5.80? You received a 100% Upvote from @echowhale and a upvote now that went through now from @journeyoflife

yes your upvote 1.74 vote = $5.89 currently

journey of life 0.18 vote = $0.61c

1.74 + 0.18 = 1.92 vote = $6.50 USD

-20% curation = $5.20 USD

SBD current price $7.91USD

loss of 34%

We promised a power upvote , which is exactly what we gave you , I am not sure where we went wrong . It says either SBD or Steem you can send

the problem is you cant pay more than 1 SBD so anyone who sends 1 SBD is losing money so this isnt a promotion as users are paying you for a vote worth less than SBD given

  1. your votes aren’t even complete yet there’s one more member that has to upvote you post .

  2. what about when the price falls , then what ? We don’t look at curation , that is on you

if the price falls then votes would be worth less

even without curation is a loss

Your 100% upvotes are complete

ok received all is just about even minus curation