Minnows: This is your chance to become a Whale!

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Wish you were a part of Steemit in its early days, back when your content had little competition; your votes had value; your content was rewarded? Not to mention, the STEEM you would have accumulated back then would be worth magnitudes more today.

Free STEEM details at end.

That chance is gone but there's a new opportunity.

Steemit has been around since 2016 and the platform has grown exponentially; it now has over a million signed-up users—this is quite an achievement since accounts require a mandatory STEEM stake. Up to 10 posts are published on Steemit every minute! This competition makes it difficult to get noticed, to receive votes, and to generate value from your effort.

Details below.

So, why not gain additional exposure and make some money in the process?

Become the Whale on a New Froniter

You’re making quality, original content on Steemit; spread it also on a new platform called Create Breaking News Together (CBNT).

For a while, the platform was open only to the Chinese market. Now that they have over 100,000 users in China, they want to target a globalized platform. I believe blockchain-enabled content platforms should not only grow, but also be myriad in number to ensure that the market remains competitive. Thus, I got in a talk with one of the team members of CBNT and proposed that Steemit users regularly create great so they should be offered an incentive to join CBNT.

He agreed, and offered a bonus far better than I could ever imagine.

If you’re on STEEM and join CBNT, you will get 3,000 CBNT, an additional 500 CBNT per day for at least a month, and yet further hundreds of CBNT for each high-quality content you repost from Steemit to CBNT.

Every CBNT token is worth $0.03! This is not a meaningless token; next month, CBNT will list on Bibox exchange, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with $700 million in volume just today. That means the easy 3,000 CBNT you’ll be given will be valued at $90, and you’ll be able to get more every day after that.

  • There are no whales on CBNT; your vote has real value. You can become the whale.

  • There is little competition on CBNT; your work will be visible and voted by everyone using the platform.

How do you get the $90+?

Because 3,000 CBNT is worth $90, there’s a few steps to notch down.

  1. Sign up to CBNT.
    This is an exclusive deal so in order to claim the 3,000 CBNT, use the referral code sCthNr when you sign up. This code signifies that you are a STEEM user signing up to CBNT; thus, you receive the bonus.

  2. Verify your email after signing up.
    You’ll be redirected to the website; log-in now.

  3. After logging in, go to this page: https://web.cbnt.io/person/vertify

  4. You’ll have to fill a KYC process to claim your free 3,000 CBNT ($90). This was put in the agreement to make sure people do not abuse this opportunity by making multiple accounts.

  5. While your KYC is being verified, you need to make 10 actions: you can do this by liking other articles.
    Also, if you post your own content and paste a profile link here, you’ll be able to claim more CBNT from votes. Remember, liking 10 posts is the last step.

That’s all!

This is your chance to accumulate tokens in a new content platform, for free, so that you can be the whale. Right now, there are no whales on CBNT but you can change that.

CBNT tokens are priced at $0.03 each and you can get 3,000 ($90) of them right now. These tokens will list on Bibox exchange next month.


The first 15 people to pass the KYC get 1 STEEM for free. Just post a screenshot.

What's your view: Should more projects share large amounts of tokens to early users?

Connect with me:

My Twitter
PM me on Telegram

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This is the first time I hear from this. I find it an interesting idea.

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Think about why ... at least...

KYC is not good for any blockchain activity. Thank You for proposal, but NO. Sorry.

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I'm not a fan of KYCs. However, as per the agreement, they wanted a means to ensure people do not abuse the reward. They figured KYC would be the only possible means of avoiding abuse of the reward by just 1 person.

I couldn't suggest a reasonable alternative. If you can suggest another means of removing rewaed abuse, I'll try to get it implemented.

I wonder how KYC connected with blockchain activity. If you go to the bank to ask loan or something like that you have to do it. But what connection between blockchain and my papers, issued with country authority? ) Anyway I don't remember any project with KYC, that not become scam sooner or later.

