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The third SBI contest was so simple. Participants just need to comment on the post and a random picker tool ( will select one user.
There were a quite good number of entries but still I hope to have more entries in our future contests.

The participants in SBI Contest #001 were
@maykolcontreras | @shaungerow | @bernardtan | @amityadav75752 | @mango-juice | @chrismadcboy2016 | @libertycrypto27 | @steemizm | @chireerocks | @fredkese | @olivia08 | @treodecimo | @aekraj | @dailyjackpot | @harlhana | @hokkaido | @vote-transfer | @teutonium | @lammbock | @ultratrain | @mangajp

Now, this is the time to select our winners
and the first winner is @aekraj | Rolling again
and here is our second winner @harlhana
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Thanks to all the participants, Please follow me for regular contest updates.

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Congratulations to the winner.

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