😜Wacky Wednesday! 🤑 Make it rain!!🤑

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Greetings, Steemland!


and I'm feeling a little wacky 😜

...as usual.

💥The contests are OPEN TO ALL (ya don't need to be a Helpie to play).💥

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Last Week

It was BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Okay, so technically it wasn't anyone's birthday... Well, it was probably someone's birthday, but not mine. 😏 Anywho... I got all the goods on folks. Now I know things. 😎

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Only 4 entires this week!? Come on guys... potential FREE STUFF for such a tiny effort.

Congratulations to last week's winners!

They will receive 1 STEEM MONSTER BOOSTER PACK, donated by @isaria!

🌟 @thekittygirl 🌟 @foxyspirit 🌟 @newageinv 🌟 @victoriabsb 🌟

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Now... what to do today...?

Yes. Yes. We shall make it rain.😎


Helpie tokens... we shall rain down Helpie tokens across the land!

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  • 👉Drop a link to a post that you feel deserves some sweet, sweet Helpie tokens.
    • It can be your own post or someone else's.
    • It can be literally anything, but I'm going to reward based on excellence. So go out and find those gems!
  • 👉 Tell me just a little about the post.
  • 👉👉 Note: I do realize this isn't wacky. Those able to bring in a bit of craziness will receive a Gold Foil Steem Monster Card of my choosing.

All quality entries will also receive Helpie tokens!

  • DEADLINE to enter: When post pays out. I'll announce the winner and a new contest next Wednesday!

😍That's it!😍

How to Win

It's random, baby!
helpie token tiny.pngThat's right! Everyone that follows the rules above will receive HLPE tokens and be entered in a random drawing for a STEEM MONSTERS BOOSTER PACK ($2 USD value).

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I think this post can get some attention, the writer has done great homework and has presented his thought in a clear manner about elections in India which is a heated topic in the country.


Thanks for the mention here!

I just read this one and as a fan of both engagement and the Leagues we have in the ecosystem it really related to me!


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look i'm not here for the golden thingy i'm here cause CHOCOLATE WINE!!!

Taller para Elaboración de Licor de Chocolate

i know i know is in spanish but... like i said chocolate wine!!!! also all the post made by that lady are just awesome! so please send her some love!

@ilazramusic made today a review of one of my favorite game, Warcraft III Frozen Throne. It by far the best game to play on LAN parties and @ilazramusic explains you why in his english and spanish Post. https://steemit.com/spanish/@ilazramusic/conociendo-un-clasico-de-los-videojuegos-let-s-talk-about-a-classic-videogame-or-warcraft-iii-frozen-throne-or-esp-en

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You can see most of my posts depended on corridor. And the view from my corridor made my day

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Woohoo, I'm on here! Thank you <3

I have to fish for a post, but if I don't have time I have a post I wrote up about me becoming a minnow and it's pretty wacky. I'll see what I can find first :D


You are running out of time!


I don't know where I am!

I have been so damn busy on my side that I am late for writing 3 posts and soon to be 4! Im trying to catch up on everything inside and outside of Steemit and discord. We are finally getting nicer and warmer weather so that has me going! On the move! On a mission! I'm so tired.....

I was going to put my post up for a last minute resort but I think its already given the post payout. Still wanna read it? :p

Thank you! 😊