Steemit Zoo Contest #8 Love me, Hug me and Kiss me! Win 10 SBD every Sunday

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Hi Steemians

Our pets are our small babies and our big love. We spend hours playing with them, hugging them and kissing them. And we feel how much they love us and care for us. Share a photo of you hugging or kissing your pet and You have a chance to win!
Of course if you have a spider or a crab you can show love with a different way :)

Cats, dogs and other animals are accepted in this contest. And PLEASE only ORIGINAL photos. I dont want to ignore any user and I dont want to see anybody upset. So lets follow the rules. Only photos related to the topic will have a chance to win. A photo of you with your pet!!!
I cant tolerate cheating anymore. This is a contest to support Steemians so lets do it the right way!

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The rules

  • Share a photo of your pet in a reply to this post
  • Use only your original photos
  • One entry per person
  • Upvote this post


The winners

We will have 3 winners.

  • First winner 10 SBD
  • Second winner 5 SBD
  • Third winner 2 SBD

It is very easy. All you need to do is reply to this post with your pet's photo.
You can upvote your favorite photo in the comments below.
The winner will be determined by our weekly judge.

If you want to support the challenge:

  • upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Participate in the contest
  • Donate to make it possible every week and better in the future


- I will announce the winners on the next Sunday, so please submit your entries till Saturday midnight. I am already excited to see your pets photos and wish you good luck :)

- I will announce the winners of Steemit Zoo Contest #6 very soon, so wait for the results and enjoy your weekend


So if you are interested to be the judge in this contest and have fun doing it, please contact me on Discord.

  • The judges will choose only photos that are related to the topic.
  • They can not enter the contest in the week they are judging.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi, @hanen! This is my entry for Steemit Zoo Contest. Meet my dog, Tim;) Its not so easy to hold him for photo. He doesnt like any photocontest at all:D


Hhhh yes many pets dont like to be in held for a long time :)
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Good day @hanen! Here is my entry and its my first time to join in your contest... Let me follow you to know more about you also... I hope this is valid entry... He is my favorite cat his name is MAXX...

He is always sleeping in my body every night...


Hhhh he loves you a lot :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)


Vey sweet cat... He is a Persian cat came from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates... We adopted him from our British friend. (^_^)


Yes Persian Cats are very cute, but very lazy hhh


She is 14 y.o grandma dog !
Her name is 'happy'


She looks like a happy doggy too :)

I @hanen...this my entry to the contest


Lovely pet......i hope you win........


Oh thats a very cute kitten! Very small hhhh
Lovely photo, thank you for joining the contest :)


Lovely.....i love cute kitten....i saw the picture of your kit in the previous contest....i dont know why you did not win the last one....this picture is real, you both look cute together, i hope you win this time around.....@hanen i love your weekly contest, keep it up.


This is my favourite....i love little cute kitten


I am showing love to your kitten by voting for this picture as my favourite, dont forget to buy him milk to help him grow faster when you of luck....


I love this..nice kitten


Lovely both look cute....i hope you win this time around.good luck


Lovely pet you gat there


How lovely.....your kitten is cute.....i am voting you to help the kitten get somethings to help her grow faster.........i hope you of luck dear


Voted this. You are both looking sweet....i hope you win


I like have gotten a vote from me


This a picture of my dog I call her jack if my entry is valid


Yes it is valid. I remember Jack from the last contest :)

Thank you for joining and good luck!

My little princess

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-03 at 10.37.16.jpeg


Wow thats a nice outfit! She looks beautiful :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes she is so beautiful. Her name is “Hera”


Meet Ziggy, our 6-months-old Beagle performing the downward facing dog to perfection :)


He loves Yoga like me :) Thank you for joining the contest :)

i'm too ugly, i know but my baby boy is lordly !!



