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Today, I will be giving out $20 to four people. whether you're new or a veteran here at Steemit, everyone likes to win :) This contest is open to everyone!


  • Resteem this post (REQUIRED)
  • Upvote this post (REQUIRED)
  • Comment on this post with the word "Pick me" (REQUIRED)

You have to complete ALL three steps before your entry is accepted.

Only one entry per person, please make sure you follow the steps above precisely.

I will choose four of you randomly from the comments section below and contact you. Winners will be announced a week today.

Please follow me for more giveaways and fun stuff! Follow me: @hotandrandom


I never usually find myself in a spot where I'm looking around at others while they are trying to get the prize before me. But if I had to choose any word to yell out at the generous giver I would yell out "Pick Me" and here's why...

A - I'm just awesome so like why not

B - It's time for a new whale on the block because I may be feeling a little bloated as it is.

and C - Cause I never gamble or get lucky that way and I think its time we change that, don't you?

Okay didn't mean to add the question but you get my point! ;)

Upvoted and #Reesteemed TGIF and Done!

Pick me... Please 😄

Pick me

pick me

Good afternoon, great this kind of contests to encourage people many thanks win or lose always support a huge greeting, Pick me.

Pick me 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

your last "givaway" you didn't give away any steem

I announced the winners an hour ago and said the winners will be paid shortly. Did you miss the post? https://steemit.com/contest/@hotandrandom/winners-announced-3-giveaways coincidently I believe you won on one of them. But I'd rather you stop judging me, I'm doing a good thing by giving away so much when I have so little and your comment feels slightly passive aggressive. Unless you're going to take part or help others please don't post.

"coincidently I believe you won"
Oh, the irony! I think I just got $5 worth of laughs right there..
But still, Pick me!!

Well, I didn't pick the winners based on attitude unfortunately lol

Pick me! 😊 And thank you for doing this!

Pick me. Thanks for the motivation!

Pick me

Pick me
Thanks so much!

Pick me pls :))

And thank you for doing this :)

well, if you are giving away money..
Please pick me! 🤡

Pick me ! :)

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!

Pick me, and if I win lucky me 🙂.

I hope you pick me. Unlike you, I am living life in the slowest lane...

Pick me! thanks!

Pretty please pick me!

Pick me, please?

why pick me ! 😄