Curious Contradictions Contest - 10 SBD in prizes

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Chatting with someone in the comments on my recent post, I realized that sometimes we live with contradictions that actually make sense. And it's fun to recognize this and enjoy it with others.

Let's laugh at ourselves a little, and in the process take some of the severity away from the fact that we humans are really just trying to figure out this life thing as best we can as we go.

We change our minds.

We hide things from ourselves.

We get little peeks here and there at deeper truths.

And in the meantime we live with contradictions, because we simply know both things are true, even though we don't fully know HOW they can both be true.

You with me so far?

If you are, and think you could have fun writing a post on two ideas/beliefs/feelings you hold that on the surface couldn't possibly go together, yet do for you, then this is the contest for you!

Contest Rules

To enter, simply write a post of 300-1,000 words (you can go longer, but I won't read beyond the first 1,000 words) and:

  1. Resteem this post by Tuesday March 20 at 6pm PDT (upvotes greatly appreciated, but not required)
  2. For your entry post itself: Add "ccc" to the end of your title so it is obviously an entry, include the tags "ccc" and "contest" as two of your 5 tags, link back to this post somewhere within the post, and leave a comment below that links directly to your entry post. All of this will ensure I find your entry to consider it!
  3. Present two seemingly contradictory ideas/beliefs/feelings you hold
  4. Explore how/why you think you may be living with such a contradiction
  5. Explore the positive and negative implications of the contradiction, but emphasize the positive
  6. Deadline to enter is 6 days from today, March 22 at 6pm PDT/ 9pm EDT/ sometime in the middle of the night UTC
    (extra: If you want to enter but don't need the SBD, then just let me know another Steemit blogger who you want your winnings to be donated to)

Winners will be selected subjectively according to how much I find your thinking eye-opening, inspiring, delightful and/or intriguing. You don't have to "get it right." Who knows what the truth really is anyway? But show me how you explore these ideas about yourself without condemning yourself.

Contest Rewards

1st place - 5 SBD
2nd place - 3 SBD
3rd place - 1 SBD
Next 10 top entries split 1 SBD (min. 0.1 SBD each, with more per entry if there aren't 10 I consider "top")

Example contradiction (don't use this one)

I realized in conversing on my last post that I can be happy and yet dissatisfied at the same time. I am mostly happy each day and live a very sweet life, yet I sometimes notice that I'm yearning for something different. I just don't know what, so I carry on in the pleasantness of each day. I can't move forward until I can see what I'm wanting to move towards. This is a contradiction I live with repeatedly in life. Always something eventually shifts and I see what I want, then miraculous things happen to help me make it come about.

I could explore this more, but I think you get the idea.

Let's have some fun playing with the way our minds/emotions work.

If you have questions, ask below. And don't forget to resteem this post now to start your entry.

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Have fun entering then! Steemit is all about making money by having fun with ideas!

Yes...and this is life, having fun for making money and happy go lucky


Leave a link to your entry.

Fun contest. I look forward to reading the entries. May have to see if I can fit time into my day tomorrow to submit one as well. Wish I came across this sooner.

I hope you do! I am really enjoying reading them and look forward to seeing more.

Late to the party, but resteemed. I love this! and love your blog's theme. and it looks like you've got a great personality to cap it!

I'm also late seeing your comment. Didn't see the notification for some reason. Nice to "meet" you.

I said I might not participate...but I did! You somehow got me to share presonal stuff lol dang steemit, how do the challenges get me to spill my secrets? haha

This is actually a great idea, that does make us think twice :)
I am resteeming for visibility, not sure yet if I will be participating but I admire the initiative :) !

I'm really looking forward to reading these! I'd love for you to enter if you have the time. And thanks for the resteem either way.

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Gracias por este concurso, el cual nos invita a la reflexión. Aquí va mi participación, espero les gusten.

Excellent, often happens a lot in our lives, a query, I have to make a post and then place the link in this comment?

After you make the post, create a new comment with just the link to the entry and something like "contest entry" so it's easy for me to find and put in the spreadsheet of entries.

wonderful contest. i am interested....

Awesome. I look forward to seeing your entry.

nice post @indigoocean

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Gracias por este concurso que nos permite dar a conocer lo que está dentro de nuestro ser. Allí mi entrada, espero les agrade:

Just make sure you resteem this post to complete your entry!

okey ya lo hice

Y yo ingresé o no?

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My Entry:
For your consideration. I hope you find this submission acceptable.
Best Regards,

You missed the resteem window, so I can't count this as your entry, but I gave your post an upvote. I hope you enjoyed writing it and that your readers enjoy reading it.

I did not even know if Spanish was an acceptable language for the contest. It applied to your contest ideas so well that I had to send it to you for consideration. Thank you.

I have a couple Spanish entries. Thankfully the browser translates!
Your poem probably lost a lot in translation, but still powerful.

Well, that is an idea. Maybe I should translate it and let you be the judge of it.

Hey! I might not enter...because I'm going to Bali tomorrow and my schedule is going to be weird the next few days. And also because writing things like this literally takes me days. Butttt I resteemed it for ya anyway!

Thanks so much!

Where in Bali are you going? I had a house in hilltop Campuan/Penestanan for a year quite some time ago. Haven't been back since but still have friends there. Enjoy! Wish I was going too.

Wow really? What made you go to that part of Bali? And for a year? It's my first time going there

Your first time! Well you're in for quite a treat. The culture is amazing and the people so connected to nature and tradition. Though cell phones have also come to dominate as everywhere!

I wound up in Ubud in the craziest way. Basically I didn't know where I was going, so chose the cheapest city location from the taxi board. But the guy who sold the taxi tickets refused to sell me one to there. Eventually I gave up trying to convince him and asked where he would sell me a ticket to. He picked Ubud, and that is where I made quite a nice home within a very welcoming community. He basically sent me to where most of the North Americans are.

Lol that's a cool story! I wonder why he didn't want to sell a ticket. Did you ever visit Canggu? Cause I'm kinda thinking I should've stuck with Ubud 🤷🏻‍♀️

Is Canggu Eastern Bali? I think an old boyfriend of mine moved there after I left. He was freaked out by the bombings back then, so wanted to be someplace with fewer westerners to be less of a target. My sense of it (if it is the same place) is that it is much more rustic. There's a lot more happening in the Ubud area. You can still get a place in the rice fields, but you also have Ecstatic Dance communities, Balinese infused yoga, dance clubs where you can dance with Balinese men (let me tell you!) and so on. I'm really glad I landed there, but also glad I got a house within 3 days in a peaceful area a 20 min. walk from the center of town.