It's so slow going for the first 500sp give or take, but you have to keep powering up every little bit you earn. There is a compounding effect that starts to happen the more SP you have and more influence your vote has across steemit. IMO people should power up ever single fraction of a cent of steem until they reach at least 500sp. This really is the lowest point you should consider starting to pull any income...and even still whatever you pull is hurting your future earnings so you better really need that income...not want it, need it.

Hope they do power it all up and it will be my pleasure to up the delegation to 50sp at that point for the remainder of the 4 weeks.

Thank you so much for this comment!

This is one of the things that newbies just don't get to hear/read when they join.

May I have your permission to share this at our Steem Meet Up? A lot of people in my country want to join because of the promise that they 'get to earn', but have no understanding off the importance of investing in voting power and building up credibility.

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For sure. Where are you from? and when is your meetup?

If possible maybe we can chat a little on Discord about this. I might be able to help out if there are some new people coming onto steem. I'm discord a fair amount during the day and my name there is thedarkhorse and my id is #6765

I'm from Paramaribo, Suriname (South America). The meet up is next week Tuesday.

I'll hit you up on discord tomorrow 👍. Got to head home to the wife and kids. Looking forward to the chat.

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Slow is an understatement! I was stuck at nearly zero sp for months! I was thrilled when my bottom line soared from 8 cents to twelve! Then many kind souls and entities took me under their wings to help me out. I love steem - not only does financial value compound, but also kindness and generosity. I'll power up today. Thanks again!

I encountered a problem while powering up. I powered up my steem no problem, but for the SBD I chose the "converted to steem" option so I could power up from there and it all seems to have disappeared. 13.538 sbd I think it was. Is there a delay of some sort?

Never mind. Through Steemit I can see it is "in conversion" Thanks again.

Yes so what happened was you put in an order for a purchase of steem with your SBD. There was probably an open sell steem order that wasn't large enough to fill your entire order. This will then leave an open order that will get filled by the next people that want to sell their steem at that price. Typically this happens pretty fast assuming the price is in line with the market.

Just looked and your's is still sitting waiting to be filled. That means your price isn't good enough as it was hours ago. So now if you go to the "market" screen you will see your open order all the way on the bottom. Delete it. Then within say 10 seconds your SBD will be back.

Put in a new buy steem order. Click the "lowest ask" and "Available" which is just below where you can enter the price and how many SBD you want to use to purchase steem.


See it at the bottom of the image? Those words are hot links that will autofill in your form for you assuming you are ok with selling all of your SBD and the price.

Thanks you so much for your help! I am befuddled though. I managed to find the market screen, and I see what you showed me above, but I don't see anything under "open orders". What happens if I do nothing and just let it process as is? I assume I'll lose a bit of value but will it be so much I should fret over it? I'm not one to sweat the small stuff.

Longer you are here and more ways you show commitment to the Steem blockchain and community the more support you will get. Know this seems horrible to say, but reality is those who have invested a lot of time and money into this sometimes get burned out helping people who are all excited about getting rich on steemit who then disappear without any word after you have invested time and resources into helping them. Or worse you figure out after helping them get started they are stealing content or they take all their earning and cash out every week to have some pocket change instead of investing in their futures. It really can be trying sometimes...but at the same time it's the ones that keep going who make it all worthwhile. I'm not about the masses, but rather about touching a few lives in a more meaningful way.

Well you have touched mine.
I didn't come to steem for the money, and sometimes worry it has introduced an addictive factor to my activities here that might not result in the best decisions. I value the human contact more than the moola, and am very happy with the breadth of content and people. Totally unexpected! I just wanted to stop arguing on FB, and here I am writing and learning. Thank you again for doing what you do.

Thank you @jeanlucsr - you have been a very supportive presence for me here, and I appreciate it.

My pleasure @owasco!
I might look like I've been on the platform long, but I have taken many breaks and I'm still learning more by the day.
Glad you part of the community!

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