Steemit, Together Against Injustice Contest #4: 250 words, 3 Winners, 6SBD Prize Pool + 1SBD bonus to the highest ranked upvoters.

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

  • Albert Einstein.

Today, our world is endangered because of the grave injustice unleashed upon it by fellow human beings who have found themselves in the position of power.

Unlawful detention, extra judicial killings, human trafficking, organ trafficking, child labour, slavery, gender discrimination, gender violence, police brutality, social media clampdown, press victimization, racism, etc are some of the injustices confronting our world today. Do we fold our hands and do nothing about it? Absolutely no!

I believe that Steemit is not an ordinary social network site, it can be used as a tool of social change; to speak against injustice, to create awareness about injustice and to give a voice to the oppressed in the society.

In this edition of the TOGETHER AGAINST INJUSTICE CONTEST, write an essay (not more than 250 words) condemning the ban of crypto by popular mainstream media houses such as Facebook, Google, CNN, etc. You may also want to condemn the clamp down on crypto traders by government authorities around the world. How will crypto benefit humanity? Feel free to be as creative as possible.

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Contest Status: Open

Contest Rules:

Contestants MUST upvote and resteem this post (awareness needs to be raised about the injustices in our world).

  • Essay MUST not be more than 250 words.

  • All entries MUST be posted as a comment on this post.

  • Only one entry per user is allowed.

  • Only original works will be considered. No plagiarism.

  • Only entries which meet the submission guidelines will be confirmed.

Winners Selection:

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their entries, that is, how compelling and articulate their submission is. The winners will be unanimously decided by some members of Amnesty International who have volunteered themselves for this purpose.


THREE winners will be selected for a share of 6SBD.

First Prize: ----------------------2.5SBD
Second Prize: ------------------2SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------1.5SBD

Reward for Upvoters

The two highest ranked upvoters of this post, excluding bots, get 0.5SBD each as a token of appreciation for their support. Upvoters may or may not be contestants.

Submission Deadline and Winners Announcement

Submission will close 12 hours to the payout of this post. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Good luck guys!!!

.......together against injustice......conquering injustice through the power of STEEM.

@gandhibaba is a writer and human right activist who fell in love with cryptocurrency.

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When people use steemit like a bank, the steem currency will be well in to the thousands of dollars. As many purveyors of great content get censored from You Tube and other media sites, the steem membership will grow exponentially. You tube has been replacing google as the go to info site. The obvious next step will be steemit. It is just a matter of time. The forces of good and evil are always at play, and for a time it was looking a little frightening. If you view the world as just one person and evil as an infection, the discomfort will bring about the attention that is needed. Until then most people will pay little or no mind. It is not because they lack interest. It is because they lack the knowledge. Tell a friend today. Tell ten friends. Truthers are a growing breed and are winning a little more each day in the battle against ignorance and complacency. Knowledge is crippling evils advance. Once people come to the realization that a small group of people are at the heart of all the wars and the killing of or best musicians, healers and inventors, they will be eliminated and our world will blossom. The harder they try the sooner the awareness will happen. Imagine a world that runs off free energy and peoples creativity is released. I can, and it will ultimately be because of what we are doing on Steemit that will bring it about. Right now I am Watching the game of life play out, and bet all my chips on the side of good.


Entry confirmed

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My own point of view to trying to ban crypto is like they don't want people to be free from slavery and poverty, so many has gotten rich through investing in cryptos and others are sharing testimony of how crypto trading change their life, crypto must not be banned, it is saving life's and it is a career for some people....the steem blockchain is getting more popular and I bet no individual nor government can stop it, the world is now modernised, online business pays more than offline so the government should go and rest and let people succeed...

Satanizing it or raising its voice against cryptography is somehow a step backwards in technological advances and beyond the right of human beings to privacy and communication.
Satanizing it or raising its voice against cryptography is somehow a step backwards in technological advances and beyond the right to privacy and communication that all people have.

As we can see, a communication is encrypted when only the sender and the receiver are able to extract the information from the message; that is, the content of the message is completely hidden from a third party, and this activity has been of continuous use by humanity......

Among the oldest examples of occult writing are the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt, in the Bible (specifically in the book of Jeremiah)
In ancient Greece, in the Iliad of Homer, in ancient Rome, with the figure of Caesar, in the Middle Ages, we can say that there was a great revolution in cryptography whose origin is in the Arab world.
During the Renaissance, the Papal States were characterized by an intensive use of cryptography;
After the Renaissance, another key figure in the cryptography of this period was the German monk Johannes Trithemius. In the 16th century,
Later, in the "War of Independence" of the British colonies in America with the use of Thomas Jefferson's cipher wheel).
In the Crimean War, or during the First and Second World Wars, cryptography was used intensively.