Hhhh lovely photo. Both of you look very good! Nobody is ugly here :)


Hdhahhab thank you so much 🖖 but the truth is that my baby Hermen is better than me 🐶

The first cartoon cat was Felix the Cat in 1919. In 1940, Tom and Jerry starred in the first theatrical cartoon “Puss Gets the Boot.” In 1981 Andrew Lloyd Weber created the musical Cats, based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.


And now we have Crypto Kitties, lol!

hello @hanen this is my entry for the steemit zoo contest with my cute cat sweety ...
😊😊 hope you will like it .IMG-20171114-WA0047.jpg


Oh thats so cute! Lovely photo, thank you for joining the contest :)


you are welcome ☺

🌸My Baby🌸


Very cute kitty and very beautiful eyes :)

Hello @hanen,
This is my cat and his child. The child is sitting in front of mother. The child's age is three months. I love both very much. The name of the cat is "Muwa" and the baby's name is "Lalu"

When I was taking photos, "Lalu" is watching me with love. This picture I have drawn before 5 days, I liked this picture very much.


They are very cute and have nice colors. Thank you for joining the contest :)

@shenzi:making that look when the rules has been change for todays contest.
I hope my entry is valid...if so thats my entry for the contest.


Yes your entry is valid :) Thank you for joining again and good luck :)

Hello haven this is my entry for steemit contest IMG_20180303_174518_503.JPG


Only original photos are allowed!

Hi i'm Katy, here is my entry, hope you like it.

This is Ron my brothers dog and Ambar my first baby. She was really brown as a puppy.

This is Ambar know as a grown lady.

This is Abby my new baby she is very playfull and the most cute little dog i ever seeing.


I looove my pets because they are more then just pets, they are family.


Wow they are very beautiful. These dogs are very cute :)

Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)


Thanks darling ;)



Oh I love that innocent look :)

My sweet Honey Bear, she would hardly hold still for this because she wanted to PLAY! She LOVED the snow!


tip! for the contest!


Thats a very nice view and a lovely photo. I didnt know that dogs love to play in the snow :) It is too cold for me lol
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck!


Thanks! She had a little husky in her, and those are the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. I always say we live in a postcard! And let me try this again, I see the little tip! bot did not come by last time...


Oh thank you dear for the Tip :)
And yes you live in a postcard and all your photos will be nice !



Hello everyone, this is my entry to the contest and what better to do than with the photo of my pet is called yubi and is a cat of 3 years old <3


Cute Yubi! Thank you for joining the contest :)

This is my entry for this round. My dog "patron"😘


Oh thats a lovely photo! Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

This is Poppy, I found it in a box, but I took care of it.



You are very kind. Many of them need love and care :)

Snapshot of "Pivo" and me




Thats lovely! A very beautiful photo :)
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)



Oh thats a lovely photo :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Meet my little Jinny she is an 8 weeks old Amstaff x Griffon and loves my shoes :)


Still a small Puppy :) I dont understand why dogs and cats love our shoes :)
Thank you for joining the contest :)

I think i should get myself a pet rather unfortunate my own got loss....i was having a cat...for the sake of this contest i will get myself one again


Hhhh he will be the luckiest cat! Taking nice showers and eating nice food for the sake of the contest :)

I can not explain in a word.
nice looking.

Here is My Entry;) This Is Maynard. He Is 15 Years old


Cute Maynard! Thank you for joining the contest :)

Hello, @hanen, and thanks, for this sweet opportunity to share the love. Here is my pet pigion, Mr. International:

& my pet peacock, Daffy (yes, I'm mad for birds :)

Have a lovely day, Yahia


Wow very beautiful. Peacocks are very beautiful birds. You are lucky to have one :)
Thank you for joining the contest :)


Yes, they are amazing - like living, breathing works of art, poetry in motion :) Actually, I'm very fortunate to have 3! (If you're interested, here's a short post on how I acquired them: ) Have a lovely day :)


Wow lucky you! They are lovely and the Kitty too :)


Me and my cutie pie 😍


Oh thats lovely :) It looks like true Love :)
Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Here is my pet and he's name is Diego


Lovely photo :) Thank you for joining the contest :)

Cats have individual preferences for scratching surfaces and angles. Some are horizontal scratchers while others exercise their claws vertically.

really your photo very nice,thanks.

