The Most Difficult Contest In The History Of STEEM

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Winner winner!

I've been playing with this idea since I first 'discovered' the concept of delegation on STEEM. Once I understood that STEEM Power could be delegated to any project or account you want on the blockchain, I started thinking how I could leverage this...

Obviously, delegating to various bidbots can net you a return on your STEEM Power. But there have been many other examples of delegated STEEM Power on the blockchain that had me realize I could do something special with the SP I have been building. The @minnowfund initiative run by @brandonfrye has been an amazing example of how to take SP and delegate it to the hardest working new Steemians.

I am a big fan of things like this along with other minnow kick starter projects....Anything that helps people get ahead on the bloickchain from their hard work, I'm all for.

However, I wanted to do something specific for my followers and readers.

I wanted it to be exclusive for people that follow my account and help them grow in any way I could...

So I'm announcing a new contest that I will run every month here on the blockchain.

It's simple...I will delegate 100 Steem Power to one lucky follower of mine at the first of the month and they will hold that delegation for a full month.

Hopefully, this increases not only their account reputation and potential, but the trickle down effect will help my account grow. To where we start doing 200 Steem Power delegations and more down the road...Who knows where this may go :)

Now here are the extremely difficult rules to this contest. Please make sure you write down these rules and pay close attention...Because there are a lot of rules...

1. Follow my account @jongolson
2. Resteem this post

O.K., I know that was a lot...But if you do those tasks you will be entered to win.

I will do the random draw during the upcoming Monday Night Thoughts (July 2nd) live stream on @dlive . It will be a blast to delegate that first prize and see what the winner does with their delegation for the month of July.

At the end of July, we'll do it again....Hopefully this is a massive success and we can delegate even more :)

Good luck to everyone in the contest and I know there are thousands of other accounts you could be following here on Steemit...I appreciate that you are reading this post and following me. I truly believe STEEM will grow and prosper when we all engage daily. This is just one way I am choosing to help but I hope it's just the beginning of what we can accomplish here...

I look forward to meeting and engaging with all of you!

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If we had the SP to spare, this is the kinda thing we would be doing with it too. *taps the resteem button with a smile

Appreciated very much :) Yeah hopefully this is just the beginning and there are much more SP to award people every month!

This looks like it's gonna be hard as hell but I'll give it a go. Cheers for the contest :)

This contest has passed but I'll be holding another one shortly :) Stay tuned!!

This is an awesome initiative. It's always nice to see people who are willing to help others.

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Much appreciated. Thanks so much for the resteem and upvote :)

You'll make one of your followers happy for a whole month, that's for sure! :) Resteemed, the more visibility the better!

Hope so man. And if all goes to plan, the steem power that I delegate will be able to grow every month going forward....Hopefully :)

Very nice contest brou, already upvoted, resteemed and also followed you. Much appreciated and good luck! Thanks for sharing

Thank you for taking part in the contest. It's something different but I hope people appreciate it and the winner gets a boost for the month :)

up-voted, resteemed and tweeted... seems simple enough.... lol... already following you...

LOL Much appreciated :) Thanks for the support over the years Renee!

Done that!Jon,I hope this contest will benefit your efforts here on Steemit.

Thank you sir. Yeah I hope it helps the winner get some extra SP to boost their activity on the blockchain. Of course the trickle down effect is that I should be able to generate some new followers and activity because of it...but no matter what, as long as people are talking and engaging, that's all I'm after!

Always the creative thinker :) This is fantastic!!
Thanks Jon, resteemed
Good Luck to All
PS. That was brutally difficult. LOL

LOL I hope it didn't take up too much of your afternoon ;) . Thank you sir, always appreciate the support!

Very well contest @jongolson. I have not PC at home, I follow Steemit from my job, then to 8pm I can´t watch Dlive, may I participate in your contest so?

Absolutely. Only requirements are to follow my account and resteem this post. That's it :) I'll reward whoever wins during my stream on Monday and delegate the STEEM Power then :) No need to attend the show if you can't make it.

Nice contest bro, already upvoted and resteemed and also followed you. You got cool stuff on your blog. Is there still more to do?

That's it :) Much appreciated and good luck! Thanks for taking part :)

Very interesting,all done my friend

Thanks very much! I appreciate the support. Good luck :)

This is a great idea, but too easy... 😀 Good luck, everyone.

Easy??? Man this is the HARDEST contest ever! ;)

super cool! Very creative of you :)

I try ;) lol

Hello @jongolson, I follow you, and restimie the publication following the rules, luck for all, good initiative.

