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RE: NEW! Curie Logo Design Contest - Calling All Designers!

in #contest5 years ago

heh... it just struck me that the red one might be seen as a downvote kinda arrow?!

but that's unmistakeably not the case on the green version... totally love the green version!!

💚 curie heart 💚


That's true, although hopefully the fact that it makes a little heart keeps it positive. :P That being said, I also like the green since it represents Radium and the radiation green, which fits in well with (Marie and Pierre) curie. :D

I agree with @fraenk

But the effect looks good, maybe just flip it? ;-)

up-up positive!

I actually thought about swapping it, but then it lost the heart which was important to the representation of curie I feel, "sharing the love" and all that. Also, if you read the post about the design, I described it as a 3D upvote arrow that "fell over" or in essence it is pointing out of the screen towards the user.

That being said, and apart from losing the heart shape, it does look pretty cool flipped. I might add a flipped version of the icon if there is a need, I would however miss the heart shape a bit. 😋 So thank you for the input @fraenk and @overdye, I really appreciate it!

ooooooh and make it green

but now it doesn't really look like a heart anymore though... but damn that's cool, too

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