The Old Dog Discovers: Strange, Beautiful And Unknown Flowers! Contest!

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I just got back from a quick 5 day trip to Southern Ontario during which time I visited Allan Gardens in Toronto.

This park and indoor botanical garden covers over 16,000 square feet and houses plants and flowers from all around the world. 

Here Are Some of The Flowers That I Saw!

Although many of the plants and flowers were labelled I didn't write down the ones that I am displaying here. All of them were previously never seen by me and I found these ones particularly fascinating!

Here's a Look At a Portion of The Outside of Allan Gardens


What About You? Contest!

  • What strange, beautiful and unknown flowers have you seen?
  • Show them to me in your comments and I'll make a post rewarding the best ones!
  • There will be a prize of one Steem each for the top five
  • The contest ends seven days
  • There is a limit of two entries per person

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Well Old Dog, these may not be the most exotic, but they are my personal orchids so I thought I would put them in :)

This first one is showing some wear on the blooms as they are the older ones


These are a bit younger.


Gorgeous! I love the shade of blue!

You are always too kind to me :)

Nice shots, Paul:)

Aww thank you Pryde!

Amazing shade and beautiful flowers.

My beautiful stranger from Costa Rica:)

I love it! 😍

Very cool!!

I have no photographs of exotic or rare flowers.

I propose these two photos taken during my walks in the countryside.



I often realize that we are surrounded by beauty, isn't it?

Thanks for joining in the fun.

Well, I need to read how many entries I can have. Here is my second entry!

Wow, these are beautiful! I am afraid I cannot identify any of them though :D

Here is my entry - as far as I remember, it should be a wild growing ginger. I captured it in a jungle in Costa Rica.


So beautiful!

Striking color!

I found this flower growing at the back of the border at the local gardens.


I think it wants to be an elephant!

It sure looks that way!

What a beauty certainly looks like a elephant trunk :)))))

Hehe! Yes! :)

I photographed this plant on October 30 last year, on the side of the road in Moldova. I visited many forests and fields of Moldova, I walked many kilometers, I met many different plants, but I met this plant only once. In Ukraine, Yandex is not working by searching for a picture, Google does not find such. I could not classify this plant. I will come back later, again, when the voting scale is charged.


Very interesting

I definitely saw it repeatedly here in Sevastopol. Should consult with my records, maybe will tell you the name.

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Thank you very much @xorb!

Verbascum sinuatum (Коровяк выемчатый)

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Here's my entry. It was taken from my friend's flower garden.


Thanks for joining us.

Okay, now I am serious. Here is entry #1. It is an Iris but what strain of iris I am not sure. The closest I could find was a Siberian iris but it lacked the yellow at the base of the petal that is typical.


The color is magnificent. I have to look for this. I don't recognize it, or it is a hybrid.

I looked online to try to pinpoint its species and with no luck. So I have no idea.

@ kus-knee Hello dear friend, Your contests are excellent, I appreciate them very much.
This is my entrance, it is a wild plant of the families of orchids, they are very little known, there is only in this area of the world
I hope you like it
I wish you a prosperous week

Very interesting!

It is a truly different one @jlufer!

@dswigle Hi dear friend, It's true, it's a very strange flower, it's the wild type and we're amazed that it has appeared in the back of our house.
I wish you a great day

Oh I see we are allowed two entries : )
Here's a fun one then! I found this smiley face out in the Sunflower fields and it made me smile, so I hope it makes you smile too!


This is my first time to see this flower of a vine. I asked people for it's name but they don't know it.

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This flower is known as the Cannonball Flower the scientific name is Couroupita Guianensis and that's a mouth full the tree this flower grows on is call the Cannonball Tree and this tree bears fruit and flowers mainly found in tropical countries like Brazil were it actually originated from but is also seen in Thailand , India , Ecuador , Venezuela and Costa Rica.


So it's called Cannonball... Thanks for telling that! :) I've seen them a lot in Southeast Asia and Latin America and have been wondering its name.

You are welcome you should google it and have a read it's a very interesting flower , fruit tree :)

So interesting!

I'm interested in knowing how big it is!

The flower can be up to six inches in diameter it is a big beautiful flower :)

I can help you out with a few of the names...
#2 Water Wise Daisy
#3 Bottle Brush flower
#4 Bromeliad flower
#5 Chinese Lantern plant
#6 Yellow Shrimp Plant

Here is my flower... it's a Lotus from my garden called Cimson Velvet.


Wow, the expert is in the house!

Hahaa, far from it... but I was heavily involved with a garden club for over 10 years, so I got to learn a bit in that time : )

I have no idea what these sweet-smelling flowers are, but they are growing in front of my apartment here in South Korea.

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They are lilacs! Gorgeous!

Lilacs? Yes, now that you mention it, that's what they smell like. I didn't know that that's what they looked like. Thank you.

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My pleasure!

Very nice!

Thank you. I really enjoyed your flowers too.

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Entry #1:

In the Shade of an Evergreen Tree

Entry #2:

Tree Base Flowers

There are a lot of great entries so far.. Good luck to all!

Thank you, @kus-knee!!!

Great, thanks!

Here is my second entry for #exoticflower contest. Some kind of orchid, I loved its dark color and truly unusual form. Reminds me of a star dancing with a southern belle.


So beautiful!

This particular flower grows in my mother's from yard a very tiny but dainty flower with a pretty mixture of colors it grows along this small branch or vine in a cluster form according to google it could belong to the Foxglove Flower Family but then seems to open up like a small lily which makes it very unusual i have not seen this flower anywhere else and my mum doesn't even know how it got into her front yard but it's extremely beautiful and what a gift to land on her door step :)

Entry No #2 and i like to show you two photos of this beautiful flower.



