Writing Prompt Art Contest #3

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Every two weeks I run an art contest, seeking a story prompt for my writing competition. Ideally I am seeking artwork that can be interpreted differently by various writers. The artwork can be a painting, digital work, photography, or a sketch - unsure? Just ask.

  • The entries should be linked in the replies to this post.
  • It MUST be your own work.
  • It doesn't have to have been created specifically for this contest--previous work is accepted.
  • The ideal artwork should be something that individual writers will interpret differently.
  • No limit on number of entries.
  • Upvote this post. A resteem is appreciated but not required.
  • Agree that your artwork will feature in my Art Prompt Writing Contest #4.

This contest will run until Monday 2nd October, closing at 23:59 BST. Check HERE to convert to your local time zone.

The winning entry will receive 10 SBD plus the SBD payout from this post


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I'm going to try it this time :)

Awesome! I look forward to seeing your submission/s

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Thank you for your submission

Here are my entries for the awesome contest :

Entry 1 :

My beautiful friend Gursheen's portrait, this is from a club at Hauz khas, Delhi, India. This is when i was daily club hooper, and we used to try out black, dark purple etc colors of lipstick as well. Such bold makeup is not encouraged in india generally, but we still went to with our GOTHAM LOOKS and rock the place up.

Entry 2 :

My art on the thought : Our hearts shrink so much with our brain growing with time.

Thank you for your submissions.

@gmuxx My entry No2. hope i did not make a mistake by placing it here. am new to steemit. so please bare with me. Hope this is ok.

"Baby" BY @michaeljn

Thank you for your submissions.

@gmuxx My entry. hope i did not make a mistake by placing it here. am new to steemit. so please bare with me. Hope this is ok.

"CATE & DOUG" BY @michaeljn
CAT & DOG_hill_NOWORDS.jpg

CAT & DOG_hill.jpg

@gmuxx how do i enter, do i just paste the image here? in reply, apologies. am a newbie

You can either paste the image here or link to a post with your image in it.

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