Hi all! This is my entry for this week's contest. She is Venus, the most huggable and sweetest dog I have ever adopted. Unfortunately, she passed away about 4 years ago, so in a way, this is a reminder for everyone to please hug and play with your dog whenever possible, they leave us so quickly and love us so much :( Foto 15-05-16 5 13 19 p.m..jpg


She is in a better place and lived a happy life with you, And thats what matters. She was very beautiful and you too :)
Thank you for joining the contest again :)


Hi @hanen

There's two options due to Noel did not look at camera... could be the first labrador retreiver shy for pics or...tonight he is angry with me becouse still need to look for his friends outside!! Could be the second one 😛
Funny post, congratulation!!


Hhh he looks really angry at you lol Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

The unspoken rule of pets:
If a puppy falls asleep on you, you are not allowed to move.

This is Harper, my Labrador mutt.
(more pics in the reply)


Playful pupper 😂

Happy pupper 😁

Sleepy pupper 😴


Hhhh I know that feeling. I cat who used to sleep on top of me and I had to stay in the same position all the night. It is really difficult, but we love them :)


I let them sleep on me but I make sure I don't sleep with them coz I don't wanna injure them while I sleep haha



  ·  last year (edited)



Looks like he is in love. Thinking too much :)

Here is my baby Oliver :) Be charmed by his furry cuteness!!


The lazy Oliver :) Thank you for joining the contest :)

I find it very meaningful contest.. But unfortunately I don't have a pet now ;)


Than you need to get one :)

Hello I want to take part in the contest with this photography that I took a few days ago and it seemed to me to be nice to share it...


He is my husband with the blond goat of the stable of our farm. I wait it is approved ...Thank you !


Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)



Lovely! Thank you for joining the contest an good luck :)


I've got an army of 'em cuties. 🔥😍


Wow thats nice Army :) Very lovely Doggies :)
Thank you for joining the contest !


Thank you @hanen! They're loyal AF. Followed me for half a KM (0.3 miles!).
Broke my heart to leave them there. </3

  ·  last year (edited)

I am entering a picture of 1 of the clients at my voluntary job (face cropped out for privacy)
hugging the cutest little jack russel ever!
Every Friday we walk down to the local pet shop to check out the animals in the shop..
This little cutie is called Beertje (little bear)
and is the shop owners dog, it became a "thing" now for this particular lady to go pet & hug Beertje once a week.
It is so rewarding to see what possitive impact this has on her, a little animal loving really goes a long, long way...
For this reason, I just had to share it to this post, it might not be a winning picture,
but it's pure and full of love ❤

Edit: I know this might not qualify, as it's not me nor my pet,but I wanted to share these 2 lovelies nonetheless


Small Doggies are always cute! Thank you for joining the contest :)


Meet my adorable puppy Jhana


Jhana is very cute and you are very beautiful :) Thank you for joining the contest :)

can you update discord link please :)

Very good.@hanen


Thank you :)

I like your idea. A pure business plan 😊


What kind of Business Plan?

Me and Dexter taking a walk. He loves it when i rub his head


Yes they love having a nice massage :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)



Sorry , but only original photos are allowed!!

Is this contest already over ?? Nooooo


Today is the last day!

  ·  last year (edited)

Look Mommy I'm Phoning Daddy!! This is My Baby Nikki She is a border-collie -border -terrier pet Rescue ! Enjoy! This is my Entry!


Oh cute Nikki! Thank you for joining the contest :)

Hola, gracias @hanen, por aquí les dejo mi participación:

20180303_184433 (1).jpg


Oh he is really lucky :) Thank you for joining the contest again :)

The princess of the house, is called Niña. It is a Beagle and is 2 years old


Beautiful Nina! Thank you for joining the contest :)

Me and my Nikki I love Her So Much!