So beautiful!

I saw this flower on one of my walks through a national park back in Australia i have tried google but can not seem to find a match so i will name it myself i would say they look like Christmas bells a whole cluster of beautiful Christmas Bells actually is my first time seeing this beautiful flower.

First Entry No-1


Very nice. Thanks for the share!

Thank you @kus-knee for running these great contests !!

Hi, @Kus-knee! Here is my first entry!


Here are 2 very little ones: front and side view.

Someone tell me they are bamboo flowers.

Small bit gorgeous!

It was not easy to spot for sure.

I just made a post yesterday about unusual tulips hahaaaa. Soooo my entry is one of them:)


Nigella damascena

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@kus-knee, I want to dedicate a poetry piece to this Photography Contest. Kindly find the below poetry piece for your reference.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thank you. 🙂👍

I think our tropical colleagues are more likely to find more special flowers ...
My participation: I also made a post.
Old Dog's contests!



This believe it or not is a what they call purple passionflower flower commonly known as maypop, purple passionflower, it wouldn't be a flower we see everyday as we all wouldn't have a passionfruit vine tree in our backyards and this was my first time seeing this pretty elegant flower as my auntie has a passionfruit vine tree in her backyard. Who thought a passionfruit flower could be so pretty.

Second entry No-2.


From Venezuela there is this beautiful flower, which grows within the rustic.
31 diciembre 128.jpg

Hello... @kus-knee ..!!
I found this beauty at the local greenhouse..

Thank You...!!!
@kus-knee .... :D
I am enjoying looking at all the very beautiful entries....!!!

Ah... That red bottlebrush gives me a homesick feeling. We have those in abundance in Australia, in Europe we tried to grow one but it didn't survive. Our neighbour had one that is doing alright, so probably we screwed up something. Sadly, no interesting flowers in our garden at the moment... But that was yesterday, maybe I should check again!

Well, going through my old photos (thank God for the intelligent search of Google photos...)


This was a flower that we saw a lot of on a walk in the Cotswold last summer when we went there on holiday. It was quite strange as they were so neatly round! It was like they had been cut into that shape!


This is probably the most interesting flower in our garden... Nothing that out of the ordinary, except for a long long nose! This is a photo from a previous summer... It hasn't flowered this year yet...


... And finally! Some flowers from a Chinese Light festival that we visited in the winter! I had written about it on Steem, but I won't link drop on your post!

Thanks for joining us!

Thanks for the Contest, @kus-knee!

Here is my entry:

Exif: Canon Canon EOS 450D ƒ/5.6 1/320 200 mm ISO200
The photo is from 2010: if I remember correctly, I took it at Disneyland Paris.

Tulips are pretty common in the Netherlands, but this specific type is more rare:

And I found this one in the Atacama desert of Chile. Anyone knows its name? :)


The top one is what we call a parrot tulip and are fairly common in the US but, are gorgeous!

Cool, seems they call it tulipa cummins here in Europe - normally purple with incised white edges. :)

Tres cool! I love the different names!

My 2nd entry :)

Thanks for entering

Wonderful images of rare flowers.
My image is of the fuzzy cat tail flower and it is similar to the one of yours.

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Lovely fuzz!

Here is a mystical one too. A clear resteem.

Very cool!

It is actually a rambutan and is a fruit.

The things you know, Denise:)

LOL Oh, the places I've been! :)

@kus-knee I love the Allan Gardens and haven't seen them in years. Thanks for posting.

Hi dear @kus-knee ..
What amazing and beautiful flowers.. they are all so interesting <3
Here is the beautiful flower that I want to share its photo with you.. I wish I had more photos to share:



Thank you :)

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I found this one on a recent trip to Madrid. It almost looks like it's made from tissue paper. 46976891124_0eb2e15fd5_z.jpg

Wow, awesome!
Where Did you Find It in Madrid?

The Real Jardín Botánico!

It must be wonderful! 😍

Yes it does look that way!

Awesome photos @kus-knee, I have not seen such beautiful and unusual colors before, it is very beautiful!

very nice

A fantastic set of exotic blooms. A little hack I have taken to is taking a photo of the sign or label. That way you don't have to stop and write anything down or do a web search when you get home.

I will keep an eye out for some cool flowers. But how 'bout these. I found them growing in a clump in the forest. Never seen anything like 'em*:):):)


*not my actual entry #sillysteem

Hmmm interesting

Hey @prydefoltz!! Please send some of these seeds! They would make for an interesting front yard in Washington, DC

Nothing ever grows from their seeds. Though weirdly lots grows in it. Go figure.

I know, right? How about we try to splice it onto another? Sort of like a rose?

There has most Strange and beautiful flowers. I hope to join with your contest. Resteem.

Looking forward to your entry!

For my first entry I admittedly know what it is, but under the macro lens it looks pretty yet alien and deadly lol! ;)
I present to you Milkweed Flowers!

I'm doing a post about this flower, anyone has seen this before?

Thanks @kus-knee for responding!

I came across this flower last week in a park i was walking around but unfortunately i am not sure myself what it is called have a look at my post here you will see a few pictures of this beautiful flower :)

Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday - Benjakitti Park Bangkok !!

Ah, my neighbour country, I guess they maybe can be found mostly in Asia, hot weather countries... Thanks for pointing that out @hangin!!

My pleasure @joelai :)

Oh, yes!!! Bird-of-Paradise!

Wonderful collection!!!!! They are sooooo beautiful :-D

All of them are interesting flowers!
Thanks for sharing.. <3
& I will share my entry tomorrow :)

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Thanks for stopping by!

very nice photography dear @kus-knee

These pictures are very intriguing.
I think these plants are amazing looking and wonder what else is there!
Thanks for sharing!