Very much appreciated! Thanks so much. And good luck on the contest :)

Great idea Jon and good luck to all, re steemed and I am already following you

Always appreciated sir! Thanks for the support over the years man. Means a ton!

I love the idea @jongolson.... this is a different twist to your Kiva and Life Water interest. Both of which are effective ways to support others! Kiva is probably the closet since you are investing in fellow entrepreneurs! Love it... keep up the awesome work!

Hope so...And so far, it looks like August should get a boost even more than just 100 Steem Power.....Pretty exciting to see the positive feedback so far :)

Awesome... awesome! Keep up the great work Jon... you are rocking this token and suite of tools!

excellent initiative is good to know that there is still a user to help delegate the new steemians 100 steempower helps a lot.

Appreciate that. Engagement and rewarding activity should be something all steemians strive for :)

Done! Pretty difficult, but I got through it. :)

LOL I know right.....Crazy complicated contest....All I'm trying to do is confuse the masses :)

Nice one @jongolson
Hope i am the lucky winner,
I am really in need of steempower,
I have been up and doing recruitting steemians,
Getting to help them grow with few tips,
I have set my payout system to 100% powerup ,cause i am trying to build my SP.
Will really appreciate earning the Delegation from you,
It will be so much encouraging to preach steemit, win audience, open account , give good tips and above all give the person upvote .
No matter how small it is.
By this we increase trafficking.
And STEEM Adoption
We will surely grow and make the over $100 STEEM.


It works...Every little bit starts building up and your STEEM Power continues to grow. Small chunks every day :)

Yes ...trues words..
I hope i get lucky for the prize

Hi Jon, upvoted it.

Awesome to hear that sir and welcome to Steemit :)

@jongolson i hope i will be lucky person. Hahaha.. whoever will be the winner but it's a great step taken by you.

Thanks very much for taking part! I appreciate it and good luck to you :)

@jongolson thanks a lot for your kind words.

a very healthy competition for steem platform.

I think so too :) At least I hope others find value in it for sure!

Hoping I can win...
@jongolson good contest bro..
I followed you, upvoted and resteemed your post...

So very much appreciated! Thanks so much for the support and good luck!

Cool contest man.
I think this will be helpful to the newbies here.
Resteem done, am in.

Appreciated :) Hope so...Just an extra boost...Might not be a massive amount of Steem Power but it could help someone get a boost that they need here

Hi there @jongolson,
Wow! This is a nice activity rather than making it like a contest. I am glad that you are being a great part of the progress of Steemit by doing this great effort of encouraging steemians to be more active.

At this point of time while writing this, steem is on its way to the moon with a 24-hour spike of 34% in USD Value.

It only means that we have been doing all these efforts evidently to make steemit grow despite it's major dip that started some days ago.

Followed you and resteemed. Not because I wanted the delegation but I was given a chance to meet a wonderful person on this side of the world who is doing the same thing like I do. To make steemit a better place for us to socialize and get rewarded. I may not be a great candidate at least because I still don't have that much followers but I am reaching out to the newbies and encourage them to be their best. Glad that these people I was able to motivate are now on their 50th reputation.

Stay amazing as you are already.

Appreciate the comments very much and the support for sure.

Yeah the dips and pumps happen...I've seen a few in my short time here...But regardless of price, the real wealth here is the people you meet and the potential relationships that can last for years.

That's the end goal for all this stuff for me :)

Absolutely true. I was able to see some people here I have connected with every now and then and was able to establish a connection that every time I see their posts I always drop by, check their pieces out and at the same time say hi to them. Then the free flow of conversation starts. See yah again soon. Enjoy the coming week ahead.

For sure :) Looking forward to it as well!

Have followed, and resteemed your post. here is a great initiative coming from a good thinking

Awesome, thanks very much for taking part!

You are welcome boss

@jongolson Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you!

No @eddie23 thank you for taking part. I appreciate it a lot!

if its enough for win prize than all the process done by me. thanks for contest

Thank you for taking part in the contest. I appreciate your support!

thanks 👍🏿👍🏿😜

You are welcome lol

hi my friend.plz view my new post (comment and vote) thanks wink

ooo hooo
that sounds exciting

Hope it is for everyone involved :)

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I don't know if I am late already but I have upvoted, resteem and followed I don't really know, but I hope I win, I got the the link to this post from the new contest thanks for your good work

Nope, you are all good :)

Either this post or the one you resteemed was fine.

Good, I have esteem both of them

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