Together We Build Contest 4 Winner Results

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The Together We Build 4 Contest has come to a close and I am happy to announce the winner.


Congratulations to @olimiesma you are the winner of the Together We Build Contest 4. Your prize of 10 SBD is on its way. If you did not win, do not get frustrated I will be doing other contests. I aim for everyone to get involved so we can continue to help one another. I ask all participants to keep coming back as you could be the next winner. Let's all continue to make Steemit a strong community and once again congratulations to @olimiesma I hope you find a way to pay it forward in your own special way.



Felicidades!!! Y que ganes muchos más

Gracias guapa, tu siempre tan amable :)

Hay que dar también las gracias a @jr11 por organizar estos concursos. Estos SBD me hacían mucha falta y gracias a este concurso puedo seguir invirtiendo en Steemit e ir ganando más reputación.
Como dije desde un principio, pienso ayudar al proyecto "Together We Build Contest" gane o pierda.

Lo importante es participar, no me cansaré de repetirlo, la suerte me ha sonreído a mi esta vez, mañana puedes ser tú. :**

Translation to English

Thank you beautiful, your always so kind :)
We must also thank @ jr11 for organizing these contests. These SBDs I really needed and thanks to this contest I can continue investing in Steemit and be gaining more reputation.
As I said from the beginning, I intend to help the project "Together We Build Contest" win or lose.
The important thing is to participate, I will not tire of repeating it, luck has smiled on me this time, tomorrow it can be you.

Congrats to the winner Olimiesna and thanks to jr11 for ruling it honestly.

Wow I can not believe it, thank you very much !!!

"I keep saying that the important thing is to participate"

Thank you all for your congratulations ^_^

You're welcome and congrats. Happy that you decided to join.

I will make investments in Steemit in a short period of time, if all goes well, do not forget those who gave me an impulse.
At this moment I have invested some euros, but I intend to invest much more.

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thank you very much @jr11 this contest is very meaningful to us all, posta is very useful for us all. Congratulations to @olimiesma has been a winner in contest @jr11

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You're doing it!! Congrats @olimiesma! This is a really fun way to engage the community and help each other. Keep at it @jr11. Your heart is in the right place! <3

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