Results Mini-Quiz # 1

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Results Mini-Quiz # 1
The 2 participants were favored with valid answers, because the third entry, despite being very good, could not receive a prize because it was from our beloved sponsor.
I really liked that being a vegetarian who eats meat and chicken hahahaha.
As the main idea of ​​these contests is the fun and interaction among the users of this beautiful community I have decided, prior authorization of the sponsor, our friend leeuw to divide the primal of 0.500SBD between the 2 participants @andrina and @teresa.
Congratulations friends and again thanks @leeuw!



amazing nice award you handed out there! congrats @andrina, @teresah, super funny postings that deserve this, anyone not having checked them out then do so now to have a big laugh and tell crazy stories to your friends over the weekend!!

Thank you very much friend @jdbs regards,
I really liked your mini quiz

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