I agree with you: KYC is a submission to the authority, the exact opposite of freedom, right? 😜

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Hey, I don't know a whole lot about the inner workings of cryptos. Would you mind explaining a little (simply) about why it isn't good for blockchain?

KYC is like a chain on your leg. While decentralisation provide freedom, KYC make possible to divide users and block some of them for different reasons.

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Not in this case.
It's not an exchange; the KYC's not being used to block certain regions of the world.

It doesn't matter anyways.

ONO did that and plenty of people plagiarized, spammed, etc. with impunity.

@onosocial is a Chinese blockchain-based social platform.

I haven't touched that place since they dismissed the original "super partners", which are similar to members of a DAC in EOS.

Last I heard, they were contemplating moving out of China due to strong arms from the Party.

Whatever KYC processes, verifications, etc. they used on users did not matter. Many people who had "verified" badge plagiarized, spammed, and circlejerked like no tomorrow.

Anyhow, it was, and probably still is the farthest thing from a censorship resistant chain there is.

"Whatever KYC processes, verifications, etc. they used on users did not matter. Many people who had "verified" badge plagiarized, spammed, and circlejerked like no tomorrow."

Seems par for the course. Abusers will abuse. I think there isn't really any long term solution. Those who don't want abuse to happen will just have to constantly adapt to newer, more creative and sophisticated abuse techniques. Same goes for the abusers. It's like coevolution.

We need them though... to find what money does not pay to do... sometimes is cheaper that way! Just need to leverage the ways of exploiting.

Sorry, I'm fairly confused here.

Who's or what's the them we need? Is it the abusers, the KYC, those who are against abuse, or some other thing and I'm missing it completely?

Also I don't really understand "... to find what money does not pay to do..." in general. I think I'm missing some context here. Do you care to expound on that?

I'm not trying to be obtuse or anything. I would just like to really process the opinion you spent your effort and time putting here.

Guys, all of you are welcome to provide a reasonable alternative to KYC for ensuring no one abuses the reward. I am sure every project will be happy to implement a reasonable alternative.

Hi @hatu,
Could It be possible to link Steemit account (wallet) like we do in other dapps?.
Maybe It would be possible to add a phone number as other social networks use as a spam wall.
I personally have no problem identifying myself on a serious site. I've done It so many times...I can't understand why people get scared so easily about this when they are all monitored on their normal lives. All of us pay an ISP to go out over here and there...all have bank cards, Cars, insurances, we all pay with our cards while phonning...shoul I continue ? I Guess is enough.
Would be great if we could do It whitout a KYC process but I don't think it's a big problem. Other stuff is if it's worth. All seems so ideal and profitable...
Thanks so much for sharing this new, I came here thanks to Piotr and I'm glad I did.
Best wishes

The problem is that those hesitant to do a KYC would be equally hesitant to pass an OTP through their phone number.

But we all have already passed them so many times at so many sites like Facebook, Google( the whole service has even our payment credentials), Microsoft and a long etc.
I wonder how many steemians have already passed exchangers KYC’s in order to get some FIAT.
I understand that all must be careful but not paranoid.
Anyway a “must read” work and investigation should we all start with previous to any movement in such way.

It's closer than you think. KYC is badly interpreted by many companies... and I get that... even experienced. But it will be something necessary! We just need to educate governments on how to do it right!

You make a point but sites like FB do not offer money for signing up. So, people have nothing to abuse.

Not true sorry... I can abuse if even not offered money for. One thing is not the opposite of the other... unfortunately that's the reality.

I think it's futile to try to ensure no one abuses. I doubt KYC even does.

At least it makes it very difficult.

It seems like it'd be pretty much the same keystrokes to abuse whether there's KYC or not.

It does make it easier for the KYC gatherers to harass people in the world outside the platform though, and curtail account spam type stuff iff you can only have one account.

I agree that one on one... it will be useless... but the idea behind the enterprise world is much more than simple user understanding.

