Update 1 Contest Kitchen 1

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Regarding Contest Kitchen 1 ingredient D, @leeuw is looking for the exact name of this ingredient that he uses, the word is surely familiar. @leeuw buys this all the time for the pizza!

GAME OVER. The name of ingredient D is jalapeño! WINNERS of 1 STEEM: @luzanais and @alejo1996 congratulations, thanks for playing this was a hot contest literally!

This ingredient D has not been named yet, maybe some used word is representative but we like to see this particular name.

Let there be a contest within contest. The first steemian who comments below here regarding ingredient D with the word i am looking for... wins 1 STEEM.

Update: it’s not an English sounding word

Everyone invited, including our judges!

Thanks all for playing, we are having lots of fun!


Hello friend, yesterday I wrote that pizza is very versatile, I could name the ingredients that are missing in that list, but as a contest, I will name only one ingredient, of the three most popular in my country, Venezuela, salami and? ?? Hopefully this award stays in Venezuela. hahahahahaha greetings @leeuw


Hello Friend how are you? I think the ingredient is tomato, but there are so many that we can add to a pizza, to see if I'm lucky 🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀


Jalapeño Chile: In Mexico and Estepa (Spain) about 45,000 ha are planted in both countries.

Who would think that this was the special ingredient of Leeuw, wow you like the spicy friend

Thanks, I'll have 45,000 jalapeñooooooos thank you! Are you warming up already for your own Kitchen Contest next week? Any idea what kind of contest? virtual or actual cooking with photos perhaps? Let's think about it. I'll have a prize pot ready and remunerations

Friend, if I was thinking the virtual kitchen has been very different and fun, the real kitchen would be beautiful to see recipes and ingredients and the commitment of each participant, I love the sweets I would like any of the two to be chosen out of sweets but you have to think about it well

Maybe you consider to present a contest over the sweets / desserts recipes with optional original imagery. Welcome to the Contest Kitchen 2!

Brother, how are you? you give us a clue?

Its green, spicy...

chile poblano o jalapeño

How many opportunities are there? to keep guessing

game is over - you and luzanais win 1 STEEM, so fun!!! thanks 4 playing

correct, you may have been earlier than luzanais, i need to check the blockchain!

Thanks brother, the difference was minute, it was really hot and spicy

yeah the jalapeño is my favourite pepper, my preciousssss hehehe

It will be chile or aji

yeah close, thanks, but... its a special type of green chili (or green pepper)...

It will be the chilli pepper

yeah but there are several chilli peppers in the chili group. this one from the chili group named ........ is the one on the fumble chef's pizza

There is also the jalapeño!

winner of 1 STEEM! EDIT: alejo1996 may have been earlier... i need to check the blockchain!

Yes, that's cool! thank you very much!!

ok, im going to declare two winners: luzanais and alejo1996, congratulations!

Ooh, well we were commenting almost at the same time, thank you very much for your final verdict! Very friendly as always!

yeah, too close to call

Oh! I coming to a party when the drinks and food have all been consumed Game Over! Lol

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it was a hot (🤣😅🤣) party and had to try hard to get the winning word, would you have gotten the winning word for ingredient D?

NOOO. . . I've never heard or seen that word or name before 😂

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Hello, jajajaja actually that ingredient is a very hot pepper originating in Mexico from the city of Xalapa and by name it has jalapeño pepper, and leeuw loves the spicy I do not know if from where the original is the pizza is eaten with chile, and truth sounds very extravagant and explosive to the palate, I liked your comment greetings @akomoajong

Hi learning something new is an achievement for me. Thanks a lot with this clarification. Do have a great evening.

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Thanks for this background info @perlanacarada! The contest is hotting up! After Kitchen Contests 1 and 2, I would like to go back to a puzzle - where I would invite @perlanacarada to publish and manage it. Let's think about it.