Guess Bitcoin price challenge#2 WINNER announcement!

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Hey everybody, as I said yesterday, it's 48h past from this challenge#2 announcment and challenge is over, so it's time to pronounce a winner of this lucky contest. First of all, gotta mention that, all entries after 16pm are not taken into consideration, so those entries are not counted. Also there was lot of invalid entries, who didn't fulfill all of rules that I set before challenge start, like : reestem this post or upvote this post.


The rules of challenge was :

-One entry per participant
-You need to upvote this post with 100% voting power
-Resteem this post
-Follow me @cryptomoneymade

The WINNER and Steemian who fulfilled all of criteria that I set and was closest to actual price of Bitcoin in USD on coinmarketcap is @warmbibi!! Soooo cloooseee to hit actual price :)

Bitcoin price in USD on coinmarketcap was :


and winners post is :


I will send all SBD when I redeem reward of this post Guess Bitcoin price challenge#2 after curation, to @warmbibi seven days from now!

Also I will post proof of transaction to @warmbibi and proof of redeemed reward of this post! I wanna keep everything transparent.

Congratulations and thank you for participating! Thanks all of you!
Hope that next time post reward will be much higher.


Follow me and be notified for the next Guess Bitcoin Price Challenge#3!



Thanks you, gg all.

I just came across your other post "Ultimate Tips for your road to Success! Motivational and Inspiring Tips!" and I really liked it.
Decided to check your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

I noticed that you have very little steem power. Didnt you consider investing a little bit and buying steem?
Im myself quite new in steemit community but I already realized that powering up is very important. Without initial investment it will be very hard for you to build reach here and be noticed.

Also it's worth to have a look at those 2 usefull tools: and
Perhaps you know both of them already :)

If you will reply to this message (that would allow me to believe that we may develop mutual engagement and help each other) then I will upvote your post and follow you as well.

Cheers, Piotr

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