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We currently live in a digital world, it is essential to have information stored online, from a large corporation that requires stored information of its employees and customers to a couple who is traveling and wants to store all their photos online, in addition to this, currently we need to be able to store and dispose at any time our cryptocurrencies, as we all know online storage is quite vulnerable to hackers, we have witnessed large thefts of private information, famous people have been victims and have taken to the public photo I have private information, we also know of several exchanges that have been hacked and most of the user funds have been lost.

Of course there are offline devices in which we can store files and cryptocurrencies, but how are they particos? Particularly I lost valuable information when I was in the university for only storing information in a USB, although we are sure that this information can not be hacked (as long as it is not connected to a computer with Internet access), we run the risk of losing them, which we fall and stop working or simply this defective factory and shortly after having bought it does not work anymore, you imagine that you are traveling and plan to pay your expenses with cryptocurrencies but when you go to withdraw it is that your usb was damaged, it is definitely a rather bleak but also likely scenario.

To solve all these problems we created goldilock ideo an encrypted storage device that will be physically disconnected from the internet until the client wants to obtain some of their data, it is very important to understand that if the device where our data are stored are disconnected the pirates will not be able to access our information, you can imagine it in the following way, a usb or disconnected hard disk in which they have all their private information but you can access it at the time you want without having to have the device always with you risking losing it or suffering some damage by the continuous transfer.

Goldilock opted for the NEO blockchain because it fulfills several desired characteristics for a secure storage system, some of these characteristics are:

  • Neo has a high rate of transactions per second, thanks to its consensus mechanism can support about 10,000 transactions per second this is an incredible advantage compared to ETH which also has smart contracts but only supports 15 transactions per second

  • Neo has a mechanism of anti-quantum cryptography, as we know we are already one step away from quantum computers being available, this mechanism will allow them to support quantum computer hacks

  • Neo seeks to be as transparent as possible and seeks to use a public key structure which allows to verify digital identities, this in order to be transparent all its transactions and in this way many companies or even governments want to adopt this technology.

Goldilock like all cryptographic projects registered its own token (LOCK) in the block of NEO, the token will be used by users to access their Goldilock wallet, at that time a query will be made to the NEO blockchain to confirm that the user has the LOCK token, at the moment it is confirmed, the one destined for that user is opened.

As in all projects, it is very important to know what the team is


If you want to know more about goldilock do not hesitate to contact us in your social networks and visit your website

Goldilock Website
Goldilock Twitter
Goldilock Telegram
Goldilock Facebook

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good proposal @hendersonp thanks for sharing

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