HKCEXP Mascot Design Contest - Horses

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This time it’s all about art and design a pair of lovely mascots for HKCEXP.

What is HKCEXP?

“Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Platform” combines traditional trading and blockchain technology to serve Southeast Asian and even European digital currency investors; and ensures transaction anonymity and data security, allowing users to conduct anytime, anywhere in the world the online crypto trading. We are registered with Malta and have a strong professional team in different sectors, including ibank, financial elites, specializing in exchange operations and promotion, as well as cryptography and blockchain technology expertise. The goal is to create a convenient and reliable Crypto Exchange.
In the near future, the “Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Platform” will become one of the world’s major digital banks and exchanges. Each of our members has a vision: to truly promote the fourth generation of finance – digital finance. Blockchain is the machine that creates trust. It is the second era of the Internet. Let the blockchain and digital currency make you rich.

What is GCX?

GCX is based on the standard of Ethereum erc20, which can achieve substantial asset transfer. The cross-border nature of the point-to-point transmission network, the instantaneous arrival of the transfer, and the low cost of the procedure are all conveniences that the legal currency cannot achieve.

Users who hold GCX also enjoy a variety of benefits, including:
Priority subscription rights:
Holders of GCX tokens can prioritize new listing projects shares by our platform incubation program. The higher the number of GCX held, the higher the priority amount.
Transaction fee:
GCX can be used as a handling fee for various transactions and will be given a discount.
Repurchase mechanism:
Each quarter, we repurchase GCX with 20% of net profit and destroy it directly.
Offline consumption:
GCX can be used directly for all types of consumption, such as travel, dining, and fashion products. Project companies that work with us also offer discounts on a regular basis.

Now, these are my drawings for the contest, with the theme of a couple of female and male horses, here I will show part of my creation, I hope it is to your liking.

Little by little I was thinking how horses would look better and how they would better represent the logo and company, until I made the decision to see them

Use the colors that demanded in the contest, maybe they were not the exact ones but I did not have such colors exactly because I do not usually paint, I am not a born artist either but try to make my best effort and this was the final work, I hope you like it


And this is me with my drawing for the contest:

If you want to participate in this contest sponsored by @cryptoast click on the following link:

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