Free Steem Dollars giveaway winner and new giveaway!

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I'd like to announce the winner of the 1.5 steem dollars giveaway as @aditus. Congratulations! The price of steem was at $4.81 and their guess was $4.67.

Same rules apply. Upvote this post, follow me and guess the correct price or closest price of steem 7 days from now and win 2.5 steem dollars. The closing time for guesses will be 5 days from now so you can't jump in last second and win the giveaway. Also, if you resteem you get an extra guess. Good luck to you all and happy steeming!




upvoted resteemed !
First guess $3.4
Second guess $6.6


first guess 4.5
second guess 4.9




7.21 USD

First guess 5.23
Second guess 4.84

First guess 4.43
Second guess 3.84

First guess 5.43
Second guess 4.55

Firs guess $6.25
Second guess $7.15


upvoted and resteemed !
First guess $3.5
Second guess $6.8

upvoted !
Guess $ 5.86

1st guess: $6.85
2nd guess: 5.85

I will win.;-)
Good luck!!

7 dollars

As seen a few weeks a lot of cryptocoins dropped in value and steem was one of the coins and now they are recovering

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Oke,thanks for information

Maybe at $5.10

my first guess is 6.25....
my second guess will be coming in 4 days from now
Thank you for the opportunity

First Guess: $6.39
Second Guess $4.70

morepower to you!


First guess: $5.71
Second guess (Resteemed): $6.12

upvoted resteemed !
second guess is $6.80

Frist guess 4.8
Second guess 3.9

1st guess: $4.05
2nd guess: $7.11

Really hoping it's the second ;-)

1st - 6.25
2st 4.8

This post has received a 25.31 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @jgullinese.

I guess it will stay for 6.15


Also I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just scroll down Here
Also here is another contest I have going on Here

Amazing post! Steemit has restored my faith in humanity. Ill be sure to follow your page and keep up to date with upvoting your content! I'd appreciate a follow or upvote :)

My second guess (resteemed) is 5.15

1st guess: 7.45
2nd guess: 8.45

first guess 3.33
second guess 6.66


Is voting closed?

SBD will be $6.65

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