Puzzle #5 solution

in contest •  4 months ago

Hello puzzlers, here's the solution to puzzle #5. 'we are all steemit champions' or in a different order is also ok. We have a excellent winner in the lovely @perlanacarada.

Check out the blogs of our three first participants, @perlanacarada, @jennimorillo and @fher. Thank you @perlanacarada and all participants for playing and trying.


Prize payout following shortly to the winner @perlanacarada, congratulations you win 1 STEEM!

@leeuw is currently in a period of health issues and i suppose that i have to wind down steemit activities certainly for now so i can not announce a next puzzle at this time. My upvotes are set up on auto pilot so that should continue.

Thank you all very much and you all have a steeming good week!

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Thank you friend, I am concerned to know that you have health problems, I hope to receive news that you are improving, grateful for the prize, rest and I wait for you to continue enjoying both your friendship and the fun times you provide us. Greetings @leeuw


thank you for your sweet concern, not to burden you please enjoy the steemit platform and your life, family life for now to fullest @leeuw is temporary out 😊

so sad.i know u will be ok very quickly @leeuw, may god make u always healthy and happy.


thank you very much for your thought. Very kind of you


Thanks @leeuw,how about your health?

Friend I am sorry that you are sick but health is first of all, I hope better soon and come back with the batteries well recharged and bring us your riddles that I like so much.
You will be present in my prayers, I will be waiting for you, my friend, thanks for your support!


Thank you its all bit awkward and sudden

@leeuw it's a great contest for puzzle.. amazing one

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Hugs and my best wishes dear @leeuw. Hope you recover your health soon! ❤ ❤ ❤


Thank you for that very kind. Oh perhaps don't need to worry too much bout the ghost flaggers I believe they're taken down already


You're very welcome. ❤ ❤ ❤

Not worrying :), but that is good to know.