Contest over - how should I hand out the prizes?

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So this is kind of what I feared/expected after the last few days.

Here's the list of biggest rising coins the last 7 days and none of the people who entered the contest has named one of them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.47.46.jpg

Of course after seeing this list, I realize that most of these coins are probably shitcoins without much long term value and the whole purpose of the contest was to discover promising altcoins that actually have a future.

So I'm asking again, especially to those who entered the contest. What would be a fair way to decide the winners?

I'm also considering setting up a new contest with some better parameters...

Anyway thanks to all those who took the time to enter.

Link to original post:


What you can do is make a list of coins that people actually referred to you on your post, then see in the top gainers list, which ones are matching with YOUR list of coins suggested by steemit users. @funcrypto

Yeah, that was my first way.
But since nobody suggested anything on the list of gainers on coinmarketcap (the top 30 gainers) so I was hoping someone had an easy suggestion or maybe another page with a longer list. But I couldn't find any. Now I'm going through every coin manually, but it's still not completely fair since I can't find the exact time of reference for the price of each coin on coinmarketcap.
For example ICX has the price for 3:04UTC or 5:04UTC, bitshares has for 5:34UTC.

leave it sir @funcrypto. it would be much easier to start with some parameters, like what will you examine the coins suggested by people on your post. but now it's okay, people got busy i think :D

but you can see that what i suggested has also got much growth, @siacoin.

Alright, I guess we'll leave it at that. You'll be the official winner of best comment, especially because you took the time to engage. So I'm sending you 2 steem. Anyway, I hope you took your own advice and got rich from buying Siacoin! Good luck with everything!

yeah, @funcrypto, when I suggested the coin to you its rate was below 200 satoshis, and now it is worth more than 500 satoshis, which is a quite good rate of increase. while it did not make me rich but it did make me more confident about my market education.

and thanks for the steem. good luck to you too.

Damn! I missed The Contest😐

I'm sorry you missed it, but thanks for the comments. Maybe I'll make another contest!

Ok bro waiting for the next contest

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