Travel Photo Contest, Edition #2

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Hello, photography lovers!


I am happy to invite you all to participate in the #2 edition of the #TravelPhotoContest!

Let's have fun, share our visual memories from our voyages, enrich the STEEM community and earn some prizes along the way!

What is Travel Photography? It is that type of the Eight Art where we capture culture, people, landscapes, cityscapes, customs, events, history, etc. and we express our feeling of the time and the place we visited. We all love it, right? ;)

The topic for this edition is:


How to roll in? A.k.a. "rules":

  • Create a new post with only one photo:
    • Use ONLY your own original work, photos will be checked and plagiarism will be flagged and reported
    • No NSFW images
    • Use the hashtag #travelphotocontest
    • Mention me in your post, for example: "This is my entry for the #TravelPhotoContest by @lightcaptured"
    • Adding your personal touch, a short story, the location, EXIF data, etc. is not obligatory but will definitely make your entry much more appealing and increase its chances of success ;)
  • Comment under this post with the photo and the link to your entry post:
    • One entry per participant
    • Deadline is next Friday, 23:59 GMT
  • No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow required. Of course, any help or support you can provide is greatly appreciated and absolutely voluntary.

Prize Pool:

There will be 4 winners: 3 ranked and 1 random!

Total # of SBI shares given: 16!

Sponsors and SBI shares:

@o07, the biggest sponsor, thanks so much, with 5 SBI for #1, 3 SBI for #2 and 2 SBI for #3
@lightcaptured, I :) providing 3 SBI for #1, 2 SBI for #2 and 1 SBI for #3

Additionally, 1 random participant will receive the rounded post payout in form of SBI share(s) and there might be a surprise prize but I won't tell more since it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, right? :D

If you are not familiar with the SBI initiative, check out their blog @steembasicincome. Generally, it is upvotes on your posts for life, a great concept indeed!

I think this contest could become even bigger and more valuate so anyone wishing to be a SBI sponsor is welcome, please contact me if you would like to support this initiative! THANK YOU! You will be helping few great artists and benefiting yourself too in the way.

The winners will be announced after the post payout and the prizes paid shortly after that.

Thank you, good luck and good day to everyone!

Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured
Any ideas how to improve this contest? Do you want to become a sponsor? Would you like to help in any way?
Don't hesitate and drop me a message on Discord: lightcaptured#2698


Here is a list of all the previous participants, I kindly invite you to enter your excellent work again:
@ajanphoto, @axeman, @barski, @boddhisattva, @cave-man, @dboontje, @fitinfun, @francesaw, @guchtere, @itchyfeetdonica, @maxili63, @olivia08, @pardinus, @pedrocanella, @sawyn, @sinochip

I've tasted several times how sweet it is to be a contest winner and I want to pay that forward by personally invinting you to participate:
@balimezov, @blacklux, @boddhisattva, @bricbric, @cave-man, @fiftysixnorth, @for91days, @fotostef, @funtraveller, @guchtere, @jpphotography, @himalayannomad, @jarvie, @javigodfrey, @karja, @kibela, @kunschj,
@magnata, @manoldonchev, @marc-allaria, @mdf-365, @mrprofessor, @ricpicks, @sallybeth23, @sharker, @sina-adventure, @terrywayne, @timothyallen, @vesytz, @victorbz, @villy.goutova, @worldcapture

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Hey, thanks for the mention. :) Love your head image here! Here's my entry:

Wonderful entry, thanks so much :)

Colorful entry, both as colors and experience, I know how challenging it could be to photograph under heavy rains, thank you, Chris! :)

So this is my entry for the travelphotocontest. The description explains a lot.

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Much appreciated and good luck, @dboontje! Wonderful free abstract reading of the contest theme! :)

Just made it! Thank you for doing this. Glad you are back.

So interesting cultural aspects, thank you :)

Thank you very much. Great contest and you sure got the entries!

Thank you! I plan to publish the next contest as soon as I have enough funds, I already figured out the topic :)

Hello, here are my competition photos and links. Thank you

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Thank you, @annepink! Beautiful and colorful place indeed and the moment with your mom makes it really magical and the mist behind you makes the moment even stronger :)


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First contest of the year!! :D

I hope and wish for many more, with bigger prizes and more participants, I really hope to see wonderful travel photos! :)

Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

Here is a 100% upvote from @contestkings

Official Discord Server:


Thank you for your support, @contestkings! Let 2019 be STEEMy for all of us :)

Thanks for the invitation! Always glad to be part of your initiative.

Here we go:

Down Town Sofia Evening s.jpg

See you around, everybody!

Thank you, @manoldonchev, wonderful atmosphere and moment captured ;)

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Thank you for your entry! Wonderful photo, moment full of emotion and joy! :)

Hi there! Here's my entry for this contest.

A Pedestrian Street in Moscow with Over 500 Years of Existence


Thanks, @pardinus, for letting me know about it.

Thanks so much for your entry, @trincowski! I love your idea about banning cars from city centers. Some places adopted it, I recall Tromso in Norway from one of my photo travels where they have streets and cars park in warm (in the winter) and cold (in the summer) underground places. The town looks so much better with no cars parked everywhere! :)

very awesome contest, I decided to give it a go. Here is the link to my post, hope you enjoy :))

and here is my image (i don't know why it posted sideways... sorry about that lol) : tokyo1.jpg

Awesome entry, @conradsuperb, just please add your photo to your comment here so everyone sees it and to be with accordance to the contest rules :)
Thank you :)

Thank you for your interesting entry, @maxili63 :)

Have just discovered this contest @lightcaptured and am looking forward to participating. Resteeming to get the word out.

Great, thanks so much, @trudeehunter, I'm looking forward to see your entry :)

Thank you @lightcaptured Have just submitted it now,

This is my entry to the contest, my friends: 😊

Volatile accessory for the car

Lovely capture! :D
Someone wants a free ride :P

Thanks a lot for hosting the contest ~ ✨ ~ With kind regards & the link to my entry...!....

Thank you for your entry, @whimsical-magic! Prague is really an extraordinary place, I've been there on an extended photo weekend but it was far from enough for me :)
Your perspective to the city is unique! :)

Thanks so much for the kind reply ~ 💞 ~ !

Thank you for your colorful entry, @soulsdetour! :)

Thank you, @trudeehunter, such bright and vivid colours and your photo raises few questions along with the mixture of Gothic and contemporary architecture :)

Thank you for your contribution, yes, you're on time, no worries! ;)

Thank you very much! 😄

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It's really a different story and one that put a smile on my face, thank you :)

Thank you for the invite :-)

My entry for this round @lightcaptured. Hope you like it.
Thanks for hosting another round! 👍

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you
In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you

Great entry, nice way to express and "slow down" the busy city life ;) Thank you!

My post and my entry:

Good to see you joining this contest @fotostef!

Thank you for your entry, @fotostef! Nice perspective indeed, I recall I was able to make few great photos from the 2nd deck of the sightseeing double-deckers in Madrid few years ago. Shooting while in motion requires quite a different skill set ;)

Thank you! Don't forget to include the photo here in the comment too, as per the rules :)

I hope all rules are fullfilled now :-)

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I'm looking forward for you entry, dear @adyorka! :)