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This is how I feel about the community here on steemit. I wanted to say thank you to all of my followers so far for showing me support and love. I really appreciate everything the community is doing for me and I'll be doing a Sbd giveaway ever new 100 followers. So at 100 followers then at 200 followers then 300 followers and so on.....

Spongebob Bag of Winds 01032018230616.jpg

I'm doing a Sbd giveaway for getting my first 100 followers to celebrate I want to help out the community in a positive way. If you want a chance to be entered in the giveaway go to the original post here https://steemit.com/contest/@godofbit/sbd-giveaway-at-100-followers

Don't forget to stay happy and excited about the platform and share your love with each other as much as you possibly can to help the community grow even stronger together. Always be positive and outgoing and the community will take care of you, I believe this is the best social media site out there right now lets grow together here on Steemit.

I will be updating these badges in a few more days

Go check out that original post for the giveaway there's still a few more days to be entered and good luck https://steemit.com/contest/@godofbit/sbd-giveaway-at-100-followers

Steem and Steemit to the moon!!!


Only English here buddy

Still waiting for this to happen ha

It will happen. Just keep at it and dont give up.