Story Time with Steemit: STORY WRITING CONTEST!!!

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Story Time with Steemit wants your stories! Write an original Burtonesque macabre/humorous story and submit it to us by August 25th. Winners will be chosen by September 15th. The Grand Prize Winner's story will be video-narrated by Beetl...... you know, that guy.

Watch the video below for contest parameters and special instructions. When posting your submission, include STORY TIME CONTEST ENTRY in your title, make sure your first tag is STORYTIME, and post a link to your submission in the comments below. We don't want to miss anybody!

Good luck story tellers! Time to turn on the juice and see what turns loose!

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I am all over this, man!


I'm anxious to see your submission

Wow. This is wonderful. I'll Love to partake of it.
I hope for the best out of it
Keep it up @jimitations


You are the guy :D


Many thanks!

So let me just make 100% sure I've understood the rules properly.

The name jimitations needs to be included in the story three times?


That's right! Want to make it a little difficult, but also have a theme, a continuity, running through the entries. Hope to see an entry from you!

Great idea for a contest Bee...I mean @jimitations


I hope we get about a Bazillion entries and Eleventyseven Thousand contestants! Thanks, G. Good luck tonight

Here is my entry:

A link to part 1 is in the above link. They should be read together. Thanks to @geke for recommending the submission.


Thanks @lilrut! We've been traveling but will review your story when we're back home. The submission window doesn't end for a while, so don't worry if you don't hear anything for a bit. :)


I look forward to the results. Cheers!

Wow this is exciting!!!!


Going to enter?

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muy bueno por su post gracis

Hi @jimitations. Here is my entry for the Story Time Contest. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

Good idea to support bidding writers, school leavers and other students.

Great idea. Resteemed.