It will hit pretty fast the economy. Just need that AI to become standard software the usual JavaScript user does... and it will be as easy as butter. If you know how KornShell influenced other shells.. then you know where I am getting!

Thanks for understanding the underlines of KYC... it's a great thing... but nor for incentive promotions (especially). And never a decentralized culture.

Not for 1,000.000 STEEM I'll do a hesitant KYC. Let's see how far we come without.

Unfortunately it looks to me that you lied on the STEEM correlation when it comes to bonuses.

Hello my friend @hatu this is the first time I read something interesting like this .!!!

It sounds very interesting to be more involved .. I will take a look to know more about..!!!

Thanks a lot for the info...!!!

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Welcome. :)

I just registered. But I don't understand this part: Upload a photo with signature, refer: Must this be just a photograph of my signature with the current date or something more? I have also a problem with uploading a photo of the ID. When I click on the opposite space, it opens a folder but when I click on picture and '' open'' nothing happens. The picture is 2,11 MB, I understood that must be maximum 5. Maybe these questions are silly :) but I still need help and answer. Thank you.

ok, it is 5M, not 5 MB. That part of the question is answered by paying more attention :)

Good to see it sorted out. :)

@hatu, I've submitted my KYC for review and performed the required actions.

Kindly find my first blog posted through CBNT.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. Stay blessed.

You're very welcome. :)
That's amazing poetry in your post! Be sure to complete the 10 actions (likes) in the meantime.

!tip 1

Thank you so much for your kind response and support. Have a great time ahead.

Sorry, the tip is higher than your deposit.
You can check your deposit by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: status
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD/STEEM)

Sorry, the tip is higher than your deposit.
You can check your deposit by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: status
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD/STEEM)

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My entry

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Max, let me know your platform username. :)

User name - maxbow

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Sounds promising! Can someone reply in this thread if this really works?

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It's absolutely legitimate.
Go for it and let others know. :)

Here's my own account's 3,000 CBNT:

I am not going for this one. Failed my technical "quality", sorry... for more information, please do your own research. I think there is always a problem when TOO much is "guaranteed". Bylaws of the balanced economy...

Bumping for visibility only...

The tokens have been rewarded to those who joined. You're welcome to leave a request of proof to those who commented about their account creation.

Also, the Bibox listing fee has already been paid in full.

Help, it keeps saying it does not recognize my email while trying to verify

Which e-mail provider are you using?


Signed up and followed your instructions. I am just waiting for KYC verification approval by their system. Here is my 1st post https://web.cbnt.io/@arnel/5-awesome-ways-to-earn-passive-income-with-your-crypto-assets./15565081296445

I followed your instructions and identity verification passed. My username is also @arnel inside CBNT platform.

Looks interesting, but I noticed the site looks like an almost exact copy of the Steemit platform. Is that intentional?

One would expect a unique and professional site to spend at least a bit of time being creative and developing a unique platform, and not just copy someone else's.

That said, it seems like a strong platform with a good team behind it. I'll surely keep an eye on it, although, right now, I'm busy enough on Steemit.

Thanks, we do understand how similar it looks to Steemit. Our team has been focusing on getting all the technical aspects right before focusing on the UI. We appreciate everyones feedback and we do take into consideration. Check us back out in the future. Just remember though, the early bird gets the worm in this case.

OK, thanks for your reply and the info. I guess it's a good idea to start with an excellent copy first, and then move on and evolve from there.

One thing you might (well, should) consider is giving each individual's blog an index of sorts, whereby the blogger can make it easier to search thru / for the posts. As it is now, each post drops down with time, and essentially disappears.

As much as I love the Steemit platform, I never liked the fleeting nature of most of the posts. If you can find a way to remedy that issue, it might make CBNT a bit more accessible and user-friendly.

All the best. I might get ambitious and join you, since I have plenty of work that I can easily revise and post on CBNT. Cheers!

There are several search improvements to be implemented; they are on the way.

Curious: Wouldn't you want to view fresh content from the profiles you follow?

