100% SBD Give-Away 0003

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The original posting for the idea can be found here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@happyme/100-sbd-give-away.

This week's contest will require entrants to explain how they came up with their username.

My story goes like this:
I'm terrible at choosing names! How do I come up with an appropriate name right now while I'm registering for an account here?
I thought for a moment and contemplated about myself. I'm generally happy with my life, so what about using the name, Happy?
I entered it and found that the name already exists! OK, so what about me being happy? Hence, happyme was accepted and born.


How this contest works

  • The contest is intended for lower-ranking members who could use the money (whales and dolphins are encouraged to upvote and increase the prize pool).
  • The contest will run for 1 week and close on June 28, 2017.
  • Entrants will write (in a reply to this posting) an explanation of how they came up with their username.
  • I will select entrants by random draw. Each entrant will be assigned a number and I will draw numbers from a container. The order of the numbers drawn will be used to assign prizes until all available funds are used.
  • The prize pool will consist of ALL the SBD earned by this posting plus at least 5 SBD from the donation made by @sykochica.
  • The value of each prize will be based on the value of the prize pool and how many entrants are selected.

Upvoting this posting will increase the prize pool, so be sure to ask your friends and followers to upvote, even if they are not entering!


Submissions were just too good overall to select winners, so I used the method of assigning numbers to each entry and randomly drawing the numbers.
This week's contest winners for 100% SBD Give-Away 0002 are:

  1. @lokii winning 5 SBD donated by @sykochica
  2. @cazzimodo winning 5 SBD from the post earnings
  3. @ropaga winning 5 SBD from the post earnings
  4. @dillonford winning 5 SBD from the post earnings
  5. @doctorcrypto winning the balance of SBD earnings from the post(3.489 SBD).
    Congratulations to all the winners!


Next week's contest will be based on dice rolls and you will need to guess what number comes up.


If you have ideas for future contests, please pass them on to me by posting below.

I sincerely thank you for your input!

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I came up with this username since my name is Rafael and my last name Nuñez (Rnunez). The 09 it's simply because that's my lucky number. It's an username that's been stuck with me for quite a while.

Really great idea :0) my username was picked by my cousin. My name is Sara but its to common...my nickname is saffi.....also common in sweden......so a combo of my nickname and real name saffisara :0) it just stuck with me somehow :0)

I became a Seahawks fan in 1975, when they were the Seattle Football Corporation.


Don't forget to upvote and get more prize money for more prizes! The more this is promoted and upvoted, the more prizes can be doled out! I wish everyone could be a winner, but the prize pool is too small for that. I'm having a lot of fun handing out money.

I've been a Yankee fan all my life. They are also known as the Bronx Bombers. The Boeing B-17 is a bombing plane developed in the 1930s. Bronxb17=Bronx Bombers


Very interesting. Thanks!

i am very bad at coming up with witty usernames. Since I decided I wanted to write about food and related topics, and I had never written before, I just put two and two together and said "Hey, I will write for food!". Hence my handle was born :)

My username came up when I was changing my identity on all the slacks I was in.
I realized that I was using a lot real personal info on a lot of slack and websites, so I decided to change them all.
I wanted something that would remind me of magic, unnatural powers, witch and alike. So I remebered of the word Hoax but I found it too boring, so I cut it smaller into ox that sounds about the same and add the perfect numbers :D

I was playing the original Starcraft and won a game against a friend using Ultralisks playing zerg. The following game I changed my nickname to MunchMunch after commenting how my ultra's munch munched everything. It stuck every since.


That's cute!
I am sooooooo enjoying this contest thing.

Followed and upvoted. Excited to see whats next :0)


Thanks! Welcome to Steemit.
Although my old posts have already paid out and it is pointless to vote on them, I do believe you may find some good information from my 2 tutorials, and if you know anyone suffering from back pain, have them look at my 2nd post (very bottom of my blog page). It has helped many people.


Yes O know it was to late :0) I will look at ur other posts and Im sure I will like them to. Will look at the post on backpain. Thx

I was more or less given this nickname back in 1994ish right around the time Hocus Pocus came out. The main cat was named Thackery Binx unbeknownst to all of us until the days of imdb lol. So I had for years thought it was Zachery Binx (my name is Zack) so I just rolled it into Zacherybinx. I wound up using the handle on AOL/GMail/Myspace/Facebook/Instagram/WoW/LoL/etc over the years so it's just kind of kept it's steam and now thus is being used on steemit haha.


Thanks for the interesting back story!

My name Rival is maybe 20 years old. I choose it in the beginning of internet with ICQ ( do you know what ICQ is). At that time I was chatting with a girl and she gave me this name. I am still happy about it.


I used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) at the time. I don't think I had known about ICQ back then.


Don't forget to upvote and get more prize money for more prizes! The more this is promoted and upvoted, the more prizes can be doled out!

Cool idea for a contest, I often wonder what kind of thought goes into the names I come across everyday. Here, have a full power upvote to add to the pot!


Thank-you so very much!
I must admit that I'm having a lot of fun reading all the things people have posted as responses to both contests. I plan to keep running this and / or other contests for as long as I'm able.

Arkadiy is my first name, so I was quick to claim it as my username, because I didn't want to pay $100 for @arkadiy in the year 2020.

I like the spirit of this initiative so I upvoted to give you more to give. How fun is that?


It is GREAT fun! Thanks a lot.