My Life's Biggest Regret

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As the old adage says: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But what if life throws you lemons then made a huge cut when you're making your lemonade? Can you still be positive on your situation?

My life's biggest regret is when I did not took care of myself when I was pregnant with my first child. I was depressed and I regret now that I let it consume me. The result? My first child is sickly. I believe it is the mother's success or failure what her child will become when they step out on this world that's why I really regret my actions back then.

If you're a reader of my blogs, you know that I was kicked out from home and run away with my now Hubby-partner a day after graduating college because it became very chaotic for me to stay with my family. Back then, I develop depression. I was eating less than the usual consumption of a pregnant woman and I don't like eating. I did not sleep early, did not take my vitamins regularly and I was always on the brink of negativity. I have no one to talk to about what I'm feeling and I have this anxiety. I was also in denial because it was an unplanned pregnancy. Now, the results is seen with my first child too sickly and malnourished.


I am heartfully sorry to him because I didn't took care of him when he is still in my womb. Right now I am doing my best to make him a healthy baby by giving him fruits, vegetables and taking care of him always when I am home from work.


To all expecting mothers out there, whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned, always take care of yourself because the end result of your 9 month maternity will be your responsibility. Eat many fruits and vegetables, have a balanced diet, don't drink softdrinks and other beverages that can harm your baby, sleep early as 9PM, exercise by walking in the morning and research or ask your OB-Gyne what else you should do to make your baby healthy. I promise you that if you keep your baby healthy in your womb, you won't have any regrets in the future.

All photos are mine.

May 9, 2018 - 6:32 PM

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Hi @emdesan, you know they say what happens is best and God knows what he does. Life tests us sometimes, that makes us doubt everything, but we must never forget that God takes care of us and with the greatest love that you give to your baby he will grow strong and healthy, maybe everything should happen so that you will give him more love, so with faith to continue giving him more love to that beautiful baby and that God takes care of them, a hug and happiness always.

Cute boy

God bless u cute baby boy!