The Butterfly Colouring Contest #31

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Butterfly Colouring Contest 31.jpg


Hey Everyone!

The Butterfly Colouring Contest #31 starts here.

Colour one of the stencils and you might win a prize.

The entry with the most upvotes will win the full contest payout.

Additionally, I will match the full contest payout for the entry or entries I like best.


There are 3 stencils to choose from:

  • Stencil 1:

stencil 1.jpg

  • Stencil 2:

stencil 3.jpg

  • Stencil 3:

stencil 2.jpg

Colour the stencils anyway you want, traditional art and digital are both welcome.

Add a background and animation if you want.


One entry per person, please.

The contest closes on Wednesday 13th March.


This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for your entry with the title 'Butterfly Colouring Contest #31'.

• Leave a link to your post and picture of your entry in the comments below so that I find it and I know you want to enter the contest.

• If you 100% upvote this post it will increase the payout for the winner.

  • Important! Upvote the entries you think should win.

(Self-votes are fine but I do not count them when I award the prizes.)

I hope YOU will enter!


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Greetings, we keep on painting


Good luck to you :)