Join the WORST STEEMIT CONTEST #2 (first contest where all losers win!)

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Yes, you are trying to be the worst contestant and not to get upvotes :D But others also want the main prize so they will try to spoil your chances of winning by upvoting your comment. Last round generated 444 comments and proved that entering with ANY comment guarantee you some comment payout at the end and if not... Congrats! You won the main prize!

This time it will be 50 SBD, 50 Whaleshares and 30% of SBD payout.


  1. Write the worst poem in commentary. It doesn't have to rhyme or make sense but it has to start with "Roses are red..." You can also add any message, picture or whatever you want under your poem.
  2. Upvote and Resteem this post. (Yes, I'm checking:)
  3. Start upvoting your opponents to win! Make sure to come back from time to time.



You can only enter this competition in first three days. Then you have 3 more days to continue up-voting others. I had to create this rule otherwise the competition would simply be won by last the post. Now you can choose your own strategy. Posting later can slightly improve your chances of winning the main prize. But posting sooner can give you higher payout on your comment just like it worked for this guy (one of the losers:):


Wednesday (June 28th) - 22:00 GMP (+00:00)
(I will not count entries posted after this time.)

You can check your time difference here:


Saturday (July 1st) - 22:00 GMP (+00:00)
(At that time I will download the whole post in .pdf so I can see who had the lowest number of votes at that exact moment. Counting just one first post from each user.)


WINNER: 50 SBD, 50 Whaleshares +10% SBD payout from this post
1st RUNNER-UP: 10% SBD payout from this post
2nd RUNNER-UP: 10% SBD payout from this post

*I only count first comment from each user.
*Don't be angry at me for upvoting. I keep it fair and upvote ALL comments (0,07).
*I will do random pick in case more people have same number of votes.
*Last round some people tried to post endless white images so no. Those can't win.

Hope you will enjoy the second round.
May the WORST player win!


Roses are red,'s logo is blue,
this comment is very small,
so you won't vote it too.

roses are red
steemit is blue
cannabis are green
and Ill smoke a joint now for you!

loved the idea man! followed+upvoted+resteemed

lol xD good one :D

Thank you hahaha

That's a good one. LOL

guess I'm not winning this contest then LOL

That was because it was very clever but hey you won some crypto ;}

no complaints here :) haha

End of poem :sadly for them, they didn't get to the bedding

LOL. I'm sure this comment will not get me anywhere... ;)

Roses are Red
My Uncle is Ted
His Son is Dan
I'm quite the fan
Of the tunes that he makes
Love them more than a fat kid loves cakes

If upvote you must
It would only be just
To at least check out his song
It won't take you long

And if you're in LA
And need a DJ
He's a super cool dude
You can find him on LinkedIn to hire for your mixing and recording needs

I like this one more than a fat kid loves cakes))

Join new contest:

Professional ad-placement right there XD

LA as in Louisiana or L.A. as in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles :)

Roses are red.
Hope there's candy at the end
for whoever tells the best joke:

What did the river mammal
tell the unafraid flies?

Youse oughter flee!
You swatter flee
Youse otter flea

Entered, though I vastly prefer a joke telling contest. :P



Actually, you call them FLIES, he calls them "sky raisins" :D lol

Roses are red..... violets..... wtf color is that.. everybody is saying blue but Im looking at thia crayola crayon.... THIS LOOKS PURPLE TO ME!!!

Roses are red, @mtgmisfit fixed this for me...

Q: Why did the blind man fall into the well?

A: He could not see that well.

Other shits purple.. like violets.

Dammit!! I didn't read the rules and I told a joke too. HAHA

hahahhahaha oh no, I thought it was just a repeat of the first challenge :(

Just add "Roses are red " as the first line and it's all good



Roses are red
I am blue
How drunk are you?

Upvoters have weak arms ;)

Roses are red
Only upvote this if
You are racist
and believe in mass genocide
for all races aside from your own

dang it. I knew I shouldn't have made it so cute.

hahaha thanks. I feel kind of evil though.

i voted coz i believe in mass genocide for races including my own. sorry.

hahahahahaha touche. But it did specify all races OTHER than your own. ;)

wow Its getting hot in here :D


Roses are red ,
My penis is blue ,
I need the money ,
To get rid of the blue .

Wait till it dries and falls of, no need for money then as there is nothing blue anymore.

Wait till it dries and falls of, no need for money then as there is nothing to show of.

Roses 🌹🌹🌹 are red.

Steemit is blue.💙💙💙

What I going to post next.

I have no clue.

Hi, please check my new contest, trying something different now :D

Thanks. Entered. :-)

cool. thanks

Did anyone notice that the "&" symbol looks like a dog dragging his butt on the floor?

If roses are red, sky is blue, what the hell I am? It's for you to know.

Only counting first comment... edit

Roses are red
And pony is my dear
I wanted to be a cowboy
But you were not here.

Roses are red
Roses are blue
Roses are yellow
Roses are white
Roses are pink
Roses are Sea Green
Roses are the colour of the sky on a winters day
Roses are many colours
So what's your point?

Roses are red,
And I’m on med,
Looking for a spread,
But I just can’t get a head!

Roses are red,
The words are still in my head,
Though I want to win,
I’ll settle for your grin,
If you didn’t frown,
Don’t let me down,
Give me a vote below,
Now that will make me crow!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Posting again,
It’s just insane!
I’m feeling sad,
Cause I’m going mad,

Roses are red,
Are my posts being read?
Am I wasting time,
Making words that rhyme,
I just want to win,
That would be the best thing.
Even if I lose,
I won’t be blue!
As long as you vote,
Full Power for this post.

Roses are red,
I hum in my head!
Am I hitting a chord
With those who are bored
If you like THIS posts
----- VOTE! -----

Roses are red,
I'm now off to bed,
I can foresee,
That you want to vote for me,
Don't make me lose
While I'm taking a snooze
Unless you're a Whale,
Please, please turn my vote blue!

Roses are red,
Your votes are costing me an arm and a leg,
Vote here instead!

Roses are red,
Those damn words are in my head,
I don’t wanna post,
But I’m just so engrossed,
Let this contest end,
Cause I might start to offend.

Roses are red,
Am I in over my head?
This contest is easy,
Making words sound cheesy,
But l must confess,
I thought I’m the best,
It may be time to say good-bye?
To the coveted prize.
But I won’t give up without a fight,
All you whales, come take a bite,
Vote for me here,
To make it right!

Roses are red,
Those words are still in my head,
Though I want to win,
I’ll settle for your grin,
If you don’t frown,
Don’t let me down,
Give me a vote below,
Now that will make me crow!

Thank you! (I hope everyone knows I am being facetious)

You spelt 'fascist' wrong - you were being fascist.

I came here to make a variation on that, but you did a better job than whatever I had planned.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you vote my comment

I will stick u to chair with glue :p

Your entry is only valid if it begins with "roses are red".

Quick, edit it XP

Hehehe... I like your idea XD.

Get the glue ready XP

This is win win situation for all. If any one votes for you then you get $$. If not then this post will give you $$$

True. One of the funnier contests XD

Hope no one votes for me :p

Roses are red lights.
Haikus need new life these days.
Cut flowers, dead gifts.

I command you to upvote me.

(Really folks, give someone a living rose unless your love is a pretty little novelty that decays too quickly, like a cut flower.)

Roses are red and keep this post dead. Thx

Roses are red and blue is not purple so get your potatoes

Roses are red violets are blue you should eat poop too