportunity either way!!!

Steem on!

I also resteemed

I would like to nominate @karamyog because they use the platform to add value every time they post. S/he got flag attacked (by a big rep bully that she was very much justified in flagging) and lost all of the hard work and payouts that she had earned and her rep dropped into the negatives from around 50. Many people would have used that attack as motivation to quit. S/he used it as motivation to improve the community and not be beat down. S/he recovered to an even higher rep than previous due to the attack and has continued to be a great influence on the community. You should take a look at his/her body of work, it is quite good.

i nominate my self because i must say am really depressed and fustrated here, infact am at the verge of giving up on this platform. I am not greedy at all, i have never spent a dine from steemit till today and the reward is never the reason am saying this but all am saying is we all want to be encouraged for a wledone job even if is not always but at least once in a while, it keeps us going if not you but me i really need it and i do that to others here too.Thanks @mazzle

i am nominating myself because i have be

I nominate @canna-curate! Why? Because it's the only new community on steemit trying to promote excellent #cannabis content and giving back with no hassle :)


Thanks for making a suggestion however they appear to have almost 3k delegated SP already. I suspect my little addition won't be appreciated as much as someone who is new to the platform.


I think it'll be greatly appreciated and you're gonna get a daily upvote on your own content in return. But most importantly your SP will be used to upvote a lot of new users and it'll make a real difference when it's added to the pool.

Instead of giving you individuals, I'd spread it out between cool projects like @newbieresteemday and @themesopotamians or @pifc, all very worthy causes! :)

I hope am not too late to the party! Thanks to @whatsup, I have just come across this. Please allow me to copy paste my nomination from a post by @bobaphet from yesterday about his SP Delegation Initiative.

I would like to nominate @themesopotamians which is an initiative started by @tcpolymath to help a select group of individuals,(including myself) to reach atleast the minnow stage. It does manual curation and we even get Weekly Proceedings for all members in Weekly Reports

In a nutshell,

The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

It is an account-level curation and growth initiative! You can read the Full Project Overview Here

I nominate my sister @jayna. She is a talented writer and a devoted Steemian. This girl WORKS it. She manages regular 50 word challenges, curates religiously, supports her fellow Writers Blick-ers and is devoted to quality content. She deserves the boost this 300 would give her.

Looking for quality and Steemit loyalty? @jayna is your girl.

@mazzle who won?


About to announce. :)


Very cool.

I only just saw this ! It is a bit hRd to find the good posts still on steemit


Yeah I didn’t have the funds available to pump the post to trending. :(