LIMITED TIME ONLY: Buy a 1+ SBD/Steem Vote, Get A Power upvote in return from the @Echowhale team

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We are holding another giveaway from the @Echowhale team , we are giving away powervotes for 24 hours that offer you a massive return .

Here are the requirements :

  1. send 1 SBD/Steem is more with the link or your post in the memo section
  2. reesteem this post
  3. earn a powerupvote from the @echowhale team

It is easy as that, we are honored to service our growing team members with this giveaway and helping you grow

Please be advised that this promotion is only for 24 hours and please make sure your posts are within 5 days .

Comment DONE when you complete both steps below


Happy Holdiays !


Whoops - I missed this one. I will try to catch the next one. Send me a comment when you are awake - I have some Steem now.

You can send whenever @echosupport is covering currently


Of course you can , this promotion is available for 24 hours, in between @echowhale will rest as well

Darnit! I am running low on SBD, but will have more soon enough


Echo is currently charging , then you’re first priority

Take it easy - no problem :-)

You did not send anything

Needless to say, you've gained a very happy customer!

I will make a promo post for you soon!

If you have a Discord, I would love to reach out to you!

Appreciate the support , your last two you sent will be upvoted after a rest period so you get the best out of it!

Will be on discord very soon ! We look forward to satisfying you in the future as well

I noticed! Take your time friend, looking forward to seeing you on Discord.

Your upvote will be complete after a little rest period , leading to a better profit for you !

Sent another 1 steem for another post 😉

Everything is complete

Thank you, following now so i can get all your juicey contests and info 😀

Hi received three 100% votes of about less than 3 dollars total for 1 SBD sent, is that all?

As @echowhale sends out more and more votes , it’s power goes down, we will send you one power vote on a post when he charges up

Sending seeing Steem or sBd , you’d still receive 100% vote

I understand and thank you for the fast response. I appreciate it.

I gotonly 1$ vote nearly from this

I was expecting more as well

@maverickinvictus the @echowhale team has read your post and up voted your post. The upvote amount should have almost double your post please let us know if you see something different the following @echowhale team members below will providing an up vote ;
After they take the time to review/read your content they will then up vote accordingly. Please let us know if there is any issues as we are always hereto help. Thank you.

As you can see over 20 people sent it in since we have posted it , causing the power to go down , we will be send a power vote on another post to these people once Echo is charged up a big

@steemitglass you made much more than 1$ all the team members up voted you as part of your 1.00 steem send.
Your post looks to have gotten close to 3.50 please let me know if you see something different as it is Important that we take care of all fellow steemians.

Attention: ECHOWHALE WILL BE CHARGING BEFORE ANY OF THE LAST UPVOTES ARE MADE , you may get your votes in now and we will take care of it after he is charged

Ich verstehe nicht ganz was daran gut ist? bzw was es mir bringen wird? Sorry bin neu

Sie werden dich ein 230% hochester upvote als bezallen. Schickt 1 SBD und du kriegst 2.3 SBD

Ok und wohin muss ich sie schicken? Muss mal schauen wie das überhaupt funktioniert.
Wieso machst du das eigentlich? Danke aber schon mal

I sent 2 steem. Any problem of that?
Resteem done. When i get upvote?

No problem , echo just needs to be charged then your votes will be completed

Since the requirements was 1SBD/Steam I instead upvoted two of your posts , giving you double power votes ! Cheers

i paid 1SBD and only got a vote worth $5.80 USD

5.80? You received a 100% Upvote from @echowhale and a upvote now that went through now from @journeyoflife

yes your upvote 1.74 vote = $5.89 currently

journey of life 0.18 vote = $0.61c

1.74 + 0.18 = 1.92 vote = $6.50 USD

-20% curation = $5.20 USD

SBD current price $7.91USD

loss of 34%

We promised a power upvote , which is exactly what we gave you , I am not sure where we went wrong . It says either SBD or Steem you can send

the problem is you cant pay more than 1 SBD so anyone who sends 1 SBD is losing money so this isnt a promotion as users are paying you for a vote worth less than SBD given

  1. your votes aren’t even complete yet there’s one more member that has to upvote you post .

  2. what about when the price falls , then what ? We don’t look at curation , that is on you

if the price falls then votes would be worth less

even without curation is a loss

Your 100% upvotes are complete

Echo is currently charging then all upvotes will be completed , he was drained a lot yesterday .

Thank you for the support post !!


Thank you.

Just waiting on echo to charge a bit

Charging a bit then your votes will be placed

No more additional votes beyond this point , everyone else will be upvoted that has already sent


I done whole process sent 1 steem with memo link and resteem and upvoted ur post. @echowhale