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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 12 - Share your most undervalued work + week 11 winners ($20 STEEM prize pool)

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Here is one that I thought was pretty interesting, but I was brand new and almost no one even saw it. Thanks for giving it a second chance to fly, little post, fly!!! lol!


Interesting the correlation between raw milk and legal weed. I wonder of there's marijuana based milk - "milkweed" - and does the weed pasteurize the milk? I'm not even high and you got me thinking like this.

LOL! It is supposed to unlock creativity, apparently even thinking about it works!

Milkweed....interesting ....Lol

Isn't it amazing that they sell soda and sugary chemicals in schools and yet....raw milk.

And then people use scientific studies to justify some of these decisions but who pays for the research? Is it really getting a full picture?

Now lead in the water and no one is really doing anything about it......good old home of the free..

At least more people seem to be waking up to this nonsense.

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