Yes, of course, everybody wants to view fresh content. But at the same time, I think it would be great if the older content is easily searchable.

With Steemit, I sometimes go to another person's blog to look for an older post that I'd read weeks or months ago. If I don't remember the Title, I have to spend minutes slowly scrolling down, down, down. It would be nice to get around that issue.

Yes, that's a very valid point. Though, if a person has forgotten the title, how would they go about searching for a post?

Not easy to search if you've forgotten the title. That's my point.

Dear @cbntofficial

Solid and professional reply.

I just checked your Steemit profile only to notice that you didn't post anything in a while. In my opinion it would give many people very uneasy impression (that you're not doing to well and perhaps you already packed your things).

In my opinion it's better not to have an account on social media platforms than to have them and kept them "dead looking". Just sharing my 2 cents .


What is the mean of KYC ??
Is it identity verification ?? @hatu

Yep; KYC stands for Know Your Customer.
It's a common requirement for large airdrop-like give-aways.

not for the byteball one, I think

And thus it was heavily abused.

hey @hatu. done with your referral code. But I don't feel safe completing KYC. CBNT Username :- ekramhossain1616

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Were you able to find the KYC section?

Yeah I found that but I am not ready for KYC.

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Heyy @hatu, thanks for bringing this opportunity into our attention.
Unfortunately I even cannot register to the platform. Tried with multiple e-mail addresses, but don't get any confirmation e-mail. So I am already stuck at step 1 :D
Any known bugs @cbntofficial ?

Hi @hatu. I followed your guide and my first CBNT post has been plagiarized a few hours later with a copy/paste. Not a good first impression

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Seriously @marcosdk?

would you mind sharing link to original and plagiarized content?

ps. You're a software developer, right? Something related to blockchain tech?


Of course. This is my original post:
And this is the fake
To make matters worse, the plagiarist is monetizing more than me.
And yes, I'm a software developer. I'm working on a game for steem blockchain (@radaquest) and I want to develop a new steem client

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Thank you for sharing @marcosdk

To make matters worse, the plagiarist is monetizing more than me.

That sucks big time :/

And yes, I'm a software developer. I'm working on a game for steem blockchain

Wow. You definetly got my full attention right now.

I just had a pleasure to see your previous post:

Did you create those graphics yourselfs? Amazing.

I would love to hear more about your project (if you don't mind sharing with me). Perhaps we could skype one day? Or chat on telegram? (do you have an account? You can find me there: crypto_piotr)


Yes, my friend. By the moment I'm the artist and the developer. The only one. Thanks for your attention 😃

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Thank you @crypto.piotr sending me memo with the link of great post, that really a great one and another opportunity to making money with crypto currency.

You still have time. :)

This is good opportunity. However, I hope there's an alternative with the KYC.

It's needed to make sure no one abuses the reward pool.

I have signed up thanks a lot @crypto.piotr for letting me know I have resteemed for you @hatu and used your referral code.

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Enjoy the 3,000 CBNT. :)

As usual, I get to the verify page, and it won't except any photo of me with a signature, happens every single time on all sites!!! I've resized the photo 25 times, I give up it's a miracle I can even blog! It will load my drivers license no problem it's 5M required size have no idea.. and that site, doesn't seem to have any customer service oh well... taken me over an hour to try to join site, I give up

So strange, it was the link to the final verify page, and it didn't have box for country when I went to their website via the verify page, it opened and showed that box, then all loaded... my dumb luck, thanks for checking in!!

I joined CBNT under your reff link, under your reff code, wrote already two shorter articles, upvoted other members.... BUT, I did not fill KYC. And I am not ready to do that one way or the other.

Welcome nonetheless. :)
You'll be able to mine CBNT by creating content!

How long does it take to get a reward from an article? A week, same as here on Steem? Until now I got registration rewards only...

I believe it's a week.

iVe followed all the rules stated above and most importantly happy to see other steemians too.


