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RE: Who Wants My 100% Autovote for the Next Year?

in #contest4 years ago

Is the contest open to anyone? Or just steemsilvergold members? I'd love to be in the club eventually but I probably post to many rocks and jewelry posts to be accepted. Also my steempower is pretty dismal... Lol


Open to anyone!

And this auto-vote reward is exactly for folks like you.. so just do the 3 steps and you'll be 29th on the list.

Thanks so much for the opportunity then. I really appreciate all the support this community has shown me in my short time here. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to my knowledge on cryptos, and this place has a vast amount of information, on cryptos as well as everything else. I really want to get into hand pouring some silver art myself. I'm a silversmith that does mostly fabricated silver work. I've been fascinated with all the beautiful silver castings some of your members are creating. I'll do my homework and step up my game. Thanks again for your generosity

Thank you again. This is the best contest I've seen yet.

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