As we can see, cryptography has played an important role in human history and its relevance has increased as technological evolution and man's need to communicate securely increases.

Men have always wanted to extinguish that which cannot be understood fully built them. The problem faced by crypto currency in recent times is very unprecedented and immature.

The digital world has found themselves a means for trading and they (government) feel it's quite unsecure.

Well, very few things are secure, but the fact that they are targeting the digital currencies is not ideal. Banks have bonds, miners have gold and no one has ever felt that good was to heavy or bonds were too fragile. The cyber world gets a store of value, and they feel it's too "risky". Everything is a risk. Digital currency is here , and here for good. The government should forget about the risks and embrace it.


Entry confirmed

Features of cryptocurrencies are such that their complete ban is impossible in principle. The main reasons for this are two: cryptocurrencies are intangible and decentralized. Tangible money you can withdraw, you can stop the issue process, to prevent equipment emissions, because it is not even every hundredth person. It is almost impossible to withdraw cryptocurrencies by force, and to stop their emission, roughly speaking, it is necessary to take away computers from all people. Centralized currencies can also be destroyed or radically altered, as this will require influencing the authorities that provide centralization. Decentralized currencies can not be destroyed, modified and controlled in this way, because it is impossible to influence all holders of cryptocurrencies at once.

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Einstein was right. Let me see if i can participate. Well done though.

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Although there are many reasons that could be given for not allowing the advance of cryptocurrencies in different world markets, there are many more advantages, it is true that this could be attributed to the ignorance of a large part of the population of what is really the crypto world, you only need a good information campaign that helps the population to know what is Steemit, in particular since I came to steemit I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from different parts of the world and even surpassing the language barrier a connection has been established between all.

In spite of the continuous attacks suffered by Steemit by other platforms and even governments, it is important to point out that little by little it is gaining ground and in the end it will be the most used network by many users.

Steemit is only a channel where cryptocurrencies seek to reach the whole society, through simple and simple actions that besides all this allows us to have a general learning that will benefit every aspect of society.


Entry confirmed

Standing on John Milton's notion turned a strong tenet of Libertarian theory (free press), "self rightening process of the free marketplace of idea". That is, the world be a free market place of idea, and that one day the good idea will outrun the bad ones.

If this is true and it remains the foundation of the modern press(media), then the recent action of theses popular mainstream media houses (CCN, Facebook, Google, etc) on the ban of cryptocurrency can only be called one name, and that is INJUSTICE.

Yes! Injustice, because the same notion that frees the media from government's chains has been incarcerated by these media to prevent the people from gaining financial freedom. Injustice because they have decided to stop a free idea (Crypto) which they find to be taking over the financial world that they are giant stakeholders of. Hence, the fear of the unknown rides their backs.

It is injustice because the top gainers of this new world (digital age), Ted Turner of CNN, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page of Google among others appear to be the obstruction of the future, perhaps it is not too bright for them.

Yes! The future is here, the blockchain technology. Truth be told, to fully attain the future of "the global village" as described by Marshal McLuhan, it is important that transactions are carried out with ease both locally and internationally without any form of delay. And it is obvious that only digital currency (crypto) can do this.

I hereby urge media/press administrators, government authorities and other stakeholders not to be myopic because the world of Crypto has potential of a win-win situation for all of us.

Finally, to all freedom fighters and lovers of "free states", let us fight this together. Crypto is a free idea and it must be made free.


Entry confirmed

Cryptocurrency or Crypto is a digital currency created using blockchain technology. in Indonesia, BI (Bank Indonesia) has issued a ban on crypto for unreasonable and far-fetched excuses.

The reason for the misuse of this crypto currency is in the interest of terrorism and money laundering. We can not accept it.

Media such as CNN, google and Facebook also need to reconsider their decision to jointly promote this crypto currency for the welfare of the world's population. Instead of stopping and banning ads related to this crypocurrency.

The people of the world will not be able to forbid them only to maintain their egotism, gradually they have to make a rule that is equally profitable, this is caused by so many people using this currency.

The user of this currency is mostly from steemit platform users. Hopefully with the public support of steemit users, this currency will be a legitimate payment instrument around the world. Many thanks.


Entry confirmed.


Thank you very much..