Experimental Steemit Tournament Pre-Release Information - IBT#3

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Simple to play and some brand new Steemit bots - that's what people asked for, so lets give it a bash!!

The first two experimental Interactive Tournaments on Steemit were successful, but people seemed to get lost and consistently people are asking for dice bots!....So we are now looking at some dice bots and also introducing some special extras for more clever and interesting ongoing game play :) 

Lets quickly recap and talk about IBT#3.

Style and game play for Tournament One

  • The tournament allowed Steemians to create a character (enrol). 
  • Each player then participated in a couple of quick battles with a 50/50 chance for instant Steem
  • The top players, battled it out with a 'dice off'' brawl thanks to SteemcryptoKitten.

In the end it was a truck load of fun and the 3 final champs won a heap of Steem and got the glory

Style and game play for Tournament Two

  • The tournament allowed Steemians to create a character (enrol). 
  • Trophy-tokens were awarded to good content replies
  • Players split themselves into 3 teams (below, between, above)
  • Each player then participated in 2 quick battles (50/50 Steem win) and collected clues
  • Those players who did well got to take a stab at the boss
  • Some players revived to fight the boss, through the use of Trophy-token

Finally one player, destroyed the boss and won a truck load of Steem and took home some glory.

Style and game play for tournament three (about to kick off):

I’m trying to lock down some of the in game options now, as this will help me to close off the design phase for IBT3# - soon we can do the enrolment post and get started.

Just as a teaser (and final sanity check), here is a draft of the Game Instructions for IBT#3. 

Based on feedback, that posts are too complicated - I will put these long Instructions on some kind of official Game Instructions post and have links to it,  so people are not overwhelmed by text in the game playing post (basically I'll just post Quick play options and if people want to read more they can go to the Game Instructions post). Without further delay, looking at the ideas to date, this is how I'm currently looking at the instructions to come out.

Quick Play Instructions · 

  • Enrol – post a reply with your character name, picture and class: Warrior, Mage or Thief · 
  • Play – as each battle post 1 through to 5 is posted, read the rules on each post and make your attack  for a chance to win. There will be a tournament map to travel and players will be progressing to get to the end boss. 
  • Collect items – during the game I might advise you that your character has received an item. These may have an effect on dice bot based play and/or may have other uses. · 
  • Revive (optional) – you start with 3 life points. You must have at least 1 life point to continue to play and battle. Should you use all 3 life points and wish to continue playing, simply reply in any battle post that your have sent in a  trophy token to @lordnigel and I will confirm receipt and return you a life point.   

Advanced Play options:   

Possible Side Quests:   During the battle posts and the boss post you may also decide to play optional side quests..... just for funz or because it may assist your chances of success for the overall tournament.:   

Player vs. Player  

  • Challenge – If you notice another play picks up an item along the way, and you want that item, you may challenge that player to the item. To do this you simply put a reply in any post " I challenge <Player name> for Item <Item name>”, then type the command …XXX to call a dice bot and display your roll.
  • Accept Challenge – A player does not need to accept this above challenge and can simply ignore the request. However, they will be considered having accepted the challenge if they “reply to the challenge”, by calling the dice bot and rolling a defense roll.    The player with the highest dice roll wins and gets the item. The items passive powers remain active for the duration of the tournament, with the player whom possess it.

The Great Gobbo Ninja Git!   

  • Challenge – A player may be randomly challenged by the Gobbo-bot!, he will appear as a reply (summoned by me) and roll a die
  • Accept Challenge -  Should you accept Gobbo’s challenge and call the dice bot, and achieve a higher roll, Gobbo will drop an item and run away (after a polite comment, and quick knife jab of course). 
  • Should you lose, you will lose a life (remember you only have three). Still that item could be the difference between being the ultimate champion or not. 

In battle pick pocket – If you are a thief class you may not have some extra battle benefits of the other classes; however, if you reply during the battle "I want to pick the enemy pocket"…during the fight, you may steal an item from the enemy. Be warned, the item may have a positive or negative ongoing benefit.

Tournament Shop post   

Once a new tournament begins the virtual shop post will open. There will be just a couple of items on this post/in the shop. Players can  acquire items using in game currency – trophy tokens.  

This is not a pay to win game. The items will only offer a small bonus over other players. It is possible to win trophy tokens through out the competition, from other competitions or they can be purchased directly from @trophy-token, for a minimal Steem shipping fee – this is between you and trophy-token :)

Okay guys! last chance for feedback....what do people think :)

 Special thanks to @spaceginger  for his artistic skills with the Interactive Battle Tournament Image  above.  100% of Steem raised from this post will go towards the IBT#3 Prizes. Other images were captured from the abandoware game romance-of-the-three-kingdoms.


Great work, @lordnigel! I will play with you!

Cool!.. how about an Upvote yura? :)..even if it's just 1 cent, it all helps and contributes to the prize pool - the larger the prize the more chance to attract players and it improves the chances these tournaments will continue to improve and grow.


Up to you..

contributed my cent)))

Thanks mate! hopefully we get others follow and get a good prize going :)

You got 265 restreems)

Sweet - cheers mate

The PvP challenge concept in its current form seems imbalanced. A player with no inventory (or an inventory of only items with detrimental passive effects) could simply challenge others with impunity with no repercussions, whether or not their challenge is accepted, or whether they win or lose the challenge. There needs to be some risk to go along with issuing a challenge.

I would suggest this set up: if the challenger/attacker loses their challenge, they also lose a life point. The challenged/defender keeps their life total regardless of the result. In addition, the defender may choose to "reply to the challenge" by declaring an item in the attacker's inventory that they want to play for before rolling -- in this case, then both the attacker's and defender's specified items are staked.

The intent of the rules that I've proposed is to prevent challenge spam, and to also make prospective attackers think twice before issuing a challenge -- they're going to want to be sure that the item they seek is so good that it's worth the risk of losing a life point and an item. It also provides an incentive for a defender to accept the challenge under certain circumstances (e.g. both attacker and defender believe that the other has an item that is so much better than what they have now).

Thanks doughtaker - well spotted and the suggestion seems reasonable to me :)

Nice game concept.@lordnigel...
Can I play through mobile
Will like to join u..

It should work, it is still experimental but based on basic Steemit function; so if you can post and reply on mobile, you can play this as well.

Enrolment will kick off in next few days, follow, watch-out in your feed and join in :)

I could make a dice bot

Dude! This is amazing!
I'm out for the next 3 days... but after that I'm in like Flynn.

Hey guys - in addition please see this post for more info on the new proposed campaign style game play!


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