Steemit, Together Against Injustice Contest #2: 250 words, 3 Winners, 6.5SBD Prize Pool + 2SBD bonus to the highest ranked upvoters.

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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

  • Albert Einstein.


Today, our world is endangered because of the grave injustice unleashed upon it by fellow human beings who have found themselves in the position of power.

Unlawful detention, extra judicial killings, human trafficking, organ trafficking, child labour, slavery, gender discrimination, gender violence, police brutality, social media clampdown, press victimization, racism, etc are some of the injustices confronting our world today. Do we fold our hands and do nothing about it? Absolutely no!

We believe that Steemit is not an ordinary social network, it can be used as a tool of social change; to speak against injustice, to create awareness about injustice and to give relief to the oppressed in the society.

In this edition of the TOGETHER AGAINST INJUSTICE CONTEST, write an essay (not more than 250 words) condemning rape. Tell us why the victims of rape (mostly women and girls) should not be blamed and stigmatized for being raped, and what you think can be done to prevent rape.

Contest Status:


Contest Rules:

  • Contestants MUST upvote and resteem this post (awareness needs to be raised about the injustices in our world).
  • Essay MUST not be more than 250 words.
  • All entries MUST be posted as a blog post and linked to this post.
  • Only one entry per user is allowed.
  • Only original works will be considered. No plagiarism.
  • Only entries that meet the submission guidelines will be considered.

Winners Selection:

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their entries, that is, how compelling and articulate their submission is. The winners will be unanimously decided by some members of Amnesty International who have volunteered themselves for this purpose.


THREE winners will be selected for a share of 6.5SBD.

First Prize: ----------------------3SBD
Second Prize: ------------------2SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------1.5SBD

Reward for Upvoters

The two highest ranked upvoters of this post, excluding bots, get 1SBD each as a token of appreciation for their support. Upvoters may or may not be contestants.

Submission Deadline and Winners Announcement

Submission will close 12 hours to the payout of this post. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Good luck guys.

P.s: 100% of upvotes from this contest will be saved up towards supporting educationally disadvantaged children in the slum of Lagos, Nigeria. Therefore, upvotes are welcomed from everyone who shares in the vision of a just society. We Steem, therefore we are.

.......together against injustice......conquering injustice through Steem power.

Special thanks to @sndbox, @majes.tytyty, @hr1, @stach, @steem-lagos and @surpassinggoogle for inspiring this contest through their altruism on the blockchain. Keep up the good works.

Please kindly note that only submissions via links will be accepted as valid entries. Thank you.

@gandhibaba Shortened version, to lesser than 250words. Here's my post :


Entry confirmed

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Congratsss... Your plan is working and the most probably i will be the winner of this contest. Wait and watch buddy💙

no idea what my upvote is worth most likely nothing.

Slow and steady win the race don't be haste

Here's an entry to support Together Against Injustices Contest #2 . Hope this will be fine and could help and support the contest goal.. God bless

Entry confirmed.

Kindly write your thoughts in a blog post and post the link here. Thank you.

Entry confirmed

Rape is a heinous crime which is committed more and more with every passing day. It renders life of a person hopeless and needs to be brought to an end. I think moral education must be given to children right from beginning and females shouls be trained as to what to do and how to save themselves when they fear a threat of rape

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Entry declined. 250 words exceeded.

Can be accepted if I edit down to 250 words and repost the link here ?


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The problem of the world, we can map some of the events that exist, which can illustrate how exactly the world problem.

Some facts have testified that economic injustices often have a negative impact on people's lives. Resistance by the way of violence becomes an option because victims of this injustice have long lived in misery.

This is link to my entry

thanks for the chance to participate

Entry confirmed

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Thanks for having this contest listed. Keep up the good work.

It's an excellent contest, thanks for hosting it. I see there's been quite a bit of response too.

Yes. The entries are still coming in and we hope to continue hosting the contest regularly.

Thanks for having this contest listed. Keep up the good work.

hi @gandhibaba! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to take part on TOGETHER AGAINST INJUSTICE CONTEST.

I am dropping my entry here. :)


Entry confirmed

Nice post!

Please consider my edited one. Forgot to tackle on rape. I missed it. Thank you!

Here is my entry

As I'm more of a story teller than a writer, I presented it in a story form

I hope it is admitted


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Oh no, I was just about to make my entry before i saw that the contest status has been changed to closed! 😢

What happened to this?👇

Submission Deadline and Winners Announcement
Submission will close 12 hours to the payout of this post. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Honestly, i was working with that because i saw the contest opportunity lately yesterday.

Here's my entry anyway, perhaps I get considered!


Entry accepted. Sent to the judges for evaluatiom. Regards.

Thanks for your consideration. :-)

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