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A Favorite Freewrite

Every Tuesday, you have a chance to win a membership to Steem Basic Income, SBI, at the Freewrite House.

Try to win one, my friends. An everlasting vote on your posts is nothing to sneeze at.

We want to make it super easy for you. Your task is to tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrites of others you have read in the last couple of days you really liked. Yup, not your own!!

The comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit 🤪

See the rules below for details.

In an ideal world, you also give that person a nice upvote - but we are not going to check on that.

To be entered into the drawing, go to the Daily Prompt post by @mariannewest. We are doing our best to resteem them to the Freewrite house profile.
Read as many Freewrites as you can. Then tell us about a freewrite you really liked and why.
Choose from the last couple of days if possible so others can go, visit, and, inspired by your description, leave a vote.

Win, Win, Win!!!

You Tell Us for a Chance to Win a Membership in Steem Basic Income

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The Rules

This is what you have to do for your chance to win a membership:

  • Leave us a comment as specified above
  • Remember, the comment must have at least 50 words
  • We will let you know if your comment is accepted and give you a number.

Here are a couple of free word count tools:

At 8 PM Pacific time the day after the publishing of this post, we will close the contest and draw the winner through a random number generator. This will give you almost 36 hours to post your comment.

The winner will be announced and sponsored the same day.

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Here is last week's winner announcement

Finding a Freewrite

If you are not familiar with the daily freewrite prompt and the many wonderful writers who produce the most amazing 5-minute (or sometimes much longer) Freewrites, go to @mariannewest and look for the prompt. The graphics look like this


In the comments, you find lots of links to all kind of freewrites.

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@sima369 wrote a wonderful poem for the "sponge" prompt.


I reviewed that prompt for my entry this week and it was amazing to see all the different ways people wrote on the topic. There were several about cake and several about children being sponges and learning from their parents and their surroundings.

This freewrite was in the second category. @sima369 did a great job of telling the story in so few words. I was very happy to read it today.


I just read a story about night blindness from @d00k13 where he said he used to carry a flashlight, everywhere he went. I too carry a small flashlight on my keychain, more out of necessity, than night blindness. @d00k13 doesn't carry a flashlight anymore, I'm not sure if it's because the batteries exploded or because he walks with his faithful companion now. He did discover that he enjoys night time photography now. Take a minute or five, and go read his #freewrite and enjoy. 👍

The character in this story is a savant who is never satisfied from what he learns, always wanting to learn more. I think that many of us want to learn as much as we can, if nothing else but to satisfy our questions about our world we live in. However, brilliant minds differ and is pointed out in such a simple way with this freewrite. Be sure to find out what was "The Greatest Sponge To Ever Be Invented." https://steemit.com/freewrite/@eightamstories/the-greatest-sponge-to-ever-be-invented-freewrite


I just read this one, from our new #freewriter @dalipops, while delivering the daily prompt and it is so fabulous I had to nominate it as another of my favorites this week. It's a poem on the prompt, irritation, and everytime I read a line, a vision came to mind. Please take a few minutes to welcome @dalipops and read this fine piece of Poetry. You won't be disappointed. 💕

4 wonderwop


Stina comes up with names for things and backstories for them so naturally in this particular installment of her nanowrimo that I get excited to explore her entire universe. Especially the idea that a Moral tale means that a Moral saved the main character. The double-meaning of both Moral as in morality and Moral as the name for the denizens of that world grabs ahold of my brain and makes me pay attention.

5 @improv

can you drop this tomorrow under the current one as well so byn sees it?

Yes? That post will be up later?

Just posted it.