I don't think they are giving too much token incentives and I believe more platform like Steemit are still coming, we already have the likes of whaleshares, bearshares, publish0x, hyperSpace. I still believe more are coming.

thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Mate, I've handed the STEEM quota out, but you'll have the 3,000 CBNT.
Wallet > My CBNT > Pending 3,000 CBNT

Sounds like a new creative way fkr exposure and is likely to be filled up like steem it not acted upon quickly thanks fkr the heads up I'm going up there and signing my account.

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Be sure to pass the KYC on the link given in the article and you'll get 3,000 CBNT ($90).

Not really liking the KYC element of this, but I could see this being bigger with influencers and people who are already comfortable with their identity being public knowledge. Thinking about trying it out

The KYC is just to ensure no one abuses the reward pool. Give it a shot!

Thank you @crypto.piotr & @hatu ! I created my account at your direction and created my first CBNT post here ~~>
WoW!! I hope this helps me raise the needed $ per my latest Steemit post to go on my next Church's mission. I have upvoted you and resteemed to help here. Thank you and have a great day!

Welcome. :)
!tip 1

Be sure to complete the KYC to claim the 3,000 CBNT.

🎁 Hi @lanceman! You have received 1.0 STEEM tip from @hatu!

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I assume you already signed in there?
How many content is written in English (or not Chinese)?
So they don't care you post double (Steem and CBNT)?

I will see if my slow connection can load the site and look around.

Thanks for the sharing, it sounds promising.

PS, I just signed in. If you use a smartphone you can.hardly read the site, post show very big and ugly.
Each post starts in a new screen and tells me to log in.
No option for me to fill out the code and get the free tokens.

I think the site looks better and more friendly, so is using your own password.

With my slow connection its hard to sign in and load I think the site is not easily build. If their is an app I like to know it.
Also how to make it more visable and how to get the tokens.

The main platform was a Chinese app. The English website just started, and many improvements are on the way.

To get the tokens, just follow the steps in my article. :)

I did and there is nothing shown where I can fill out the code. Read my article, please. I am a mobile blogger and use a smartphone.

Posted using Partiko Android

I will read it.
Please place the profile link. :)


Ps, If you use your smartphone and change the view in 'desktop' you see more, but cannot even log in because you cannot slide the piece into the puzzle!

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Hi @hatu I know this post from @crypto.piort thanks for the info, maybe I'll learn about CBNT later😄

Posted using Partiko Android

I owe Piotr a thank you.
Meanwhile, be sure to sign-up soon while the 3,000 CBNT reward is active. :)

'CBNT tokens are priced at $0.03 each' — from where did you get this price?

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Presale (funding) round.

Alright, pretty sure it won't retain it's funding price.

Posted using Partiko Android

Most likely it won't @libert

Thanks @crypto.piotr for reminding me about this post,

I tried to make an account yesterday without success. Today I tried once again without luck. I go through the process, confirm my email address but when I try to log in it gives me this error message even though I'm 100% sure that both my account name and password are correct.

Do you have an idea what might be causing the issue here and what can I do about it?

You could be entering the wrong username/password?
Not a problem, just proceed by clicking forgot password.

Hi @hatu
My friend crypto.piotr has shared link for this post and I am glad that he shared it with me. I have gone through the post and this seem to be a very nice platform. I have submitted my KYC and its saying that it will take 3 days to verify. here is the snapshot of the submission. wanted to check with you- Can I make post even if KYC is not approved ? Thanks


Yes, you can participate in the platform even if KYC is not approved. :)

!tip 1

Thanks for the tip. My KYC is passed and I have even done 10 steps (comment and votes) but haven't received total tokens? when will I receive ?

Wallet > My CBNT > Pending 3,000 CBNT

currently 2954 tokens are pending. when I will get all these pending coins? any action required from my side ?

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I'm in sir but I don't know this platform yet.

