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Be ready !!!


SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST is a photo contest for lovers of the sea, and dedicated exclusively to the sea. The sea enchants us, amazes us, astonishes us, it is time to pay tribute to the sea on Steemit.

This photo contest touch all themes concerning the sea:

  • The wave photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Sunset photography on the sea
  • Half-air and half-water photography
  • The photography of marine animals
  • And more...

Other themes will complete this list as the success of the contest.



Each week, a competition will be proposed on a specific theme. To participate each competitor must respect the following rules:

1- Post his photography on the monday submission post announcing the contest of the week.

2- Upvote the article announcing the contest (% of upvote will be noted to calculate prize).

3- The photographer must be the author of the photography presented to the contest. Any attempt at plagiarism will be denounced and its author blacklisted of the contest. NO PLAGIARISM!

4- Write a few words about your photography indicating the place, the exif, or any others informations that the photographer will judge useful. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Marsian, all languages ​​are accepted. However, an English translation in a parallel column could be usefull for everyone ...

5- The photography can be submitted from Monday to Friday midnight. Only one photography per contest and per author.


Resteem the article is not a rule. But, thank you however in advance if you decide to do it. A boost is never denied!



The winner will be choiced according to the number of Upvote and my decision (@marc-allaria)

The results will be announced on weekends.

Honorable mentions will be chosen every weeks.



The rewards will be awarded as follows:

Honorable Mention
1 Steem + (%Upvote * 1 steem)
0,5 Steem +( %Upvote * 0,5 steem)
Presentation of the photographer on my blog
Presentation of the photographer on my blog
Upvote 100% of a photograph of my choice on his page by @marc-allaria
Upvote 20 to 50% of a photograph of my choice on his page by @marc-allaria

Rewards may be revised based on the success of the contest.



I will check the published articles with the following keyword:


This keyword will allow you to have a chance to be resteemed on my blog if I find that your photography values ​​the sea.


# ATTENTION LAUNCH ON February the 4th !!!

For more information, contact me on steemchat @marc-allaria


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Supeeeeer initiative @marc-allaria !
Du bleu, du bleu, du bleu sur Steemit ! Ce concours promet beaucoup d'évasion. Hâte d'être au 1er août pour partager quelques photos.

Toujours Upvoté à 100% de rien et Resteemé !

Prépare ta sélection, et merci pour ton 100% de rien !

Hello! This is my entry for the contest.
Pampatar, island of Margarita. Venezuela.
Excellent initiative!

1 1s23242.png


Thank you @francismoure, but wait wait wait !! The contest will start on the 1st of August.

Right, well, I'll use that image when it's time for the contest.

Thank you, I will wait for your photography !! I went to have a look on your blog, if you like flowers, contact @afroray. She has a really interesting blog about flower.

Very interesting :)

I hope you will participate

It's a great contest! I'll definitely check this out in its launching. Thank you for the information. 😊

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