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The financial system continues to grow, as does the blockchain system. Blockchain and crypto currency evolution has received worldwide attention. Finance has been presented very easily, just by using a cellphone you can access the economy all over the world. This opens up a great opportunity for those of you who have creativity and cleverness in financial matters to be part of empowering the future financial revolution. Seeing the payment system from blockchain today that is very expensive makes users overwhelmed. Therefore Kinesis comes as a solution for your money in the future. The Kinesis Monetary System is universally developed and reaches the whole world and is decentralized so that it is safe, efficient, fair and provides good incentives in transactions.

Kinesis is a money solution that can be accessed globally. Kinesis is reliable and has established a new monetary in the financial market. Kinesis system is an evolutionary step outside the current monetary system that we normally use. Kinesis will increase your currency either as a deposit or as an exchange for transactions that you do. Every kinesis user will be given an incentive in the form of rewards, and this aims to promote kinesis use as a currency, and users or investors in this case will get their investment back in proportion and proportional value.


Figure 1. Kinesis


    Kinesis has a vision that is to provide a solution that is the evolution of the current monetary system into the latest monetary system, which is a system that provides energy to stimulate the movement of money, assets, trade and economic activities in a fair and beneficial manner.

  • Mission
    Kinesis has a mission to provide solutions for you, where the monetary system can be exchange around the world with secure, fair, and efficient.

1. Project Descriptions

1. 1 Kinesis Monetary System

Looking at its vision and mission for the financial future, Kinesis optimistically changes to embrace and appreciate every use of its currency and stimulate the movement of capital that acts as a system that encourages trade and economic activities.

Here are some main elements of KINESIS:

  • Gold and Silver are the main currencies of Kinesis, the two precious metals have stability in trade, are reliable, and have a high commercial level in world trade.

  • Yields are economic activities carried out continuously, and this is not in the form of debt as in the currency we use everyday. Yields gives a definition value through calculation of Net Present Value (NPV)
    for commercial, institutional and retail use investation.

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology is a system that is supported by assets and multifasset results.


Figure 2. Kinesis System

1.2 Strategic Partner - Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX)

Kinesis and the Monetary System have been developed as partners in public companies such as the allocation of Bullion Exchange (ABX) which is the world's leading electronic exchange company for precious metals and has been operating since 2013. They have seven trades, prices and leapfrog over hubs around the world and recently partnered with Deutsche Borse Group European Commodity Clearing (ECC) entity for clearing and broad service in

1.3 Sequencing

The development, launch and commencement of the Kinesis Monetary System consists of two stages described in whitepaper, as for the following sequence :

  • The Initial Token Offering (ITO) of the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT); an ERC20 compatible utility token. The KVT ITO is currently in presale, with a public sale launch set to commence on 10 September, 2018 and end on 11 November, 2018.

  • The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the first Kinesis Currency Suite of products; each backed 1:1 by direct, allocated precious metals. The first Kinesis cryptocurrencies: KAU (gold-backed coin) and KAG (silver-backed coin) are based on the bespoke Kinesis Blockchain Network (a fork of the Stellar Network). The Kinesis Currencies ICO are slated to commence on 12 November 2018.


Figure 3. Kinesis Launch Timeline


2.1 Addressing Cryptocurrency Market Problems

The volatility in the cryptocurrency makes it unable to be stored and used as a currency, due to uncertainty in the price of coins in the world, which each changes in price. This characteristic prevents people from storing a lot, as a currency must be stable and have a fixed value in economic transactions. Money is created to serve and provide efficiency for every commercial transaction carried out. While cryptocurrency was designed from the beginning for a decentralized future, now because of limitations it makes it difficult for users to apply commercially. Because of that Kinesis is present for those who need it as a way of opening and innovating from the Monetary System.

2.2 Addressing Fiat Currency Market Problems

The paper currency that we use now experiences a bad history, from the past until now there are many problems that occur with fiat money. Banks around the world print and devalue money, creating price inflation at their discretion to maintain commercial loans and consumer spending to maintain nominal economic growth (without taking into account inflation). But this is not very good for consumers, because after all the policies made cannot avoid inflation that occurs in the market. Because the system from Kinesis is desentralisation, the things above can be avoided by the user as a control of market participants.

2.3 Addressing Asset-backed Currency Problems

There are 3 basics which are the problem of this:

  • Gresham's Law of Money bad money drives out good this is an inherent problem that causes instability of crypto currencies and asset-backed currencies.

