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RE: STACH Short Story Contest #26: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SB prize pool!

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When Frederick and Anahis married they had no home to live. They lived one year with Anahís' mother. Then one more year in the house of a brother of Frederick, until they gave the option to buy for a house whose owners were desperate for not being able to pay the Bank and both Frederick and Anahís had gathered little by little the necessary money to be able to fulfill the obligations of late payment of the property they acquired. They moved to their new house and there their second son was born. Frederick and Anahís continued to work and educate their two children.

Currently Frederick and Anahís are retired and their children graduated, working, and have given them the satisfaction of five beautiful grandchildren.

Frederick and Anahís are dedicated to share with their beautiful grandchildren all the time they can and help them in their homework, what they could not do with their children for being working.

This family has remained together and united in good times and bad, giving example of love, faith and perseverance and their slogan is "together we can achieve the best" because ONE GRAIN DOES NOT FILL A SACK, BUT IT HELPS.


Thanks for your good wishes

Very goog history, family reflections ;)

Thank you very much, fatyelisp

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