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Wallet MY CBNT > Pending
!tip 1

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My entry :

I can see you have passion for gambling. I would like to recommend you a new site called MoonSTEEM (https://moonsteem.com), a provably fair crash game where you can multiply your STEEMs. There is also a possibility to earn special tokens by betting which are then used to redistribute earnings. I would be very pleased if you give this game a chance. ;)

!tip 1

Let me know your platform username. :)

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First of all I am giving thanks to @crypto.piotr for giving me the link on this article.
It is good to know that little by little, other crypto-platforms are using the steem blockchain and its userbase as launchpad for their own technology platform.

Though it is not expected that many can be swayed away from these newer crypto-projects from steem, and the number of projects are increasing everyday, that an individual can no longer cope up or being fed up with so many crypto-schemes, which further dilute the already still very small crypto-userbase as a whole.

It is ok to try out new things, but can you sustain your interest on using it?
And the agony of waiting and being positive towards the developers of these various platforms are giving toll to our hope and interest.

Nonetheless, those who can, and will have more energy to invest and hope for newer platforms, are welcome to do so.

Goodluck, citizen of the blockchainosphere.

Thanks @hatu.

I know what you mean: the Crypto space is so competitive!

!tip 1

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Amazing comment @guruvaj. As always :)

Thanks bro.

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I advertised this platform many times. However, apparently you did know that the project is not bad. Did you tell your users that you will receive a bonus by referring to the program?

I was all about it until I saw "KYC". Truce

I hate doing KYCs just as much as the next person, but this was necessary. They agreed to give a large sum for free but they wanted to make sure no one abuses it.

So, I agreed with the KYC terms. I myself couldn't think of a better way to avoid exploitation of the reward.

im on the same page @truce

This does sound quite tempting. I do have a key question though - according to who exactly is each of these coins worth $0.03? If it isn't listed on bibox yet, is it on another exchange?

That's the token's presale price (funding round).

Hi @hatu,

I must thank @crypto.piotr for the memo and also for providing the link of your fantastic CBNT blogpost that is really very, very interesting.

I am ready to become a part of CBNT and even more happy to receive 3,000 CBNT along with additional offers.

If I join CBNT through this KYC process, will the concerned authorities in the CBNT guarantee me that the KYC details I provide won't be abused in the near future?

Why I am stressing this is because of the article I read just now and the link for the same is given below.


So, am just asking this to make sure that there is no backlash and nothing more than that. Please don't think that I am putting a stumbling block, but that I am asking for a safety coverage of my personal information from getting abused!

Thanks & Regards

Srinivasan T.

Thanks @hatu for this opportunity as I hope the CBNT becomes as successful as Steemit.
Signing up on the platform soonest!

Interesting platform, but what is the key difference between CBNT and Steem? I visited the website and the concept seems to be exactly the same. What's the reason of migrating from Steem except for a chance of becoming a whale? What's the long-term strategy of this platform?

STEEM is a blockchain meant for far more than just content. CBNT is solely focused on content.

And as I said in my article:

  • It's a good means to extend exposure and reach a new audience, all the while reaping some extra rewards.
  • It gives everyone a flat slate to compete on.
  • Competition is good; it drives improvements.

This is going to be a great project, I am definitely interested in this.

But I want ask; how did you determine price value of a token/coin that is yet to be listed on exchange? What metric did you use?

To reward good content, will reward I can give be limited to my stake?

It sounds very nice but what are they asking to fulfill KYC? Will it not affect one's privacy.

The KYC is just to verify that you are real and not a bot being used to make accounts for the $90.

Very valid question @akdx

Thank you dear!

I consider if I register on the platform

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to know but I am sick of these steemit alike frontends everywhere, these developers must come up with something different.

I agree that the UI could be better, but it's just a start.

You should do it. :)

Here is my account maparari

Waiting for KYC to be approved

🎁 Hi @maparari! You have received 1.0 STEEM tip from @hatu!

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bitcoin the star of cryptomarkets

as minnow it's a good chance, great info, i'll join soon

Good decision. :)
Let me know when you do so you get the 1 STEEM bonus.