  • Yield is an asset problem that is supported by other assets in the form of precious metals (gold, silver) that are not attached to them. Kinesis offers a Monetary System by providing valuable results from this precious metal based on the level of active investor or user. The more active they are, the greater the rewards offered.

  • Security is the main thing that Kinesis is very concerned about, where they will verify in this case ABX to prevent fraud which is often done by irresponsible parties. ABX is the place for global bullion wholesale exchanges that have been operating without error since 2013 and have large physical brokers / dealers and traders around the world entrust the systems they build. ABX also has partnerships all over the world and also one of the largest.

2.4 Addressing Bullion Market Problems

  • Archaic & Inefficient Market is the bullion market players who currently trade over-the-counter (OTC) in the physical market besides digital transactions (manual). While Kinesis through its institutional integration with ABX and its wholesalers conduct transactions electronically through the blokchai system with broad partnerships that cover the entire world.

  • Siloed and Inefficient Market is the physical market manually with the condition interrupted from one to another. While Kinesis will efficiently interact with markets and aggregate global physical liquidity.

  • Limited Resources is an organization currently does not have the resources to carry out the due diligence required and understand the regulatory framework and establish global operations. In the Kinesis systems and technology this will be made easier where each user can expand their network internationally and unlimited.

  • Barriers to Entry is an obstacle that occurs in the physical market, while Kinesis provides large bullion on an international trade scale and there is no longer a barrier between them and market participants. Kinesis will connect this trading center with traders to conduct differential arbitration.

  • Market Access is an advantage in the kinesis system where ABX partnerships provide this facility to enable suppliers to act as Liquidity Providers and access our exchanges directly and sell metals at the Offer price. You do not need more intermediaries to bid on every transaction you make.


Figure 4. Kinesis Solution


Kinesis is a full-circle monetary system with functions needed for success and an effective monetary system, and this will make business different between groups.

Kinesis has several main components including :

  1. Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX) functions as a wholesaler where currencies are printed and made.

  2. Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN) is a blockchain technology that overlays Kinesis cryptocurrency suite built.

  3. Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE) is a digital currency block where Kinesis is exchanged for other digital currencies.

  4. Kinesis Financial Network (KFN) is a component that functions as a cellular banking system where Kinesis currency can be used for savings or payments, remittances, and facilities for money movements and also has Mastercard and Visa debit cards and accompanying card facilities, which provides the ability to use Kinesis as a payment currency worldwide.

  5. Kinesis Commercial Center (KCC) which is a component that functions as KCC to function as an online aggregator platform providing goods and services, enabling Kinesis currency packages to be used as payments for participating traders.


Figure 5. Digital Money Ecosystem


As for the road map and Kinesis launch time line as follows :


Figure 6. Kinesis Roadmap


Figure 7. Kinesis Lauch Timeline


Figure 8. Landmark Event Timeline


As for KVT public sales as follows :

Figure 9. KVT Public Sale Schedule


To support and achieve its vision and mission Kinesis has been filled by great people and chosen to direct Kinesis in achieving its targets. The Kinesis team consists of several teams including : The Leadership Team (executive), The Operation Team, The Development Team, and The Advisory Team.

  • Executive Team



  • Operation Team



  • Development Team


  • Advisory Team


Figure 10. Kinesis Team

6. Conclusion

Kinesis is present as a future money solution. They apply the monetary system so that money storage and exchange becomes more efficient and safe. The Kinesis Monetary System is able to take the largest value storage such as gold, silver and make it an efficient exchange medium through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, then stimulate money velocity and economic activity through multifaceted incentive yield systems. Kinesis is not abstract or theoretical, and has been carefully planned and, at the time of writing, the majority of ecosystems have been built commercialization is underway. It has been archived and engineered with exchanges, markets, banking and technology professionals who have a deep understanding of what is needed to build and implement this monetary and currency market system in a sequential manner in the most strategic and effective way. Kinesis is ready to provide the next wave of energy innovation on blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrency space. We look forward to your participation and welcome to Kinesis.

More Information About Kinesis, Click link bellows :

That is my description about Kinesis. Hopefully this could be a solution for your problem.




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Kinesis memiliki visi yaitu memberikan solusi yang merupakan evolusi sistem moneter saat ini ke dalam sistem moneter terbaru, yaitu suatu sistem yang menyediakan energi untuk merangsang pergerakan uang, aset, perdagangan dan kegiatan ekonomi secara adil dan cara yang menguntungkan.
Kinesis memiliki misi untuk memberikan solusi bagi Anda, di mana sistem moneter dapat bertukar dunia dengan aman, adil, dan efisien

Setelah membaca visi dan misi dari Kinesis
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